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What Colours Go With Red Clothes

There’s no doubt about it – red is an eye-catching color. When it comes to our wardrobes, this can be a good or bad thing. Creating outfits based on neutral garments is easy because there are so many options. But for outfits centered around bolder colors, there’s more risk involved. Of course, you want to look fashionable yet balanced and colorful without clashing. With so much more to think about concerning red outfits, you’ve probably wondered what colors go with red clothes.

Red is a color that can be worked into an outfit as an accessory or the dominant centerpiece. With the wide range of shades that red encompasses, many color pairings can work successfully with red – including black, white, grey, brown, blue, pink and green.

In this article, we will go over the best colors to match with red and some questions regarding specific color pairings with red. Finally, we will cover how to style your red items and what guys can wear with their red clothes too.

What Colors Go With Red Clothes?

As a primary color, red is sure to be a show-stopper. Whether it is the basis for the whole outfit or worn as an accessory – red can easily become the focal point. When putting together outfits with red, it is important to keep the balance. Since it is such a bright color, it’s easy to take the outfit over the top.

A dominant color such as red isn’t going to look great with every other color of the rainbow, so it’s important to choose your pairings wisely. Thankfully, there are still many options to choose from when you’re looking to put together an outfit that includes red.


What Colours Go With Red Clothes
Black can stand up to the dominance of red – these two share similar hues, making them a great pair. Black is sleek and can tone down red a bit. Black is a good option when pairing with a bold, bright color. But – since both of these colors can look dominant, the pairing does have the possibility of looking a bit aggressive or overbearing. It can be helpful to include a more muted element in a black and red outfit – try adding a bit of white or grey to break things up.

Of course, black is known as one of the most versatile colors to work with when it comes to clothes – and it works well with any shade of red you can find. Black would work well with a darker shade of red – such as burgundy or maroon – which would be a great option for a winter ensemble. Alternatively, a black and red floral mix would be good for summer. Pairing red with black is a great place to start since this combo provides so much versatility.


Red and white outfits

The other most versatile option – there is no doubt that white can be incorporated successfully into an outfit of any other color – red is no exception. White is great because it provides a blank canvas for a bright splash of red to stand out. It will allow the color to shine but break it up enough that the outfit will look thoughtful and balanced.

Depending on the red item you’ll wear, white can be paired in numerous ways. A classic white tee is a go-to favorite in many cases – over a red pair of pants or under a red sweater would be no different. White shoes will look super sharp with dark or bright red. Another positive of this pairing is that – as with black – white can be worn with any shade of red, adding to the overall options.


Grey and Red

Grey works well with red for similar reasons that black does. This pairing is a bit more subtle – with the subdued hue of grey – so it can be perceived as even more pleasing to the eye. Shades of grey tend to be softer and lighter and can tone down its intensity when paired with red.

Since grey is a neutral tone, it is another great option to be paired with many different shades of red. Darker shades of red would look great with dark or light grey garments. A brighter red would pop – without being over the top – paired with a light heather shade. For a sophisticated and well-thought-out look, grey is a great, safe choice.


What goes with red

Beige – or khaki – is a neutral tone that pairs exceedingly well with red. It is generally a lighter hue than most shades of red, so it invites some welcome contrast – which is always a plus in fashion. Since beige is such a muted tone, it lets red shine while keeping the outfit balanced, so things don’t get too loud.

Beige is another color that is very versatile with red pairings – it can be matched with just about any shade. Deep dark reds will look just as nice paired with beige as a bright primary red or even a shade of coral. This pairing can create looks that are professional and well put together but still fun.


Red and brown can be paired together for a look that isn’t too over the top. Browns absorb some of red’s intensity, creating a nicely balanced outfit. Of course, there are many different shades of each color. For a cozy, earthy fall look – pair a deeper burgundy red with a neutral warm brown.

A lighter brown paired with bright or dark red is also a pleasing combination that can be worn in warmer seasons. Red can be used as an accent color against a dominantly brown outfit, providing a much-needed pop on a darker neutral tone.


Red outfit

Going monochrome is another fun choice! And red gives us so many options. You could easily wear an outfit of red in all one tone, or – since there are so many shades to choose from – pair lighter and darker red hues together.

If you don’t want to turn too many heads, choose a dark or toned-down shade as the basis for your outfit and save the bright pop for an accent. Whichever shades you choose – the good thing is that since they’re shades of the same color, it’s a pretty safe pairing where clashing should be minimal.


Red and Pink

Pink and red are in the same color family, so these two are an easy match to make. Pink is essentially a super diluted hue of red – there will be no clashing here. There are many options to choose from when pairing pink with red.

Bright pink and red can create a fun and flirty outfit. Or any soft, light shade of pink with a red accent piece – like a coat, bag, or pair of shoes – can look girly but sophisticated. The right pieces in this color combo can be used for business or leisure – look classy, relaxed, elegant, or fun.



Red and green are complementary colors – they inherently look great together. Unfortunately – the trouble with this classic pairing is that the two together can easily come off as Christmassy. Be cautious when pairing green with red, but by no means should you avoid it. A red and green outfit can be pulled off quite fashionably if done well.

Choose shades outside of the primary zone. If you select the right shades of each color, you are much less likely to look like a Christmas elf – and more like the sophisticated individual you are trying to portray. Darker shades of green are a good choice to pair with red. And instead of the classic Coca-Cola shade – choose a red that’s a bit more toned down.

Does Red Go with Blue?

Does Red Go with Blue

A classic combination, together red and blue, can create many looks. Since most shades of red are dominant – pairing them with a softer tone of blue can balance the outfit. A pastel or baby blue shirt can be worn under a red sweater or atop a red skirt.

For a more traditional look, red can be paired with navy blue and have a pleasing result. Red is a great color to accessorize with blue – both dark and light. And don’t forget about blue jeans! There are many choices when it comes to wearing red tops with jeans – the hardest part will be choosing which one to wear.

Do Red And Yellow Match?

When it comes to fashion, “Do red and yellow match?” is not a simple yes or no question. Theoretically – with red and yellow being warm colors, one could easily say that they match. But pairing dominant colors with other dominant colors is where things can get a bit more tricky. When done correctly, though, it can work. It is also helpful that each color comes in a range of different shades – it’s likely that somewhere along the spectrum, there will be a match that works.

There are a few things to remember if you’re looking to pair yellow with red. If red is the dominant part of an outfit, use yellow as an accent color, and vice versa. Yellow can be used to break up the command of red if used sparingly. Red fabric with a yellow pattern can look softer than solid red alone.

On the other hand – red shoes or jewelry can look great against a yellow sweater, dress or suit. You don’t want to pair a bright yellow shirt with bright red pants – but either color as an accessory to the other can take an outfit to the next level.

Do Red And Brown Go Together?

Red and brown pair well together – you just have to combine the right shades. Essentially speaking, brown is a neutral tone – so there are many options for creating a great outfit. Shades of brown and red provide a lot of versatility – you can create looks for just about any season using these two warm colors.

Deep dark reds and browns are cozy, warm, and grounding for cold winter months. A brighter, fiery orange-red sweater over brown tweed pants would be a welcome look for fall. In the summertime, choose a much lighter tone of brown – think light and airy linen. Pair with any shade of red as an accent and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

How to Style Red

How to Style Red

It is obvious that red is a showstopper – you just want to be sure you’re stopping the show for the right reasons. Red can make up a timeless or outlandishly creative look when done well. You’ll live down your fashion faux pas if done wrong for years. To avoid an unwanted outfit mistake, below are some ideas on how to tastefully style your red clothes.

Solid Colors

Pairing red with other solid colors is an obvious and easy place to start. Take any neutral tone and pair it with lively red for a nicely balanced outfit. Black, white, beige or brown will all work well. But grey is an exceptionally good option to pair with red – especially in a lighter shade. Grey will greatly tone down any overbearing hints that red can bring to the table, creating a classy, sophisticated look instead.

If you don’t want to go neutral – blue is a classic combo to work with. Light blue paired with red can give you an easy, breezy, carefree look for summer. Or alongside navy can give you a more formal look that is great across several seasons.

Animal Prints

For something super fun, animal prints work really well with red. For the most part, animal prints tend to come in neutral colors – black, white and shades of brown – so it should come as no surprise. Even with red’s dominance and the louder animal print patterns, they just work. Wear a red top with a pair of cheetah print leggings or zebra patterned ankle boots with a red pair of pants. Animal prints with red will give you a bold and quirky – yet fashionable – look.


Metallic colors look great against red – and you have some options here since they all seem to work. Depending on how bold you want to go – metallic as an accessory or a dominant part of the outfit are both options. If you want to turn heads, choose a pair of silver pants with a simple red top. A great choice for accessories to pair with any red garment? Anything metallic. Gold jewelry, shoes, and purses can all be worn with red.


Red may be one of the first colors you think of when plaid comes to mind. A classic option for fall and winter – black and red plaid. A soft, warm plaid flannel shirt is comfy and casual with jeans, or a red plaid scarf is classically winter. And what’s cozier than a set of plaid pajamas? For other plaid options, red can be combined with colors besides black as well – green and blue both make for fun options.

Red Accessories

Red is one of the best colors for an accessory that pops! A red item can take an otherwise neutral or boring outfit into the big leagues. A simple grey or beige colored dress can go from plain to fashionable simply by adding a daring red purse or pair of pumps. Red jewelry makes a great statement piece as well. Even red lipstick can act as an element to pull together an all-black outfit – it can completely transform a look, taking it from day to night. If you aren’t ready for a full red outfit – a red bag or pair of shoes may be the perfect first step to incorporating the color into your wardrobe.

What To Wear With A Red Shirt?

A great red shirt is a versatile item to have in your closet. A bold red shirt can be worn with many different bottoms. Perhaps the easiest is your favorite pair of blue jeans. Jeans work great to tone down red for a casual outfit. The same red top can be worn with pants or a skirt in almost any neutral shade. Khakis work well with red, as would black slacks or jeans. White pants can be a head-turning choice to wear with a red shirt – just make sure you’re wearing them in the right season.

What Color Goes With A Red Dress?

A red dress for a formal affair can look elegant and sophisticated. With the main element of the outfit being bold – pairing a red dress with toned-down accessories is your best bet for a balanced look overall. Metallic accessories are also an option for an occasion on the upscale side. A casual red dress pairs well with a denim jacket and white sneakers – or a pair of brown sandals or wedges for something slightly more dressed up. Dresses in patterns with red can also be a fun choice – black, white, and light blue would all combine nicely with red.

Colors That Go With Red Clothes For Guys

Classic color combos for guys to wear with red include a lot of neutral tones or shades of blue. A good way to choose your color pairings is based on the season. A red spring look for guys could include lighter shades of blue – seersucker particularly is suited well for the season and pairs perfectly with many shades of red. A brighter blue and red look would be worn well in summer, or choose tan or light brown for more toned-down looks. Medium browns – like toffee and chestnut – pair well with slightly darker shades of red. Light and medium grey are one of the best matches for red as well. When the coldest time of year comes around, the deepest shades of red should come out. Rich burgundy with mahogany together create a classic look. Darker charcoal greys can be used here too.


Red – albeit bold – is an exciting addition to your wardrobe. The color itself can be worn for any occasion, from casual to red carpet affairs. As a color that tends to dominate, more consideration should be taken when putting together an outfit that includes red, but the challenge can make the reward even better. If you don’t already have some red in your wardrobe – step outside the box! There are so many ways to wear this fun color!