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What Colors Go With Yellow Clothes?

Some colors stand out when you wear them, and yellow is one of them. Wearing yellow becomes increasingly popular in the summer and autumn as it mimics the warm tones you’ll usually find this time of year. But because it is so bright and colorful, yellow clothes can sometimes be hard to coordinate. So, what colors go with yellow clothes?

The best colors to wear with yellow clothes include:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple

Each of the above colors can work well with yellow at different times of the year. Whether you choose a neutral or brighter color to wear with yellow, I’ll explain why each color works with yellow in this article and when you might want to wear them. I’ll also provide some yellow outfit ideas and explain which colors you don’t want to wear with yellow.

What Colors Go with Yellow Clothes

What Colors Go with Yellow Clothes?

Below are the best colors to wear with yellow clothes, from some popular neutrals to brighter colors that you might not think would work. Let’s look at each color you can wear with yellow in more detail. I’ll also explain how to best make these colors work together.


Yellow and White

White is one of the most classic and most obvious choices for wearing with yellow. As a neutral, you can wear white with pretty much any color. If you’re scared to try something bold with your yellow clothing, wearing white is always a safe choice. Essentially, when in doubt, you can always wear white with yellow. Think of a yellow top with white pants or a white top with yellow pants.

Wearing yellow and white together looks best in the warmer spring and summer months, especially if you’re wearing true white. Some people still prefer to follow the don’t wear white after Labor Day rule. If that’s you, you can wear shades of cream and off-white in early fall, especially with darker yellow tones such as gold or mustard.


Brown and Yellow

As another neutral, brown is another color that goes with pretty much anything, including yellow. Wearing brown and yellow together is a classic fall color scheme. This color combo looks best when you wear darker shades of yellow instead of brighter shades like lemon yellow. Any shade of brown looks great with darker yellow shades.

When wearing yellow and brown together, the shades of brown can even come through your accessories. If you’re wearing a yellow dress, try a brown handbag, boots, or a scarf. You can even wear yellow with denim and a brown cardigan or coat if you don’t want to wear brown pants or a skirt.


Wearing gray and yellow together isn’t always the most expected color combo. But with gray being another neutral color, you can wear gray and yellow together. Gray and yellow are best paired together for professional looks, especially with black shoes and accessories. Wearing gray and yellow together looks great in spring and summer.

You can pair any shade of gray with any shade of yellow, but it looks best when the colors contrast a bit. For example, pair darker grays with lighter yellows or vice versa. Or, you can wear yellow and another neutral, such as white. Then, wear a gray sweater, scarf, or another accessory to tie the outfit together.


Black and YellowBlack is the neutral color that contrasts the most with yellow, and you can’t go wrong by pairing these two colors together. This is another great professional look, especially when pairing a yellow shirt with black pants and accessories. But you can also create some stunning casual outfits with black and yellow.

Black and yellow is a great color combo for fall, especially with golden shades of yellow. Yellow can also add a bright touch to an otherwise black outfit. For example, try a yellow sweater with a black skirt or pants and black shoes. Or, try yellow pants with a black shirt and jacket. The outfit possibilities are endless with this color combo.



Now let’s look at some unexpected colors that you might not think could work with yellow but that do. For starters, how about blue and yellow? The reason that these two colors work is that blue is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so the two colors can complement each other well.

The shade of blue and yellow that you wear depends on the season. Darker blues and yellows look great in autumn and winter, and lighter blues and yellows look great in spring and summer. Just make sure that you pair similar shades and tones together. For example, wear lighter blues and yellows and darker blues and yellows together.

The only exception to this can be if you’re wearing navy blue. Some people consider navy to be another neutral, and it can look great with any shade of yellow. Still, if wearing yellow and blue together is too bold for you, stick with denim blue jeans in any wash for a classic combo that always looks good.



With both of them being warm colors, yellow and red can work well with each other. This combo looks great in fall, as it plays upon the hues that you may find in autumn leaves. However, pairing these two colors together in any other season can be tricky.

To make these two colors look best together, make sure the shades are similar. Pair light reds with lighter yellows and darker reds with darker yellows. The exception is if you’re adding another neutral to the mix, such as black or white. For example, you could wear a black dress with a yellow coat and red shoes or a red handbag. It works because black goes with both colors.


Green and Yellow

Yellow and green is a color combo that many people may be scared to wear. But since yellow and green are beside each other on the color wheel, they can look great together as long as you pair similar shades. As with the other brighter colors we’ve looked at, you want to pair bright yellows with bright greens, dark yellows with dark greens, and jewel tones with jewel tones.

It also works if you can make the hues match the season. For example, in autumn, you can pair mustard or golden yellow with olive green for a safe and classic seasonal look. Around the holidays, pair jeweled tones such as golden yellow and emerald green together. The key to making green and yellow work together, regardless of the season, is to pair it with neutral accessories, such as brown shoes and a brown handbag.


Similar to blue and yellow, purple and yellow are contrasting but complementary colors.

This is one of the boldest color combinations, but purple can look good with any shade of yellow.

You don’t necessarily have to find similar shades for this to look great. You can pair light purple with slightly darker yellow or light yellow with dark purple. And, of course, this is another color combo in which pairing jeweled tones or yellow and purple looks great, especially in fall. Lighter shades of yellow and purple look great together in spring.

As with red and green, you’ll want to pair a neutral color with yellow and purple to help tie the two colors together. In the warmer months, try wearing white with yellow and purple. In the fall, black looks great, with yellow and purple. These neutral colors can come in the form of a shirt underneath a brightly colored jacket, or just use neutral colors in your shoes and accessories.

What Patterns Look Best in Yellow?

In addition to wearing solid yellow clothing, many clothing items may have a yellow pattern to them. Some patterns work and some patterns don’t, but here are the patterns that look best in yellow, what to wear with them, and when to wear them.


Clothing with a yellow floral pattern is pretty common. Generally, the main color of the clothing is yellow and the floral pattern is white, with or without other colors. But sometimes, the main color will be white and the floral pattern will be yellow.

Regardless of the exact color and pattern, yellow floral patterns are great for the spring and summer. These patterns usually look great with white or brown shoes and accessories. Yellow floral-patterned tops also look great with denim shorts or jeans.


Clothing with yellow and white or yellow and cream-colored stripes is also quite common. You can find tops, dresses, rompers, and more with a yellow-striped pattern. This is a popular pattern to wear in the summer and fall. Yellow and white stripes look great with denim shorts or jeans or, in the case of a yellow-striped dress, a denim jacket. You can also pair this pattern with white or brown accessories and shoes.


Yellow plaid patterns tend to come out in the fall, especially for flannels, dresses, jumpers, and skirts. Usually, the pattern is yellow with other neutral tones such as black, white, cream, brown, or gray. It’s easy to wear yellow plaid outfits. Just pair them with other clothing or accessories in color contained in the plaid, such as black, brown, or white.

Yellow Outfit Ideas

In case you need some more yellow outfit inspiration, here are some outfit ideas for different yellow clothing items you may have sitting in your closet:

Yellow Dress with Neutral Accessories

If you have a solid yellow or patterned yellow dress at home, try pairing it with neutral accessories. Shoes and handbags in shades of brown or white look great with yellow dresses. You can also wear a neutral cardigan or denim jacket over the yellow dress on chilly days.

Jeans and a Neutral Top with a Yellow Coat

Another great yellow outfit idea is to pair jeans and a neutral-colored top in black, brown, white, or gray with a yellow coat. The jeans can be any wash, but the yellow coat will stand out against the jeans and the top. Yellow coats are an easy way to brighten up any outfit. Alternatively, you can pair jeans and a yellow top with a coat in a neutral color. Wear yellow accessories and shoes or neutral accessories and shoes with the outfit as well.

Neutral Top with Yellow Pants and Bright Coat

If you have some yellow pants just sitting in your closet and aren’t sure what to wear them with, a neutral top is always a safe choice. Yellow pants look great with a solid black or white shirt. You can wear a patterned shirt with yellow pants if the pattern contains neutral colors.

If you want to go a little bolder, add a coat in a bright color, such as red or purple. Remember that the neutral top will help bring the two brighter colors together. Just keep your accessories simple so the look isn’t too bold.

Yellow Top with Neutral Pants/Skirt

Our final outfit idea involves pairing a yellow top with neutral pants or a skirt. Depending on the season, you can wear a yellow top with black, brown, gray, or white pants or a skirt. This look can be casual or professional, depending on the style of pants or skirt that you choose. Or, you can choose a patterned skirt or pants in neutral colors.

What Colors Don’t Go With Yellow Clothes?

We’ve looked at some colors that work well with yellow, but what colors don’t go with yellow clothes? You want to avoid pairing colors too similar to yellow with yellow. For example, you don’t want to wear a yellow shirt and yellow pants together, regardless of whether the shades of yellow are the same or different.

Another color that may not pair well with yellow is orange, and that’s because the colors are just too similar. There may be some instances when you can get away with this color combo. For example, wearing deep burnt orange with a golden yellow color can look great, especially in the fall. But in general, the tones of the two colors are too similar.

Best Color Combination for Yellow Clothes

The best color combination for yellow clothes in any circumstance is to pair yellow with a neutral color. Yellow always looks great with white or black, but it also looks great with brown in the fall. If you want to go a little bolder, blue is also a safe choice. Colors such as red, green, and purple can work well if you use a neutral color to bring the two colors together.

I hope this article has enabled you to wear yellow confidently and create some stunning outfits. If you enjoyed it, be sure to share it with others who appreciate style.