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What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?

When it comes to our wardrobes, some rules are easier to follow than others. Though many fashion lines have become blurred over the years, making even the old standbys seem confusing. Neutrals are always a good place to start – black and white are go-to’s in so many cases. But if you don’t want to wear a black and white palette, have you ever considered what color shirt goes with navy blue pants?

Although it has a place on the color wheel – navy blue is considered a neutral color in fashion. Navy blue is a versatile color to have in your wardrobe. It pairs extremely well with other neutral tones and can be matched with shades from just about any other color family.

In this article, we will go over what color shirts pair well with navy blue pants. We will also go over some styling tips for working with navy blue and provide specific examples along the way. Finally – we’ll answer the age-old question, “Can you wear navy blue with black?”

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants

What Color Shirt Goes with Navy Blue Pants?

Every wardrobe should include as many versatile pieces as possible. If your closet is filled with items that can be combined with many different garments, you will have the most options and get the most out of your clothes. It may be a surprise that navy blue fits into the neutral category – as it’s not monochrome like most of the other neutral tones. But just like black, white, or grey – navy blue can be combined with a slew of other colors and give you a fashion-forward look.

Navy blue pants can give you an option as versatile as jeans – they can be casual, but they can also be dressy enough for a meeting or a night out. Below you will find specific examples of what colors match exceptionally well with navy blue.

Nude Tones

One of the first rules of fashion – seek out a contrast. Nude tones provide the precise contrast necessary to give your outfit some great visual interest. Another plus – there are tons of them to choose from – from pale cream to burn caramel. Tan may seem boring when you think about it on its own, but pair it up with a nice pair of navy blue pants and you’ll have a classy, sophisticated outfit that could be either business casual or relaxed.

To get the right nude tone for you – choose a hue that complements your skin tone. There should also be a bit of contrast here, rather than trying to make yourself blend in with the shirt. If your skin tone is on the lighter side, choose a shirt that’s a shade or two darker. Vice versa, if your skin tone’s on the darker side – a slightly lighter colored fabric will look beautiful in contrast.


White shirt navy pants

White may be the most versatile color to pair other colors with, and it’s no exception that it is a great match for navy blue. Pairing a white shirt with navy blue pants can create many different looks. A classic white button-up will give you a simple outfit that would be perfect for the workplace or an interview.

A fresh white shirt will look clean, organized and well put together. If you want a more casual look, a plain white tank or tee are also super simple to put on over a pair of navy pants. If you want more visual interest than what classic white provides – white and just about any other colored stripes can give you another great casual look.

If you’re looking for a no-fail option that goes great with navy blue every time – white is the perfect place to start.


What colors go with navy blue pants

A quintessential color pairing for navy blue, grey is another no-brainer. Though many shades of grey shirts would go great with navy, a lighter grey will provide the most contrast with the deep, dark blue. Grey shirts of different styles can give you varying looks, so this is another versatile pairing.

For a super easy casual yet clean look – throw on a classic grey t-shirt. For an outfit that is a bit more dressed up – or for a cooler weather option – a light grey sweater would be a great top to wear with navy blue pants. A Grey blazer over a white shirt would also be a perfect combo for a classy business casual look.

Another Shade of Blue

Navy pants outfitMonochrome looks are always a classy option – you can’t go wrong matching different tones of the same color. Choose a pale or brighter shade of blue – such as baby blue or cobalt – to go with navy. This will give you the eye-pleasing contrast that makes an outfit pop – and you won’t have to worry about clashing.

Denim may be a less obvious choice, but it also pairs great with navy. Denim can be found in many different shades, and the slight textural difference will provide additional interest to the outfit. Usually categorized as a more casual option – choose denim for the weekend and more relaxed night-out looks.


In most cases, colors that are neighbors on the color wheel also tend to go together well when putting together an outfit. Green and blue pair nicely together if you want to add more than one color to your look. An olive shade of green is classy and a bit more held back.

Tailored tops in olive green will look sophisticated and professional. On the other hand, an olive green tee will give you a more relaxed-looking outfit. If you want a brighter pop of color, emerald green looks great with dark navy blue! This bright shade stands out in contrast and can be a fun color pairing, especially for spring or early summer.


Lavender is a lovely hue with just the right tone to pair with navy blue. The sophisticated color that it is, lavender is stylish, elegant, and refined. Pair a lavender-colored blouse or sweater with navy blue pants and you instantly have a polished outfit for various occasions.

Choose simple pearls as an accessory for a classic look – or choose a statement pendant necklace for something more fun and modern. Since lavender is the perfect shade to pair with darker colors, it should be an easy choice when wearing it with navy pants.


Red and blue are complementary colors, but some shades of these two colors paired together can come off as a little bit tacky. If you’re looking to pair navy with a color in the red family, burgundy will be anything but. A burgundy shirt paired with navy blue pants will look polished and refined.

A great color combo for late fall and winter – these deep hues will look rich and warm on cool, grey days. Pick out a burgundy turtleneck or sweater, simple classic jewelry, and you have an easy, sophisticated outfit.


Yellow shirt navy pantsYellow can often be construed as difficult to pair with, but as a lighter color – in the right shade – can make navy blue pop. If you want a look that can pay off when done right, choosing a yellow top with your navy blue pants may be the perfect challenge. Mustard yellow is subdued – yet still bright – and looks great when paired with navy. A short-sleeved sweater would be a great choice for a warm fall day.

Another way to successfully pair yellow with navy blue is to choose a shade that you know goes well with your skin tone. Yellow garments are notorious for leaving certain skin colors looking washed out. Pick a tone that flatters your skin type and you can rest assured that it will look great with a pair of navy blue pants.

Another tip for successfully pairing yellow – choose accessories that are on the neutral side. Yellow is a loud color on its own – you don’t want to choose accessories that are out there too – which can easily take your outfit from fashionable to over-the-top.

Style Tips for Navy Pants

It is easy to see that navy pants are as versatile as any other neutral in our wardrobes. Navy blue pants can be paired with other neutral tones and just about any other color to create countless outfit options for any occasion. With all these choices, picking just the right top to go with navy blue pants might seem overwhelming. Below you will find tips on how to style those navy blue pants depending on the season or what else you might already have in your closet.


Fashion choices by season are always a good place to begin if you’re unsure where to start with an outfit. Luckily, navy blue pants are versatile enough to be worn in any season – while always maintaining their fashionable status. Another good reason they should be a staple item in any wardrobe.

Spring is full of fun colors – light, bright, and warm. These are all good things when it comes to pairings for navy. Navy blue provides a great grounding color to match the lighter shades of spring. Pastel colors are a classic for spring – and just about any pastel shade would work as a top for navy pants. Navy will nicely anchor the carefree spring color palette – creating a balanced seasonal look.

The classic color of summer, you can’t go wrong with navy blue. Nautical looks seem to come around every year – and you can’t do nautical without navy! If you aren’t ready to go for a theme, navy can also be paired with white or cream for a cool summer look.

Lightweight fabrics like linen and silk are ideal for hot weather and perfect for pairing with navy for an effortlessly put-together look. Grey is another great option for summer. Nothing is easier than choosing a soft grey t-shirt to go with navy blue pants. You’ll be summer ready and comfortable in a matter of minutes.

Navy blue goes seamlessly from summer to fall. Swap out the crisp white shirt for some classic autumn shades and you’ll be ready for all that fall has to offer! That mustard yellow sweater we discussed above would be perfect once the weather starts to chill. Darker nude tones and shades of brown are also great choices at this time of year.

A perfect item for your winter wardrobe – is navy blue pants. It’s time to pair them with rich tones like burgundy, olive or forest green. Sweaters in these shades can be oh-so-cozy worn with dark navy during those colder months. Slightly darker shades of grey also pair nicely with navy – choose a fitted turtleneck, cowl or chunky sweater and you’ll be ready for all winter activities.


Another great place to start when you’re looking for a match for navy blue pants is contrast. If you’re looking for fashion-forward – you might not want to choose a neon yellow top, but most colors that give you some contrast are a good match for navy blue. Start with neutrals.

White, of course, is a perfect pairing. Light shades of grey and just about any neutral nude tone will always look great with the dark blue slacks. If you want a bit more color – choosing light shades of blue, purple and green are likely to give you an outfit you can be proud of. If you’re working with solid colors, you have a variety of options for accessories as well.

Simple or bold jewelry can work, so focus on the occasion you are dressing for. Metallics – especially gold – are also a classic pairing for navy. Consider an eye-catching pair of shades or even gold-toned shoes.


Complementary colors are another place to find great shirts to go with navy. Technically, navy blue is a cool color tone – so pairing it with something warmer will give you a nicely balanced look. Deep gold tones can stand out against dark navy blue. Or go for a monochrome or all navy look and choose a bold, fiery orange accent piece. When going for something outside the box like a super bright accessory – minimize the risk by including no more than three colors overall in the outfit.


As a solid, dark neutral, navy blue is an amazing pair for patterns. Navy blue pants provide the perfect backdrop for many fun options for all seasons. Stripes are a super classic look for summer – wide horizontal stripes are timelessly nautical, while vertical ones can be beachy and carefree.

Polka dots are another pattern that show up often in navy blue and white and are another great look for summer. If you think all-over dots are a little overwhelming – pair a polka dot top with solid navy pants for something subtle but still fun. All sorts of checks also look great combined with navy.

There are endless choices of flannel and plaid shirts – a color for everyone, a great choice for fall, and a great top for navy blue pants. And don’t forget about florals! Florals can be extremely versatile – but they are ideal for summer and spring. Florals can be found in every color combo of the rainbow – most of which would look perfect with navy.

Can You Wear Black with Navy?

It’s time to clear this up once and for all; yes, you can wear black with navy! Black and navy are similar in hue and complement each other nicely. If it sounds like a challenge coming up with an outfit for these two dark tones, think again. Almost any black item you could pair with another black item could also be paired with navy.

All sorts of tops look great with navy blue pants – from a comfy black tee to a lacy black camisole or even a fitted black blazer. One thing to note is that – more often than not – pairing black with navy blue will give you a look that’s a little more sophisticated. Don’t worry – you can still wear your favorite black t-shirt. You just might look a bit more high-end.

Shoes to Wear with Navy Blue Pants

Style Navy Pants
It is simple to see that navy blue pants are as versatile as they come – they can be worn with countless colors and types of shirts, and it’s no different when it comes to shoes. That being said – there are a few choices that pair exceptionally well. Just as with tops, nude-colored shoes are a great choice to go with navy blue pants. They are subtle and classy, don’t pull attention away, and provide the perfect tone to match with just about any shirt option you select – and we know the options are endless.

Navy blue shoes are another great choice. Blue shoes, in many cases, may be thought of as flashy, but when paired with navy blue pants look nothing short of refined. Depending on the outfit, you can also use shoes as a place to wear an accent color. This tends to work particularly well if you’re wearing a monochrome look – a blue-on-blue outfit with a bright pair of shoes can look posh, modern, and fun. Of course, the classics are always an option as well. Navy blue pants pair perfectly well with many tones of the brown shoe, and for a trendy casual look – all white sneakers.


Navy blue pants check all boxes for a necessary item in any closet! I’m all about getting the most out of my garments and navy pants are as versatile as they come. They can be worn in all four seasons, with solids and prints, for weekend errands, or for dinner or work. If you don’t already own a pair of navy blue pants, I hope you feel inspired to go out and get some! The outfits you’ll create will be endless.