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What Color Shirt Goes With Green Pants?

Green is a versatile color that can be worn year-round, and you may have one or several different pairs of green pants. Whether you have light green, dark green, or pants of any shade of green in between, you may wonder what color shirt goes with them. You’ve come to the right place, as this article will explain what color shirts go with green pants.

The following shirt colors can all be worn with green pants:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple

You can also wear patterns such as florals, plaids, and stripes, as long as the pattern has green in it.

While green pants can be worn in any season, some shades of green look better in certain seasons than others. Likewise, some shirt colors go better with certain shades of green. I’ll explain which shades of green look best with each shirt color and what season the pairings look best in.

What Color Shirt Goes With Green Pants

What Color Shirt Goes With Green Pants?

Green is one of those colors that stand out. Because of this, the best colors to wear with green are neutral colors that can go with any shade. However, some brighter colors can also be worn with green pants as long as you choose the colors carefully. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


White with green pants

White is one of the best colors to wear with green pants, including true white and shades of off-white and cream. This color pairing can be worn year-round and is usually a safe choice.

Green and white work best if you pair pants in light, vibrant, or muted shades of green, such as sage and mint, with true white shirts. These colors are light and breezy and perfect for spring and summer. In the fall and winter, pair pants in darker shades of green, such as olive or forest green, with cream or off-white shirts. Cream and off-white are warmer versions of white which can balance darker green shades.


Black shirt

Black can also go with any shade of green, but it looks best with darker shades. Wearing black with lighter and pastel shades of green contrasts too much with the softness that often comes with lighter colors.

Black also looks great with true green and greens in jewel tones. Wear black shirts with green pants in fall and winter since the two colors go better with the moodiness that often accompanies the colder months. Black and green also work well in the workplace for looks that are both fun and professional at the same time.


Brown is one of the best-known earth tones, and it looks best with darker, earthy, and muted shades of green. You can pair brown with green, whether lighter shades such as beige and tan or darker shades such as true brown and chestnut.

Brown and green is a classic fall color pairing because it mimics the shades seen in the changing leaves. Shirts in true brown colors look great with olive green pants, while lighter shades look great with pants in muted green shades.



Gray is another color that can be worn year-round because it comes in many different colors. You can find gray shirts in stores in pretty much any season because they look great with anything, including green pants.

As with the other colors, you want the shades of gray and green that you wear to fit with the seasons. Wear lighter shades of gray and green in the spring and summer and darker shades of gray and green in the fall and winter.

You can also pair lighter shades of gray with darker shades of green in the fall and winter. But dark gray shirts don’t look as great with pants in lighter shades of green. Gray and green are another great color pairing for professional looks, as the green pants add a bit of fun to the outfit.


Blue top

There are some shades of blue that many treat as neutral colors because they can be worn with anything. Those two colors are navy and denim. Navy shirts look great with green pants in the fall. Denim shirts and jackets can be worn year-round with green pants since there are so many different denim washes.

Lighter washes of denim are better for warmer months. You can also pair light pastel shades of blue with lighter shades of green in the spring. This is a great pairing for bringing some springtime cheer to your outfit.


Yellow shirt

Yellow and green work very well together since the two colors are right next to each other on the color wheel. They won’t clash with each other as long as you pair them carefully. The key to wearing yellow shirts with green pants is to match the shade of yellow in your shirt with the shade of green in your pants.

For example, pair jewel-tone yellows and greens together in the summer months. Try pastel green and pastel yellow together in the spring. In the fall, pair a mustard yellow top with olive green pants. When pairing yellow and green together, you also want to keep your shoes and accessories neutral. Wear brown shoes and a brown handbag with yellow and green in the fall, white shoes and a white handbag in the spring and summer, etc.


Wearing red and green together can work in the fall and for the holidays, but you want to keep the shades darker. Red and green is a classic color pairing for Christmas, but you’ll see darker shades of green paired with bright red sometimes, also.

This is fine as long as you wear neutral accessories. Black tends to look best with these two colors. But since red and green are opposite on the color wheel, wearing bright red and green together tends to clash too much, especially in the warmer months. Many people even refuse to wear these two colors together, but it can work if done right.


Wearing purple and green together can be overwhelming, especially if you opt for darker shades of the two colors. Instead, this pairing works best if you wear pastel purple with pants in a lighter shade of green. These two colors can look great in the spring but don’t always work year-round.

Another option for wearing purple and green together is to wear green pants and a black shirt, and then choose purple accessories such as a handbag or scarf. The shirt wouldn’t be purple, but it’s a safer choice if you aren’t comfortable just wearing purple and green together.

What Patterns Go Best With Green Pants?

When it comes to patterns, you have a lot more options as far as which ones you can wear with green pants. You can wear pretty much any pattern with green pants as long as the pattern has green somewhere. However, there are a few patterns that tend to work better with green pants than others.


Florals are usually a safe and easy pattern choice to wear with green pants. Most floral patterns have green in them somewhere, particularly in the leaves and foliage of the flowers. You usually don’t have to worry about your green pants clashing with your shirt. This is because even if the main color in the pattern is purple, red, or yellow, you can wear florals with green pants as long as the shade of green in the pattern is close to the shade of green in the pants.


Many plaid patterns also have green in them, which can pair well with green pants in the fall and winter when plaids tend to come out. Again, just make sure the color green in the plaid closely matches the shade of green in the pants. If you do this, it doesn’t matter what other colors make up the plaid pattern.


Striped patterns also look great with green pants. Neutral stripes work best, especially if the stripes are gray and white. But striped patterns with green also look great with green pants, even if there are other colors besides green in the stripes. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a shirt in a solid bright color with green pants, start with colorful striped patterns with green instead.

How to Style Green Pants

How to Style Green Pants

Now you know what color shirts go well with green pants, and even some patterns. But if you’re still unsure about what to wear with your green pants, here are some safe style ideas to help you. When you become comfortable with these outfits, you can branch out and try new colors with your green pants.

Neutral Shirt and Coat/Blazer

One of the safest outfit ideas for green pants is to wear a shirt in a neutral color, such as white or gray. Then, wear a coat or blazer in a neutral color, such as brown or black. It works best if you wear the lighter neutral as the shirt and the darker neutral as the coat or blazer. Wearing two neutrals with green pants helps the green to stand out, then just pair it with simple gold or silver jewelry.

Denim Shirt or Jacket

Denim shirts or jackets also go great with green pants. You can wear them together in any season. You can choose denim shirts and jackets in different washes to wear in different seasons or change the look. Add neutral accessories and gold or silver jewelry to complete the outfit.

Bright Colored Shirts

If you wear a brightly colored shirt, such as yellow, purple, or red, with green pants, there are two ways to style it. You can wear a scarf, handbag, or shoes containing both colors. Or you can wear neutral accessories or a neutral coat to help balance the two brighter colors and bring them together. Patterns with green are also an excellent way to wear brightly colored shirts with green pants.


As you can see, there are many ways to wear green pants and many different colored shirts to wear them with. Neutrals are always a safe choice. But if you prefer something a little bolder, there are a few bright colors to wear with green.