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What Colors Match With Dark Green Clothes?

Dark green is a rich, majestic color. It has been a fashion favorite for decades – partially due to its versatility and for supporting both traditional and modern looks. Dark green is a powerful color that can be worn in many circumstances and accommodate many styles. As a deep, dark hue with black undertones – what colors match best with dark green?

Dark green is a versatile color that is a great softer alternative to black. Dark green matches well with colors that contrast its dark hue – like gold, yellow, pink, lilac or lavender. Dark green also matches lighter-toned neutrals such as cream, tan, and grey.

In this article, we will go over 12 colors that match exceptionally well with dark green and how to wear dark green for each season. We’ll also cover what colors match with dark green depending on the occasion or time of day and what colors to wear with dark green pants or a dark green shirt.

What Colors Match With Dark Green Clothes

What Colors Match with Dark Green?

Dark green is a deep, rich color that reminds us of royalty and the luxuriousness of emerald gemstones. But dark green is also a natural tone that can ground us and bring us right back to the simplicity of nature.

When it comes to fashion – dark green is a versatile color that pairs well with many other hues. Dark green is special because it can be a softer, more natural alternative to black. Dark green can pair with many of the same tones that black will and can give an effect that is gentler and less harsh – but can still look mature and sophisticated.

When done right, dark green can be worn in any season and paired with many colors from the spectrum. Considering the occasion, time of day and time of year can help decide what color matches best with your dark green clothes.


Green shirt

Brown and dark green work great together because they are earthy, natural, and elemental colors. These two colors belong together and can work seamlessly if done correctly.

Light to medium shades of brown work especially well with dark green since they provide some contrast when put together. Try wearing a camel-colored overcoat with dark green pants or a skirt. Or a pair of tall brown boots with your favorite dark green dress.

Just be careful of the tones and items you choose when putting these two natural tones together – you don’t want to look too much like a tree.


Yellow and green work together in so many instances – as neighboring colors on the color wheel, this should be no surprise.

Dark green tends to work exceptionally well with mustard yellow type shades. The brightness in yellow provides great contrast with dark green – while the darker tone of the yellow isn’t too intrusive. This color combo is a perfect look for fall.

Brighter yellows can also work with dark green, but can be more eye-catching and look like a pair of primary colors – so be wary. Dark green and lighter shades of yellow will work better in warmer spring months.


Green and pink outfit

Pink is another favorite color to pair with dark green. Pink works so well with green because it is in the red family – a complementary color to green.

Dark, bright, and light pinks all work well with dark green. Each shade of pink will provide desirable contrast with the deep shade of green in an extremely eye-pleasing way.

Pink can be brought into an outfit in so many ways – as a top to a dark green skirt or pants, a pink dress with a dark green accent, or work as a bottom with a dark green top. A pair of bright pink pumps will even look classy when worn with a dark green outfit. Pink and green make one of the most versatile, fun, and aesthetically pleasing color combos.

When deciding which shade of pink to wear with your dark green garments – think about the event you’ll be attending – is it during the daytime or at night? Formal or informal? These questions can help you select just the right shade and style.

Lilac or Lavender

Lilac and lavender are two shades of light purple that look stunning with dark green. The two colors may appear similar at first glance, but when you look closely, you can see that lilac has undertones of pink while lavender has more blue tint.

We already know that pink works well with dark green because it is complementary. Blue is another good pairing because it is green’s other neighboring color. So, these purple shades – lilac and lavender – are good choices. The lightness that they each possess brings contrast and balance when worn with dark green.


Green and Red

Red is green’s direct complement in the color world – these two colors together provide an undeniably aesthetic appearance.

Red and dark green can be extremely eye-pleasing. A bright red top with a pretty dark green skirt or a red sweater or jacket over a predominantly dark green outfit can be stunning.

Wearing red and green together can immediately be associated with winter – especially Christmastime – which can be a perfect look for this time of year. Just be careful if this isn’t the look that you’re going for.


As a neighboring color on the color wheel – blue is another natural match for dark green – and so many different shades work well!

Blue is a great color to wear with dark green in various seasons – light blue is ideal for spring and summer. Wearing light blue with dark green will bring an airy feel and contrast to an outfit. Light blue can be worn as a top or bottom when paired with dark green.

For a richer, darker – borderline but-not-quite monochrome – look, wearing dark green with navy blue can look sophisticated, classy and mature. A long navy blue skirt or pair of pants look perfect when paired with a belt and a fitted dark green sweater.


Going monochrome looks great in green as well! Since monochrome technically refers to something being all one color – you could create so many different looks with many different greens.

You could easily put together a sleek outfit of all dark green – a dress, jumper, pants, and a sweater. Or opt for more contrast and pair a couple of shades of green together. This would give some visual interest with the different shades of green – but would be a fail-safe way to ensure the outfit looks thoughtful and well put together.


Metallics can be super fun, classy, and elegant – but they can also come off as flashy or loud. Dark green is the perfect color to match anything gold. Dark green provides a grounding backdrop and will bring balance to a shimmery, shiny gold item.

Gold works amazingly well as an accessory color for dark green. Whether it’s a gold accent color or pattern worked into a dark green outfit or a large or small gold accessory – such as jewelry, a belt, a bag, or a pair of shoes.

Matching gold with dark green will add a pop of bright color, and its luxe light will also bring balance to an otherwise dark outfit. Wearing gold with dark green is one of my favorite color pairings.


As we know – some – if not all – neutrals can be worn with any other color, and it’s no different when it comes to dark green. As a dark color, dark green looks exceptional with lighter neutral tones that provide great contrast when put together. But – it can also look stunning and elegant when worn with black and dark grey.


WhiteWhite and dark green is a flirty, fun combo that can be worn in many ways. Dark green will look rich against bright white – the two colors bringing balance to each other.

Consider wearing a white top with dark green bottoms – pants, skirts, or shorts. Style can be determined based on the weather, time of year or dress code of the event you’ll be attending.

Wearing white with dark green could be done casually or formally, depending on the occasion.


Beige is a great match for dark green – similar to white but more subtle since the contrast won’t be so stark.

Beige pairs perfectly with dark green because both are natural, elemental colors. This combo provides contrast and sophistication – while being light enough, you won’t risk looking too much like a plant.

Dark green tops work very well when paired with beige-toned bottoms of all sorts. Dark green is optimal for a wrap or outwear for a beige dress. And a beige sweater or blouse will always be a welcome choice as tops for a pair of dark green pants.


Black and Green

Dark green and black are a truly majestic combination. This combo could be worn casually or to the office – but it can be truly divine when reserved for a special occasion.

A full length ensemble in some combination of black and dark green will create an outfit that will leave heads turning all night. A long dark green skirt with an elegant black camisole would create a statement look that would not easily be forgotten.


Grey often comes off as a more casual color – depending on the shade and the style it’s worn – but it’s always a great match for dark green.

Light grey garments work exceptionally well with dark green – as tops or bottoms for either color, a versatile pairing.

Light grey tends to be appropriate for warmer seasons or weather – wear a light grey t-shirt with dark green pants or a dark green shirt with grey bottoms. While darker greys work great for cooler months, there will be less contrast with the latter combo, but you will have a sophisticated, classy look nonetheless.

What Colors Match Dark Green by Season

Choosing your outfits based on the season is always a technique I use to make sure I am dressed appropriately. Considering the season can help ensure an outfit’s colors and styles always look in place.

Dressing seasonally appropriately will not only contribute to the look of the outfit, but it will also help make sure you’re comfortable.


Dark green is an ideal color for winter – like many deep, rich colors. The styles of clothes you’ll want to wear should include pants, sweaters, coats, and warm accessories like hats and scarves.

You may also want to consider the material – wool is the perfect fiber for cool winter weather and it just happens to look amazing in dark green.

Wool skirts or a pair of trousers in dark green can be worn with grey, blue or black tops. A dark green sweater would be a versatile item to consider adding to a winter wardrobe – worn with skirts, jeans or even over a dress. A dark green overcoat could be worn over any other color that works well in winter.


Even as a dark hue – dark green can be worn in springtime. A pair of dark green shorts may be uncommon but look amazing when paired with a pink or yellow top. These bright, cheery colors would be a welcome spring pairing when combined with the dark natural tone.

A bright pink skirt or pair of pants can be balanced nicely with a dark green top. Spring weather can often still be cool so consider a lightweight sweater.

Dark green can also be considered part of a spring pattern – nothing says springtime like green, and it can come in any shade!


Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear in the summertime! And any shade of blue works. Light blue or denim are great choices here – whether a dress or a top – and either would pair nicely with an earthy dark green color.

Even though it’s also dark – navy blue is a color for summer too. Navy blue and white stripes are a fun nautical look that can also be worn with dark green.


One of the best matches for dark green – mustard yellow – creates the perfect look for fall. This dark yellow tone can be subtle or bold – but whatever way you wear it, dark green is its perfect match.

For a bolder outfit, pair mustard yellow pants with a dark green top. This daring choice will be grounded and balanced by the dark green top making sure the outfit looks stylish instead of tacky.

A dark yellow top is also the perfect choice to brighten dark green bottoms for fall. Or as a light jacket or sweater over any green top or dress.

What Colors Match Dark Green by Time of Day

The time of day tends to determine what I wear as well. Daytime tends toward more casual wear, while nighttime can often be more dressed. The time that any event will occur can help you decide what colors you’ll wear with your dark green clothes.

Day Time

Daytime events – in general – call for lighter, more casual ensembles. Neutral like white, cream, beige, or grey are great colors to consider. All these shades look wonderful with dark green – they are versatile, provide contrast, and can be worn across seasons.

You may also choose styles suited to daytime – t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and light dresses may be appropriate for daytime but could look out of place for nighttime gatherings.

Night Time

There are always exceptions and no strict rules when it comes to fashion – but nighttime is usually the place when more formal events occur. Depending on the season and your location – nighttime can also be chillier, which should be a consideration for putting an outfit together.

Black and dark green are elegant color combinations that look amazing for nighttime events. The style can be determined based on the event and the current season.

Longer skirts and pants are a great choice for cooler nighttime weather. Classy, short skirts and dresses can be considered if the weather is warm.

What Colors Match Dark Green by Occasion

One of the first things I think about when I’m getting dressed is what I am getting dressed for. Knowing whether I’m running to the grocery store, heading to the office or attending a charity event will help me make sure I’m putting together an outfit that will fit the occasion.


Dark green is a great color for the office. It’s sophisticated and clean and provides a look that is mature and well put together.

Wearing a dark green fitted button-down shirt with a grey skirt or pants is a go-to workplace look that isn’t too bold but isn’t boring. A pair of tailored dark green pants is also a great option to have in your closet. They will look great with all sorts of business wear tops and shoes.


Dark green is an underrated color when it comes to formal wear. This color is the height of luxury, and reminds us of royalty and elegance.

Cocktail dresses and gowns can be found in shades of dark emerald green. Dark green can be worn on its own or include an accent of some sort. Gold – a fellow jewel tone – works exceptionally with dark green. Or – for an even more sophisticated look – add an element of black.


Many casual garments come in shades of dark green and these items are great to have in your wardrobe because they are versatile and add a bit of excitement.

Casual dark green outfits can include dark green pants worn with t-shirts or tank tops in neutral tones or any of the colors listed above – pink being a personal favorite.

Any number of dark green shirts can be worn casually with full-length jeans, shorts, or skirts. A favorite casual dress could be worn as an everyday item with a comfy pair of trainers or sandals, brought into nighttime with a jean jacket or sweater over the top.

Colors that Match Dark Green Pants

Dark green pants can be worn with various tops in varying colors. Some favorites include shades that will provide contrast – lighter shades of purple, pink or blue. Neutrals like white, cream, beige, or grey are excellent choices that will never do you wrong.

Ultimately – you should consider the season and event. Then consult the color matching list above and you’ll have the perfect color to wear with dark green pants for any occasion.

Colors that Match Dark Green Shirts

As with most colors, patterns and styles – jeans make an excellent clothing pair. If you’re looking for something to wear with a dark green shirt – jeans are a great choice. A lighter wash will give you the desired contrast and make a balanced outfit. Jeans of other colors could also be considered – a grey pair, for instance.

Light brown, caramel, or beige are a few other nature-inspired color options to wear with dark green shirts. If you want a brighter pop of color – pink works exceptionally well with dark green shirts in so many instances.

Colors to Match with a Dark Green Dress

A dark green dress is a great item to have in your fashion arsenal – it’s just different enough to turn heads but not so much that you’ll ever feel too out there.

Dark green dresses come in many different styles and can be worn with many other colors and accessories. For a casual and versatile option – consider a comfy t-shirt dress. This could be worn as is with any pair of casual shoes. It can easily accommodate many outerwear options – jean jacket, leather jacket, cardigan or sweatshirt. And could be dressed up a bit by adding some jewelry and changing your shoes.

More formal dresses in dark green look stunning when worn with gold or black accessories, and diamonds are always a welcome addition as well.


If you haven’t thought much about dark green as an element of your wardrobe before now – I hope this article has helped change your mind! Dark green is a color from nature that fits naturally and seamlessly into our wardrobes. Dark green can be worn in any season of the year – just check the style and color combos, and to any occasion with just the right piece. A softer alternative to black – dark green looks great with neutrals and rainbow colors. If you don’t own a dark green garment already – don’t you think it’s time to get one?