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What Goes With Green Pants?

Building a wardrobe is a continuous process. We have our favorites, but new and exciting items always make us want to expand. Some things like jeans and neutral-colored pieces tend to be staples in the closet. But sometimes, we’ll want to add something less traditional – like a pair of green pants. Which might leave you asking, what goes with green pants?

Green pants are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. There are so many shades of green that just about any other color can be matched with the right hue. Other neutrals – black, white, grey, and beige – are always good choices. But colors next to green on the color wheel – yellow and blue – are also safe options.

In this article, we will go over some of the best colors to wear with green pants – dark green, olive, army, or mint. We will also go over how to style green pants, what goes best with green pants for men, and the best shoes to choose from.

What Goes With Green Pants

What Goes with Green Pants?

It sounds like a simple enough question – but the answer is a little more in-depth. As with any color – green comes in many different shades. Green can be super light, like seafoam, or a deep, dark tone like an emerald.

Each shade of green is going to go best with slightly different colors. But being in the same family – some baselines will be a good starting point when you’re wondering what to wear with those green pants. Below you will find ten color categories that will match with some or all shades of green.


Green and white

White – of course, is the first choice. Any shade of green – be it light, dark or in between – will look crisp and fresh when paired with white. White is a classic and versatile option. Depending on the style of pants you’re matching and the design of the top chosen to go with them – white and green can be casual or dressy.

A darker shade of green pants may come across as a bit more formal and could easily be worn with a white blouse or sweater for a more upscale occasion. Fun lighter shades of green can be worn with white just as seamlessly. A white tank or t-shirt would pair great with any shade of green pants.


Green and black

The other most versatile option – black can be paired with many shades and styles of green pants but does best when worn with medium or lighter tones. Since black is as dark as it gets – pairing a dark green pair of pants with black wouldn’t be as visually interesting as the opposite. When worn with lighter green, black can create some contrast – making an outfit pop, looking chic and sharp.

Skin Tones

Neutral-colored skin tones are a perfect pairing for green pants. Any shade of brown, beige, tan, or cream can be appropriate and create a clean, classic look. Of course – the shade of green will help determine which shade you should choose to pair with it. Aiming for a shade that will provide contrast is always a good choice.

The lightest cream colors to even a medium caramel tone can look magical with medium to dark shades of green. Darker browns paired with brighter or lighter green pants can bring on a grounding effect to create a balanced outfit.

Another good idea when working with skin tones in clothing is to look for some contrast with your own skin color. The outfit can pop if you choose a color that is a few shades darker or lighter than your own


Grey is a neutral color that comes in a wide spectrum and works great with all types of green. You could easily pick a perfect grey to go with any shade your green pants happen to be in. Following the rule of contrast – lighter shades of grey will look the best when worn with medium to darker green pants and vice versa. A charcoal grey top would be perfect over a pair of light green pants.


What Colors Go With Green Clothes

Yellow works well with green because they are neighbors on the color wheel. Yellow is a primary color used to make up any shade of green, which is another reason they work so well together. Yellow tends to be a cheerful spring color – pairing it with brighter-colored pants can make it even more so.

This pairing doesn’t necessarily follow the same guideline of creating contrast. Yellow and green work well together when the colors are in similar shades. Lime green and lemon yellow have similar hues and look good when worn together. Similarly, a deeper mustard yellow will look fabulous when paired with darker green pants.

Light Blue

On the other side of green on the color wheel sits blue – the other color needed to create any shade of green and another perfect choice to wear with green pants. In many cases, light blue also tends to be a springy color. It’s also a very versatile choice – you could pair a light blue top with just about any shade of green pants.

Choosing a light blue top in a solid or pattern for a similarly hued pair of green pants would be perfect for spring or summer. But light blue can also create a wonderfully balanced and contrasting outfit when worn with darker green pants. As another option – light blue shades of denim shirts or jean jackets are a great choice to wear over any shade of green too.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

For the later months of the year – navy blue is another perfect choice to wear over green pants. A versatile color, navy blue can be worn with many shades of green. It is a great color choice to create contrast in an outfit.

Even though it isn’t technically a neutral – navy tends to be a grounding color, so it’s a good choice to wear with the lighter and/or brighter green pants in your wardrobe. The navy blue and green combo is a great look for late summer or early fall.


Red and green are complementary colors. But let’s be honest – no one wants to walk around looking like Christmas outside of December – so it’s important to choose the right shade. In most cases, wearing bright red with many shades of green is a no-no. Burgundy – on the other hand, is an acceptable, sophisticated choice.

Burgundy works well when paired with muted, earthy shades of green – such as olive or army. Paired with darker shades can be a fashionable choice for winter. Choosing burgundy as the color for accessories for a green outfit is also a great choice.



Pink is another acceptable color that is in the red family but will have you looking like anything but a Christmas elf. Pink and green – in my opinion – are a perfect pair. You get the complementariness from being a relative of red – and you can create super fun, fashionable, bold looks with these two.

And any shade of pink will do! The softest, lightest pink will complement any shade of green – light to dark. Dark shades of pink or fuschia are fun to combine with bright, medium, and dark greens. I especially love this combo for dressed-up events.


Green and green

And, of course – green can be paired with green. There has always been a place for monochrome looks in the fashion world. Green can be muted or bright and work with an all-over look. Or – pair contrasting shades – a deep dark green top to ground a pair of bright green pants. A lighter green top adds a bit of flair to a subtler green pair. Wearing green from head to toe can be a bold move – but by no means should it be avoided!

What Colors Match With Dark Green?

As a general rule – it tends to remain true that darker colors should be paired with lighter colors to create an aesthetically pleasing outfit. Any neutral color – aside from black, in most cases – is a solid choice for colors that match dark green. These lighter neutrals include white and cream, lighter nude tones, and lighter shades of grey. These colors would give you a clean, classy, not-too-loud look.

If you are looking for something with a bit more pizazz – colors in lighter shades work especially well with the darkest shades of green. As the classic complementary color – a very muted shade of red can work – just make sure it’s not too bright. Or various shades of pink. Neighboring colors – yellow and blue are also natural choices when matching with green. Light lavender purple and lighter shades of green will also match.

What Color Shirt Goes with Green Pants?

What Color Shirt Goes with Green Pants

Green is a versatile color because it comes in so many different shades, and it matches well with so many other colors and neutrals. Some shades of green are so earthy that they almost come off as neutral themselves – further adding to their versatility. Deciding what color shirt goes with green pants, though, depends on what shade of green the pants tend to be.

Olive Pants

Olive green pants are one of those shades that tend more toward neutrality. It is a medium-toned color and can be worn with shirts of many colors. Any neutral color can be worn with olive green pants. Most shades of blue – navy looks especially nice – can be worn successfully with olive pants. Olive tends to have yellow undertones – so colors in the yellow family will work well too.

Army Pants

Army green is very similar to olive but is generally a shade or two darker. This means you have the opportunity to wear anything you would wear with olive – and perhaps be able to add a few additional shades into the mix. Besides neutrals and earth tones – which would pair perfectly – army green pants can work well with soft, muted shades of red, pink, and even coral.

Mint Pants

Mint green is a much more specific shade. Soft and light – and much more seasonally specific. Mint green pants are the perfect color for spring. When I think of what color shirt would match best, the first thing that comes to mind is white, creating a clean and satisfying look.

Mint pants also look great with various shades of blue – medium and light both look great. But for a classy look – navy blue will be the real showstopper.

What to Wear with Sage Green Pants?

Sage green is another shade similar to olive but is a tad bit lighter and has blue undertones as opposed to yellow. Sage green is another versatile, earthy, and neutral-esque shade. Because of the blue tones in sage green – it tends to pair particularly well with shades of blue. Super light blue looks great – clean and serene – while navy blue will add sophisticated, dramatic depth.

Sage pants are one of the few shades of green pants you can get away with wearing purple – specifically, light and lavender shades work well. Light pink also matches well here. Sage green pants were made to be worn with neutral colors – anyone will look great, but those darker colors like charcoal and brown tend to look especially nice.

What Goes with Light Green Pants?

What Goes with Light Green Pants

Light green pants can be somewhat subjective – with shades from lime to mint being considered in this category. Light green shades are great for spring – a stark contrast to the colors most worn in winter. Light greens tend to be pretty bold on their own, so they pair best with neutral colors that will tone down these statement pants.

In addition to neutrals – blue is also a good choice. Most shades of blue will match with light green. Light blue will be exceptionally springy, medium blues will bring a bit more brightness, and navy – is the perfect grounding contrast. To avoid looking overly loud – it’s best not to pair light green pants with shirts in other very bright colors.

Colors That Don’t Go Well With Green Pants

As you can see – green pants are pretty versatile, despite not being in the neutral category. You can get away with wearing most other colors with green pants. But there are a couple of exceptions.

The most obvious one is red. It may seem counterintuitive when we’re taught about complementary colors. But with the Christmas industry monopolizing this color pairing – wearing many shades of green with bright red most likely isn’t going to give you the most fashion-conscious outfit.

Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. When it’s seasonally appropriate, you may intentionally want to put together a classy green and red outfit to spread Christmas cheer.

Another color that doesn’t tend to work the best with green pants is bright purple. This color combo tends to clash and, unfortunately, looks clownish or reminiscent of the Joker. Lavender is another story – and purple shouldn’t be discounted altogether. Just be extra cautious if you’re attempting to put together a look with purple and green.

How to Style Green Pants

How to Style Green Pants

Green pants are versatile and stylish! There are so many variations – from color to cut – and so many ways you can style green pants. Green is a color that can match neutrals and many other colors as well.

With so many options – you may want to consider the season or event you’re dressing for as the first step to putting an outfit based on green pants together. Below you will find some great ways to style any pair of green pants.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a go-to for putting together an outfit based on almost any color because they are just that – neutral. These tones go with each other and every other color as well. Neutrals are an especially great choice to pair with a bolder color like green. Pairing a bright color with a neutral will ground and bring balance to an outfit, ensuring that the outfit isn’t over the top.

Light neutrals – like white, cream, beige, tan, and light grey – are the most versatile choices for just about any shade of green pants. So if you want something that will work with everything, these should be your picks.

On the other hand – darker neutrals, such as black, charcoal grey, or dark brown – can look just as nice. This is especially the case when you’re looking for a top to wear with green pants in lighter shades.


Wearing any outfit in all one color – unless it’s black or white – can seem like a bold move, but if done right can be a very fashionable choice. Green is a great color for creating a monochrome look. Depending on the shade – it can still look earthy and rather neutral.

Consider an olive or army green jumpsuit, for instance. Another way to wear green as a monochrome is by pairing different shades of color together. If you’re wearing a pair of pants in a medium or lighter shade of green, consider a super dark green top. Dark green pants, on the other hand, can be brightened up with a sage or other lighter green shirt.

Complementary Colors and Patterns

Pairing complementary colors together is a great way to make an outfit pop. This can be tricky with green since its direct complement is red – which we all know can come across as Christmassy if you’re not careful. Instead of bright red – choose other colors in the red family.

Soft and muted reds, burgundy, pink, and even coral – depending on the shade of green – can give the same aesthetically pleasing effect while not looking seasonally inappropriate.

Selecting patterns that include shades of red is another way to incorporate the complementary color into an outfit while staying out of the Christmas zone. Florals, stripes or checks that include red would be good choices to try with a pair of green pants. Red as an accent color or accessory can also be a great way to include it carefully in an outfit with green pants.


Besides matching with so many other colors – green pants are also versatile in the way that they can be worn on any occasion. The cut and style of the pants themselves are more important than the shade they come in.

Pants of any style can be found in various shades of green – from sweatpants and leggings to chinos and trousers. For a casual day out, green pants can be worn with a tank top or t-shirt, a comfy sweater, jeans or a leather jacket. Throw on a pair of flats, sandals or tennis shoes and you’ll be ready to greet the day.

Business or Smart Casual

Green pants, in most cases, probably shouldn’t be worn to black tie affairs – but they can be worn to business or smart casual events and even in an office atmosphere. As a general rule, dark pants tend to look a bit more formal and dressy, so choosing darker shades can lead in the right direction from the get-go.

The cut for dressing business casual makes a difference as well. Any pair of pants with a nicely tailored fit can be worn for a smart casual look – even mint green. Just make sure you match the rest of the outfit accordingly. Choose a button-down top, classy cardigan, or blouse. Adding a blazer can instantly take an outfit up a notch in the formal category.


No matter what color your pants are – in my book, one of the most important rules of fashion is to dress for the season. Thankfully – green pants come in so many shades that there’s a pair that can be worn in spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Some shades belong obviously to one season or another – mint and seafoam green would look completely out of place if worn in the dead of winter. Other shades can manage to transcend at least a season or two.

If you want a pair of pants that can be worn in all four seasons – choosing a shade that borders on neutral, like olive – can provide some real versatility. All you’ll have to do is change your top as the season changes. Light blue or pale yellow goes well with olive green and can be worn in spring.

Choose a cream or white top for summer. When fall comes around, ochre or mustard yellow will be the perfect match. And finally, for winter – burgundy. Who knew one pair of green pants could work so well across all seasons?!

What Goes with Green Pants for Men?

Green pants are a great choice to add a bit of color to any man’s wardrobe. Besides the other staples – black, grey, khaki, and navy – green pants are a versatile choice that can be worn casually or to the office. The shade of green of the pants will determine what goes well with them. Creating a bit of contrast is always a safe way to create an effortless look. Pair lighter-colored tops with darker green pants, and vice versa.

A pair of olive or army green pants will get a lot of life – pretty neutral and going well with many other colors. Of course, any neutral top will look great with green pants. And if you want to go bolder with your outfit – light pink works exceptionally well with medium and darker green tones. If you want to introduce another color rather than a neutral – but aren’t quite ready to go pink – blue and yellow are also perfect choices to wear with green.

What to Wear With Green Leggings?

What to Wear With Green LeggingsGreen leggings are one of my favorite articles of clothing! They’re so easy to throw on, are comfortable throughout the day and can be worn with so many different tops in almost any season. I love that they’re neutral-ish but a bit more exciting than the standard black pair.

White and cream-colored tank tops and t-shirts are a great low-key combination for running errands or getting coffee with friends. Throwing a casual denim or corduroy button down over a lighter shirt is a great way to dress it back up just a tiny bit.

Cozy sweaters are another favorite to wear over a pair of green leggings – they can go with so many different styles! A long poncho, turtleneck, chunky grandma, or cropped sweater all look amazing with leggings. For footwear – sandals, tennis shoes, and boots alike all look great with green leggings, further adding to their versatility.

What Shoes Go with Green Pants?

What Shoes Go with Green Pants

The versatility doesn’t end with what tops can be worn with green pants – there are many great shoe options. I love choosing shoes that can be worn with many different outfits. This works great in the instance of green pants because they go great with neutral colored shoes. The best colors of shoes to wear with green pants are black, brown, navy, cream or white.

The shade of the pants can matter somewhat – but the style of the shoe matching the cut of the pants is probably more important. For casual pairings – white or other light neutral tennis shoes are perfect.

Many different styles of sandals will look great with the right pair of green pants in the right season too. Heels or wedges can dress up a pair of green pants for a classier occasion. And who doesn’t love boot season?! Boots work like magic with green pants – combat, ankle or knee-high – just pick your favorite pair.


Green pants are an exciting way to liven up a wardrobe while adding a garment that gives you many different outfit choices. Choose a special pair of green pants for each season, or go with a pair that can be worn throughout the year.

If you never realized how versatile green pants could be before – with all this new information, maybe now it’s time to go out and get your first pair!