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What Colors Go With Green Clothes?

I purchased a green sweater on impulse. It was so gorgeous I couldn’t resist. The only thing is, I have no other green clothes. Will I have to buy a completely new wardrobe in green? What colors go with green clothes?

Colors that go well with green clothes include black, brown, red, white, and blue. Green can also be worn with neutral clothes, like gray and beige. Green clothes in various shades of green will complement each other. Bright neon shades and fluorescent hues should be avoided if the green is vivid. Pair a vibrant green with a subtle shade to avoid clashing.

In this article, you’ll discover what colors you can wear with green. You’ll also find out the colors to avoid and what patterns work best with green as the main shade.

What Colors Go With Green Clothes

What Are the Different Shades of Green?

Green comes in a whole host of different shades. If you step outside and look around, you’ll see dark greens, light greens, and every hue in between.

When you hear the word green, you probably conjure images of green things, like evergreen trees or freshly cut lawns. The thing is, the color green doesn’t just come in green.

You’ve got yellowy greens like lime or guacamole. These have a higher yellow content. Then there are the bluish greens which are slightly more blue than green, like pistachio, mint, or teal. You can even get greens with a brown tint. Seaweed, moss, and army green, for instance.

The color green even comes in different levels or tones. From the fluorescent brightness of neon green to the more somber light greens like olive, sage, and jade. Mid greens like a jungle, hunter, and fern are calming greens that embrace you in the soothing shades of nature.

Let’s not forget the darker greens. Forest, Sacramento, and British racing green are all good examples. So too, is bottle green. Having said that, the color green is so diverse; you’ll find shades you thought were dark in lighter hues too. Emerald is one such green. You’ll find emerald green in the light, mid and dark shades.

This highlights the versatility of green and the abundance of different shades and hues you can choose from. Don’t like the mid-jungle green? Go for the slightly darker tropical rainforest version. Or how about dark jungle green? The list of green shades available is practically endless.

Can Anyone Wear Green?

Before struggling with what clothes to wear with green, you need to check something first. Can you wear green? Does it suit you and your complexion?

There are lots of colors out there that don’t suit everybody and every skin tone. The good news is that green isn’t one of them. With so many shades, there’s a green to suit anyone.

However, you do have to watch your skin tone and make sure you get the right shade of green. Your skin tone can be cool, warm, or neutral. Don’t confuse this with skin color. Skin tone and skin color are two different things.

Color refers to the outside layer that everyone sees. While the tone is the underneath color. More accurately, it’s the color of your veins. Your wrist is the best place to test for skin tone.

Roll up your sleeve and look at your wrist. Do your veins look blue? If they do, you have a cool skin tone. For veins with more green, you’re looking at a warm skin tone. It’s OK if you can’t tell if your veins look blue or green. This means you have a neutral tone to your skin.

Cool skin tones can make complexions look pale. If you fall into this category, try to avoid pale green colors. Pastel shades will make you look even paler. So go bold and choose darker greens. You can always lessen the green by pairing it with a lighter color. Just make sure dark green is your main shade.

Warm tones can wear light or dark green. But you have to watch the underlying color content of the green you choose. A warm skin tone means you have a slight green tinge to the appearance of your veins. Your actual skin may even have a yellow undertone. So avoid greens with high yellow content.

This means staying away from olive or lime green. Otherwise, your clothes will blend in with your skin and look washed out.

Neutral skin tones are a little easier to cater to. As the name suggests, a neutral tone means you can wear any shade of green. While this is essentially true, just because you can wear any shade of green doesn’t mean you can wear them all at the same time.

Keep a balance in your outfit. Pick one or two contrasting shades of green and team them with other colors. You want your clothing to enhance your look, not detract from it.

At the end of the day, trying on green clothes is the easiest way to find out what shade is best for you. Go shopping and try on the shades of green that call out to you the most. Then, try the garment on with your existing clothes. See how it looks.

A flattering shade for you will feature both the color of your eyes and your hair. It will also lift your complexion by adding color to your cheeks.

What Colors Go With Green Clothes?

Green is one of those colors people assume is difficult to pair with other shades. Nothing could be further from the truth. Green goes with a lot more colors than you think.

The reason is down to the number of green variations that are available. However, not all greens will go with all the different colors. You do have to watch the shade of green you are wearing.


Green and white

Pairing white with green can create a stylish and fresh look. White is a neutral shade that will go with any green, whether light, dark, shiny, or matte.

One of the great things about white is its clean and sharpness. It has a natural pop that can create a focal point in any outfit. This is good news if you’re wearing more than one green. The addition of a white t-shirt will pull the two different shades of green together.

Better still, white has a magical effect on the green. Not only can it make a matte green stand out, but white can also tone down a bright green. Your outfit will always look balanced if you wear green with white.


If you find white a bit too dazzling, there is another neutral shade that goes perfectly with green. Gray is often overlooked when it comes to clothing. It has a bit of a reputation for being drab and boring.

But wear gray with green and you’ll see both colors come to life. Whatever the shade of green, there will be a shade of gray to go with it. Rather than a pop of color from a stark white, gray is subtle. It will blend with your green clothes.

There’s no focal point as such. Both green and gray will coordinate on an equal footing. This will give you a natural, relaxed, yet classy look.


Green and black

If you want to make your green clothes stand out, wear them with black. As one of the darkest colors, you can get, black acts as a backdrop that enhances and deepens the hue of your green.

Green and black are the perfect combination if you are looking for a sophisticated yet eye-catching image. From a business attire point of view, black and green will fit most office dress codes. It’s a winning partnership when it comes to dressing to impress.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear green over black or vice versa. Any ensemble combining the two colors will make you look professional and in control.



Green is an earth-tone color. So it should be no surprise that it goes well with other natural hues like brown.

Most shades of brown, even dark brown, are more muted than black. Brown is a less severe color. Because of this, your green and brown outfit will be softer and more relaxed. This combination has a more earthy and natural vibe.

Green and brown can be used to portray more than one image. Pair a green dress with brown boots and you have a sophisticated, put-together look for the office. Go for brown boot-cut pants and a cropped green sweater; you have a fun-loving look for a walk about town.


Blue and green

The adage, “blue and green should never be seen, except upon a fool”, has encouraged generations of fashionistas to give this combination a wide berth. The thing is, it’s a total myth! Blue and green go incredibly well together.

If you wear blue denim jeans and a green t-shirt, could anything look more homely and relaxed? The key to wearing blue with green is to keep things subtle and balanced.

If you are wearing a vibrant shade of green, then you’ll need to tone down the blue. A light blue or a muted shade is the best match for a lively green. If your blue is bold and bright, then your green needs to be gentle and relaxing.

Going for intense shades in your blue and green clothes will cause a conflict of emotions. Although they will still go together as colors, the look will feel as though it clashes. They are both strong colors and will fight for attention, making you look and feel edgy for all the wrong reasons.



Although green and red clothing can produce a classy combination, it’s not a look that’s worn very often. This is a shame, as the two colors complement each other so well, particularly if you keep to shades of similar intensity.

The main reason red and green is a rare mix is it’s a combination associated with the festive season. Because of this, pairing these two colors together is usually reserved for parties and celebrations.

It’s a fun-loving look that oozes warmth, vitality, and companionship. There’s nothing somber or formal about green and red. Wearing this mix will boost your inner party animal and elevate you to the belle of the ball.



Or you could tone the look down and go for a mix of green and pink. Although pink is similar to red, it lacks intense vibrancy. It’s a more subtle color with less of the sensuality associated with red.

Rather than making you stand out in a crowd, pink will add a feminine feel to your green outfit. The two shades work well together but be careful with the depth of each color in your ensemble. There needs to be a balance.

You don’t want to pair hot pink with bottle green. Nor do you want a neon green with a Barbie pink. They’ll clash. As a rule of thumb, if one shade is vibrant, tone down the other.



You can mix any shade of green with green. They all go well together. Wearing top-to-toe green can make you look swamped. So it’s best to break up the look by adding accessories of a different color.

Black bags or belts on an all-green outfit can add a hint of color and make the green pop. So too, can adding patterned green garments. Pair a green and black striped sweater with a green skirt to create interest and reduce the monochrome effect.

Using a combination of light greens and dark greens can work well. Having a vibrant green shirt teamed with muted green pants will give your body shape some definition. It’s all about adding a focal point when you wear green on green. Otherwise, you’ll disappear.

Dark Orange

I’ve stipulated dark orange for a reason. Orange is a tricky color to pair with green. As there are several shades of both, not all oranges will work with all the greens. In fact, there are a few shades of orange you need to avoid.

Bright orange or neon orange are both definite no-no. For orange to work with green, you have to go for a muted shade, dark orange, burnt orange, rust, or coral.

You’ll also need to keep your green muted too. Orange works best when the hue matches the shade of your green. Keeping both the same will keep your outfit looking coordinated.



Yellow can work surprisingly well with green, but some more vibrant shades can be a bit bright for most outfits.

As with blue, some shades of yellow will fight for the spotlight when paired with green. Yellow is one of the contributing shades found in green, after all.

To make yellow work in unison with green instead of against it, you’ll need to consider the shades you are mixing. Match subtle with subtle. So a lemon yellow can work well with lime green. Or you could pair mustard yellow with a seaweed green.

What Colors Go With Dark Green Clothes?

You can wear several colors with dark green clothes. The top choices are white and gray. Both are neutral shades and will enhance the darkness of the green.

You’re not limited to those colors, though. You can wear black, blue, orange, and even a lighter green with your dark green garments.

What you do have to keep in mind is the shade or the hue of the colors you wear with dark green. For a complementary look, you need a color that picks up the green and magnifies its intensity. A perfect partner is brown. As both green and brown are earth tones, they work brilliantly together.

Blue is another color you can wear with dark green clothes. This will create more of a contrasting look. However, you do have to watch the shade of the blue.

Dark greens go better with dark blues that are muted or have a matte finish. Think of an army green shirt and blue jeans as a prime example of how well blue can work with green.

Colors That Go With Forest Green Clothes

Forest green is a rich mid-green that is reminiscent of evergreen trees. You can also find it in a darker tone.

It’s a shade of green that blends well with most colors mentioned in this article. Pair forest green pants with a fresh white blouse and you have a classic look suitable for the office. A forest green overshirt paired with a gray t-shirt and blue jeans gives you a relaxed vibe for running errands.

The best way to match a color to forest green is to consider what you are wearing it for. If you need to look professional, go for a somber shade. Black and brown will work incredibly well with forest green. Brown will blend with it, while black will make the color pop.

Want to look vibrant, fun-loving, and full of party spirit? Choose a dark, sensual red. You’ll be sure to turn more than a few heads.

What Color Clothes Don’t Go Well With Green?

Unfortunately, green doesn’t go with every color. There are a few you need to avoid completely. Regardless of the shade of green, you are working with.

Bright orange and neon colors are not a good match for any green you have in your closet. Green is already a statement color. You’re wearing it for the impact it can provide and the lift it can give your outfit.

Adding neon or fluorescent hues will create a color in-balance. They will fight against your green, grabbing the attention. While your poor green tries in vain to look like it belongs. The overall look of your ensemble will be a mismatch of clashing colors.

Purple is another shade to treat with trepidation. Although some purple shades look good with green, most purples are too intense. Therein lies the problem.

If you have too much vibrancy in your purple and your green, they will clash. For these two strong colors to work together, you need to keep them both muted. Avoid bright purples like the plague.

Can You Wear Patterns With Green Clothes?

Yes, you can wear patterns with green clothes as part of the green clothing or in another shade on a different item. That way, it can complement a plain green garment.

However, it’s best to keep to one pattern rather than a closet full of different types. The whole point of a pattern is to add interest to an outfit. Mixing them will look too busy and create a confused look rather than a stylish one.

It’s better to choose a statement pattern and combine it with garments of solid colors. Let’s take a look at the different patterns you can pair with green garments.


These can be horizontal or vertical. They can also be thin and delicate or large and bold. Stripes can be found completely covering a garment or as an accent down one side.

Whatever form your stripes take, they work well in green, especially if the stripes combine with another color like white or black.

Wear a green and white striped shirt with solid dark green pants for a smart/casual look. Or a black and green striped cropped sweater with blue jeans for a lazy weekend.


The most well-known check pattern on the planet, gingham, can be found in many colors like red, black, blue, orange, and green. It’s a pattern that screams summer and picnics.

Gingham is a cooling fabric ideal for lightweight dresses. Pair a light blue cardigan with a light green gingham dress for the perfect summer evening stroll along the beach.

Plaid or Tartan

These two terms refer to a specific type of check pattern. Traditionally, plaid was the name given to the sash worn over the shoulder as part of a kilt. Tartan was the name given to the pattern.

These days, the term you use is down to where you are; in the US, the pattern is plaid, while the UK still uses tartan.

Tartan, or plaid, is synonymous with the Scottish Highlands. Not surprisingly then, the main color of the pattern is usually green and looks great and incredibly stylish.

Floral and Polka Dots

An all-over pattern of flowers or polka dots adds interest and depth to your outfit. Both come in a range of sizes to suit your taste.

Go bold with a large design as a fashion statement. Your outfit will pop with vibrancy. For a more refined look, keep the pattern small and dignified. It doesn’t matter if you go for floral or polka dots, as both design elements will give the same effect.


You can wear lots of colors with green clothes. The shade you choose depends on the event you are going to.

Go with somber shades like black or brown for a professional image. Or jazz your outfit up with red, orange, or yellow to embrace your inner party animal.

Try blue or other shades of green for a relaxing day around town. For a fresh, easy-going look, try white or gray.

Has this article encouraged you to wear green clothes? Do you already have some? What colors do you like to wear with your green garments?