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What Colors Go With Black Clothes?

Black clothing can come across in many ways – stylish, minimalist, gothic, and sexy – just to name a few. What this tells you is that black clothes are versatile. Sometimes when so many options are at your disposal, it can be more difficult to start building an outfit. So – let’s start with what colors go with black clothes.

Black is one of the most versatile colors when it comes to clothing. Black works as a monochrome look when worn with other black clothes, and pairs well with any other neutral shade. Black can also be paired with muted or bright colors to ground and balance any outfit.

In this article, we will go over what colors go best with black clothes and how to style your black clothes depending on the season or occasion. We’ll also go over specific examples of what colors work best with black pants, tops, and dresses, and what guys can wear with their favorite black items.

What Colors Go With Black Clothes

What Colors Go with Black Clothes?

Black should be an essential component of every wardrobe. There are so many ways that black can be worn – it’s really in a league of its own when it comes to colors in the fashion world.

Black is a great color for the base of any outfit. It could be a favorite pair of pants, a go-to blouse, or the ever-popular little black dress – so popular that it comes with an acronym any fashionista will recognize – LBD.

Black basics can be dressed up or dressed down, they can be worn to a multitude of different occasions, and there’s no season in which black isn’t appropriate to wear.

Black is also one of the most – if not the most – flattering colors you can wear. Black can be slimming and make anyone look and feel great when wearing it.

Black can be worn by itself – monochrome is a look all its own – but if black’s all you wear, it can get a bit boring. That’s another reason black clothes are so great to have in your closet – they can be worn with so many different things! If your black clothes start to feel dull – they can easily be livened up by pairing them in new ways and with other colors.

Black clothes are great to pair with other neutrals for sleek and sophisticated looks. But brighter colors work amazingly well with black too. This is because black can add a grounding or subdued effect to bright colors that could otherwise come off as loud or over the top.

Whether black is the base for an outfit or used as an accent to break up another color – it’s irreplaceable in the clothing world. Below you will find some of the best colors to wear with black clothes.


Black and red

Red is a tricky color to pair! It can be one of the boldest colors in a closet; not many other colors work well with it in many instances. You have to be careful when putting outfits together with red to make sure that your look is cohesive and doesn’t clash. A surefire way to ensure this is by pairing red with black.

Black is the perfect hue to tone down and ground the bold brightness of red – putting these two colors together will create a head-turning look. Black is the perfect color to add to a red statement piece – whether it’s a dress, skirt, or top – adding black will create an outfit that is sophisticated and stylish instead of tacky.


Black and blue

Black and blue create a cool combo – and with blue, there are so many shades to choose from that can all create different looks. This is a great color pairing that can be used all year long.

Light blue is a classic color for summer. Pale blue tops look great with a pair of black pants. Light denim button-up shirts also make ideal cover-ups – over tank tops or dresses – for when the nights start to turn chilly.

All sorts of medium blue hues look great when paired with black. A blue jacket over a black dress or other monochrome black outfit is a stylish look to choose from. Or wear a black top with a pair of eye-catching blue pants that may look a little too wild with many other colors.

Navy blue and black is a fashionable and sleek pairing. It can almost appear monochrome from afar – but up close, it’ll be clear that you know how to dress. Navy blue tops or jackets look clean and sophisticated with black pants or dresses. Consider a pair of navy blue shoes to wear with your favorite pair of black jeans.


Black and Yellow

Yellow is a happy, cheerful color that can easily become over the top – especially with an all-over outfit. If you find that’s the case with your yellow garments, try adding a bit of black to break up the super bright facade. A black jacket over a yellow dress will tone things down nicely. Even just a black belt can bring an all-yellow look into perfect harmony.

Yellow is also a great color to add to black outfits to brighten them up and bring them out of what could be considered a boring look. And there are so many yellow tones you can choose from! A nice yellow top is great with a pair of black pants. Or choose a yellow accessory for your otherwise monochrome black outfit.


Purple and Black Combination Dress 2

Black and pink are such a fun combo to wear. There are so many great shades of pink to choose from – each can have a different vibe – and they all go well with black.

Light pink is a little more low-key. A light pink top would be perfect with any black bottom – skirt, pants, or shorts. If you want an outfit that pops, choose one of the brighter shades – fuschia or barbie pink – and use black to stay fashionable and balanced instead of like a bottle of pepto bismol.


Green and black

Green is a color that pairs well with many other colors because it has so many versatile shades. But when it comes to bright green, that’s not always the case. Bringing black into the picture, though, can help create a stylish green outfit that doesn’t have to be worn on St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear black shoes, tights and a jacket over a green dress to class it up. Green tops of any shade can be worn with black pants or skirts. Or choose a fun green accessory to add excitement to a mostly black outfit.


Purple and Black Combination Dress

Purple is a color that doesn’t get as much wear as other colors – possibly because it isn’t the easiest color to pair with. But purple is a great color to wear with your black clothes! Many pretty shades of purple to choose from – from lilac to aubergine – add a lively element to a black look.

If you have a purple item in your closet that seems a bit outgoing – wear it with black to tone it down and balance it out. A bright purple skirt will look fun and fashion-forward if worn with a simple black top. Black pants would also be the perfect nondescript item to wear with a purple top or coat.



Does black match brown

Approaching the more neutral side of things – brown and black worn together can create a classic, sophisticated look. Black and brown can work equally well and interchangeably as tops and bottoms for outfits.

Most shades of brown will work well with black. Lighter shades are especially welcome – these will create contrast, which is always a fashion do. Be careful when choosing super dark hues unless you aim for a more monochrome look.



Do Grey and Black Match

We all know that neutrals are the most versatile colors for matching and pairing – and black goes with every single one. Pairing black clothes with other neutral colors creates a low-key vibe and a bit more serious. Perfect business-type events or occasions that require a slightly classier dress code.


Of course, black can be paired with black – and an all-black outfit can say many things. All black can be worn to the classiest of affairs or a casual weekend look.

Whatever the case – if you want to go monochrome – choose an element to break up the black somewhere in the outfit. This could be done with jewelry if it’s a fancy evening event, a colorful belt, bag, or fun printed scarf to liven up an all-black casual look.


Black and white are meant for each other. This combo creates the most striking contrast, always making a visually appealing outfit. Black and white can be just as versatile as an all-black outfit can. This pairing works for fancy black tie gatherings – or as with black jeans and a white t-shirt – a classic everyday outfit.

Even in the most basic outfits – black and white are going to look sharp when worn together. You can add an accent of just about any other color if you want a little pop. Or just keep it super simple – which can be just as pleasing to the eye.


Grey is a neutral that can easily look a bit more casual, especially in a lighter shade. But put together with black and grey can look just as sophisticated as any other color or neutral.

Grey and black work exceptionally well together because they are essential shades of the same color. You can create a more interesting monochrome look by pairing black with grey. The color family will be the same, but you’ll also be able to achieve that desirable contrast.

Grey pants or a grey suit look perfect with black shirts and blouses. Grey jackets can be worn over black dresses – and vice versa. And, of course – there’s the option to keep it casual with this combo as well. Black and grey t-shirts and jeans in just about any combo will look put together and thoughtful without taking much effort at all.


Beige is a highly overlooked color. On its own, it may not have much going for it – but when paired with a sophisticated black piece, it can reach a new level.

Beige works so well with black because of its contrast when worn together – without being as stark and extreme as with black and white.

Beige shirts, sweaters, jackets and coats all look sophisticated and classy when paired with a black base outfit – pants, a skirt, or a dress. Black tops also look the perfect part when they’re worn with beige pants and skirts.

How to Style Black Clothes

How to Style Black Clothes

There are so many ways to style black clothes – there is easily a way you could incorporate black into your outfit every day of the week and come out looking different.

When trying to come up with ways to style your black clothes, you should first consider where you’ll be wearing the outfit and the season and time of day. Once this is determined – since there are so many ways to wear black – you can let your creative side put together the perfect ensemble.


Black is the perfect color to wear with your most fun prints and patterns. No other color will provide a perfect backdrop for a bold pattern to shine without adding too much.

Almost all patterns can work with black – florals, stripes, animal print, plaid, polka dot, geometric – there’s no other color that will work so well with such a wide variety of designs. And since so many colors go well with black – the versatility of combinations are endless.


Black is perfect for accessories. A black outfit is like a blank canvas for any accessory you want to wear. Big, bold statement jewelry is fun to wear – but not every outfit will look appropriate. It is a great way to enliven a monochrome black outfit, though!

Black is also the perfect color to wear with colorful, metallic, or bold footwear. If you’re looking to give a fancy pair of shoes center stage attention – wear them with an all-black look.

Of course, you can choose simple accessories, especially for a casual look, and the outfit will be just as complete.


I think it’s important to dress for the season. Black is a color that can be worn all year long – so while the color will remain the same, the styling will change.

Choose seasonally appropriate garments in black and you’ll look chic no matter what month. Strappy tank tops and flowy dresses with sandals will be comfortable and fashionable in the warmer months. These items can always be accessorized with brighter colors if the all black look doesn’t feel right.

Your favorite pair of black pants can be worn all year round – just change up the top to match the season. A black turtleneck is a great item to have for cooler weather – the possibilities for different looks here are endless.

Don’t forget about black shoes. A good pair – or two – of black shoes will be extremely versatile. They can give life to so many different types of outfits. Whether it’s the perfect pair of pumps or boots – it’s always good to have at least one pair of black shoes in your arsenal.


Figuring out the dress code of where you’ll be wearing your black clothes is key to getting the outfit just right – you don’t want to show up to a barbecue in a ball gown. But – whatever the occasion, there is sure to be a black outfit to match.

When it comes to evening wear – there are endless options in black. It’s arguably the most classic choice – sophisticated, versatile, and flattering. Choose a dress in a style that makes you feel great – accessorize as you see fit.

Black is also perfect for business attire – for an interview or work function – wearing black will indicate that you are serious and well put together. Black business wear is great because it’s classic and versatile.

Casual occasions can call for black clothes too. Whether it’s your favorite black tank with jeans – or a simple t-shirt dress – you can look and feel great from picnics to grocery store runs.

What Color Goes With Black Pants?

What Color Shirts Go With Black Pants

Many different colors can be worn with a pair of black pants – the style of the pants and the place where you’ll be wearing them can help you decide what color will work best.

If it’s a business function – opt for a tailored pair of black trousers and wear them with a blouse or button-up shirt in a neutral shade or lighter color. White, cream and light blue would all be suitable choices.

If the dress code is casual instead – black jeans will do the trick and can be worn with any color top you desire. Pick something comfortable that you know you love to wear. Or – choose something fun and new – knowing that the black pants will balance out anything bright and bold.

What to Wear with a Black Shirt?

A black t-shirt and jeans is just about as classic and comfy as you can get – but it also always looks good. This look can be worn to any casual function, running errands, going to lunch, or picking the kids up from school. Jeans and black shirts are both favorite items – why not wear them together?

Black shirts can also be dressy – and they’re the perfect option when you have a bottom piece that makes a statement. Any skirt or pair of pants that’s a bright color or pattern should be worn with a simple black top. This will ensure that your colorful garment gets its due attention – but looks fashionable at the same time.

What to Wear with a Black Dress?

A black dress is the most versatile dress you can own. Depending on the style – and there are infinite styles to choose from – a black dress can be accessorized and worn in many different ways.

If you want a casual look – a jean jacket is a great item to wear over a black dress. This look can be paired with sandals or trainers for the perfect daytime outfit.

If you want to dress the dress up – add some sparkly jewelry and a nice pair of heels – bonus points if they come in a fun color.

What Colors Go with Black Clothes for Men?


Black clothes are a favorite choice for many men. A good pair of black pants can get a ton of use and are extremely versatile.

Black slacks are essential to any man’s work wardrobe. A pair of black trousers can be worn with any business-style button-up shirt – neutrals, colors, and patterns alike.

If you’re in the market for a suit – black is a very versatile option. It can be worn with a white shirt for a super classic look or adorned with a bright pop of color for a more modern and fun look. A black suit will give guys a lot of wear.

Casual looks for men include black jeans and t-shirts – pick your favorite color since they all go well with black. Neutrals for super simple, carefree ensembles – colors and patterns if you feel a little more lively.

Black shirts can be worn with jeans, dress slacks, or sweatpants – it just depends on the style of the shirt. A nicer black shirt should be worn with slacks – or jeans for a smart casual look. Black t-shirts can be worn over any bottom – just try and choose styles that look cohesive.


Black is arguably the most versatile color when it comes to our clothes. Aside from parties with strictly white dress codes – there aren’t many occasions where a black outfit won’t fit the part. Black clothes can be dressed up or dressed down. Worn day to day or the classiest black tie affairs. I can’t think of another color that goes so well with the other colors. And I definitely can’t imagine a wardrobe that didn’t contain any black clothes!