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What Color Shirts Go With Black Pants?

Black is an easy color to match, but that doesn’t mean creating the perfect outfit always is. Everything goes with black. Sometimes this excess of options can be overwhelming and leave us at a standstill. When trying to put a look together, the thought always crosses the mind – what color shirts go with black pants?

The absence of color in black means that any color will go with the dark neutral shade. Black can be put together with other neutrals, or any color of the rainbow. The important thing to do when putting a black outfit together – is to utilize other colors and styles that match the season and occasion at hand.

In this article, we will cover specific colors that go well with black for any occasion. I’ll provide tips on what to wear with black jeans and pants. And finally, some styling advice for guys and their black pants too.

What Color Shirts Go With Black Pants

What Color Shirts Go With Black Pants?

In theory – everything goes with black. While this statement may be true, it doesn’t mean that every color that goes with black can be worn every occasion. Black can be the backdrop for another garment to shine, or it can be the focal point itself – it all depends on the style.

The good news is – there are endless options to choose from. The toughest part is choosing which option you want to go with. Below we will go over some specific colors that can create pleasing combinations when paired with black pants. Remember – different shades of different colors can produce different looks, creating even more diversity and the possibility of dressing for even more occasions.


White shirt

Black and white is a classic fashion combo. One of the main reasons it works so well is contrast. When you’re aiming to put a cohesive, eye-pleasing look together – contrast is always a good place to start. Having contrasting colors and shades creates pleasing visual stimulation while also adding balance.

Pairing a white shirt with black pants, generally, is going to create a more formal look. This is a great combination for an interview, business casual and most formal occasions, or any time you want to come off as polished and well put together. A very safe choice – you can’t go wrong wearing a white shirt with black pants.

You can dress this combo up or down depending on the specific styles of the shirt and pants and the accessories you choose to wear with the outfit. A white t-shirt will never look as formal as a button-down blouse but will still look thoughtful and clean. A black and white outfit is also a great place to add a fun pop of color or a bright accessory. Depending on the occasion – this may be the perfect opportunity to wear a super colorful pair of shoes – or your favorite bold sweater.


Grey is slightly more subtle than white. Of course, it comes in many shades – but it will provide the same eye-pleasing contrast you should aim for to create a well-balanced outfit. Pairing a grey shirt with a pair of black pants will give you a fashionable monochrome look.

Technically, any shade of grey will work. A darker charcoal grey can blend in with the pants – giving you an overall dark outfit that would be better for winter or fall. Light to a medium shade of grey will provide beautiful contrast for a monochrome outfit that could be worn in any season.

Grey is another color that is easy to dress up or down and pair with other fun colors or patterns. Use the subtlety this combo offers to add a statement piece to your outfit. An otherwise loud pair of shoes or chunky gold jewelry would work seamlessly with this understated combo. Alternatively – add any other color that works well with grey – pink or yellow, for example – to a monochromatic black and grey outfit.


Blue shirtA cool blue shirt would pair nicely with a pair of black pants. Try and choose a shade that gives you some contrast – anything light to medium is a great match for a calming, relaxed look. This doesn’t mean it won’t look professional – just that you’ll be giving off cool and confident vibes. This is also one of the best color combos for colder weather – grounding dark pants with a cool-toned blue top.

With blue being such a versatile color and with so many shades to choose from – the style of the shirt is going to be key for putting the perfect outfit together. A light blue button-up or stylish flowy blouse would be great for the workplace – an approachable, business casual look. A medium blue sweater can easily be dressed up or down when paired with black pants – another great choice for winter months.


Red shirtRed is bold and bright – one of the most eye-catching colors on the spectrum. Black is the perfect counterpart to tone down even the brightest shades. If you want to wear red, it works best paired with something neutral to avoid being over the top. Black can stand up to candy apple red – though it’s best to include a lighter neutral when wearing this combo. Black pants will also work great with a darker red hue. A solid-colored red shirt could be dressy or casual – a pattern that has a red element would work well with black pants too.


PinkBlack and any shade of pink were made for each other. The playful, flirty, and sometimes vibrant aesthetic that comes with pink is perfectly balanced when it’s paired with black pants. The combinations are endless, with opportunities to dress for any occasion, from weekday fun to a formal night out. Light shades of pink offer welcome contrast – the style choices for light pink tops are endless – a great shade to wear during spring. Bold, dark pink can create quite a statement – the hue could be similar to black while being bright enough to still provide contrast. This color combo could work well for fun, but daring, winter look.


Green in differing shades can be bold or subtle – in either case, a good look with black pants. This cool color can – depending on its vibrancy – be worn in any season. Pale sea green is a perfect color for spring and would give great contrast over black pants. Brighter shades – such as lime or chartreuse – may be more daring but also work with black. Slightly darker shades – like Kelly or emerald – are colorful with still enough contrast and are good greens for summer. The darkest and most muted green tones can work throughout winter and fall – hunter, army and olive green would all fall under this category.


YellowCheerful yellow is visually pleasing when paired with rich, dark black. This combination is often found in nature – which is a testament to its aesthetic appearance. A pale yellow top paired with black pants would be the right shade for spring.

Go a bit darker and brighter with a sunflower shade for summer. But coming into fall is where the yellow and black combo shines.

Gold, ochre and mustard tones – the ones that make you feel warm even when the weather is cool – look stunning contrasted with black.

What to Wear With Black Jeans?

Black jeans are a real wardrobe staple. More casual than a pair of black slacks, but dressier than traditional denim. Black jeans can be dressed up – never formal, but perfect for a night on the town, or dressed down – casual and comfy. With a different shirt, your favorite pair of black jeans could be worn every day of the week – they’re just that versatile.


Any neutral shade is a perfect match for a pair of black jeans. The most classic of all – a white tee. This combo can be worn as flirty and fun, casually laid back, or thoughtful and clean. Throw on a blazer and black jeans can even be pulled off as an edgy business casual look.

Skin tones are another great choice for neutrals. Lighter shades will provide desirable contrast with the dark hue of the pants. Darker shades will be more muted and subtle yet still visually pleasing.

Grey works super well with black jeans and a grey tank top or long or short-sleeved t-shirt looks effortless – while still put together.


Who doesn’t love when sweater weather rolls around?! And what better garment to pair with all those cozy sweaters than your favorite pair of black jeans! Jeans and sweaters are a match made in heaven – there’s no negative I can think of when it comes to this combination. A sweater in any color, pattern, knit or style will look fabulous with black jeans – so don’t be afraid to wear them all. The added bonus with this combo is that it will feel just as good to wear as it looks.


It may not be obvious, but a jacket can make a great statement to an outfit. And there are so many options to choose from! The beauty of black jeans is that they will accommodate a jean jacket without that sometimes overwhelming all-denim look. Trendy cropped jackets will look fashionable and fun. Leather coats can be edgy or dramatic. Another good reason to pull out the black jeans when the weather gets cooler is that they will look phenomenal with all the jackets.


Many plaids contain black in their makeup – but even the ones that don’t will look perfect when worn with black jeans. The ones that do will be tied in nicely – the color providing a welcome pop to the neutrality. Black jeans are also the perfect pair of pants to choose from if you want to wear a top with multiple colors. For all your favorite fall and winter plaid – bring out the black jeans.


Stripes are a great way to add something fun and visually interesting to an outfit – but they should be paired with something grounding like black jeans. Stripes in any color or orientation will look great. Black and white stripes for that monochrome vibe – or even multicolored ones if you’re going for bold and bright.


Another fall staple we can’t wait to wear each year – is boots! From ankle to thigh-high – they all go well with black jeans. For the most part, boots will be found in neutral tones – black and shades of tan and brown, which are all perfect for black. There is no boot whose look won’t be amplified by wearing them with a pair of black jeans.

Style Tips For Black Pants

As one of the most versatile items that can be found in a closet, choosing a shirt to wear with black pants can be daunting. To make things a bit easier – here are a few helpful tips you can use to create the perfect look for any occasion.


A monochrome color palette will give you a look that is often more formal – but it is one where you can’t go wrong. For a business casual or sophisticated get-together, a monochrome outfit will be a safe choice.


An important concept to consider whenever thinking about fashion is whether or not there is contrast. The contrast will provide aesthetic appeal and balance – both key to a successful outfit. Choose colors that are lighter in tone to wear with your black pants and you will always look fashion forward.


It’s always important to dress appropriately for the season. If you’re feeling bogged down when deciding what shirt to wear with black pants, this can be a great place to start.

Warmer tones are usually safe to wear in spring and summer – though cool tones in light shades will also work. Consider the colors that make you think of Easter; they will probably work well for spring.

Bright colors are what make summer fashion fun. This is a great opportunity to wear something bold – let the black pants do their job by toning and balancing things out. Floral patterns in all sorts of colors and nautical-themed stripes are fun patterns that can be worn in summer. For something a bit more subtle, light tan neutrals are great for warmer weather as well.

Black pants are ideal when it comes to cooler weather – being dark themselves. They provide the perfect canvas for an idyllic fall outfit. All the fall yellows, oranges and greens look amazing with a pair of black pants. Patterned sweaters and animal prints are also fun for fall.

The same rule applies to winter – except now black will be slightly muted when paired with the darker shades of this season. Jewel tones are classic for winter – aubergine, emerald green, and garnet will give a subtle pop of color when worn with black pants.


It’s obvious that the occasion should be the first thing considered when putting together an outfit. Luckily – black pants are a base item that can be worn for almost anything. For a formal or business occasion – go with monochrome – white and neutral tones will be safe. If you want a little color, light blue is a good choice – or you can always add a colorful accessory.

A casual encounter may have you pair your black pants with a tank top, t-shirt or sweater – depending on the weather. All styles, colors and patterns are welcome. Choose your favorite – something you feel comfortable in – and you’ll be ready to go!


Black pants are a great choice to wear with all sorts of patterns. Remember the tips from above and pick your favorite accordingly. Many professional tops in eye-pleasing florals or geometric patterns can be worn to the office. Animal print – which often includes black – can be worn on many occasions and pairs better with black than anything else. Plaid and stripes – two iconic fabric patterns – always go well with black pants.

Can You Wear Navy Blue with Black Pants?

There seems to be a myth floating around that black pants can’t be worn with navy blue – and it is indeed a myth. Navy blue and black look great when worn together! Their hues are similar, so you’ll get a subtle contrast – akin to if you were to put something monochrome together. This fashion-forward pairing tends to look more dressed up than casual. For slightly more formal occasions – a navy blue top is a stylish choice.

Does Brown Go With Black Pants?

Black and brown, hands down, go together well. Ideally, you will want some contrast when working with this pairing – but when done well will look stylish and smart. Lighter browns and shades of tan are one of those neutrals that work perfectly paired with black. Medium shades of brown can be worn for professional or casual looks – especially for fall – and will always look well put together.

How to Style Black Pants For Guys

A go-to item in any man’s closet is a good pair of black pants. Work slacks or jeans – black pants can be worn for any occasion and there are many shirt options to choose from. Monochrome or neutral are always great choices. White, grey and skin tones will look thoughtful while not taking too much effort to put together. These neutrals can be worn to work – with a button-up or jacket – or on weekends with your favorite comfy tee. Any of these shades will look great with black pants every time.

Contrast is a fashion rule for everyone. Black pants will look great with a top that is several shades lighter. Since any color works well with black pants, it should be easy to choose your favorite one in a light to medium tone. Rest assured, you will look and feel great. Shades of blue, pink and green are just a few colors you can choose from – remember to consider the season when selecting a color to wear.

Patterns work well for guys too! Horizontal stripes can be worn on a casual t-shirt or a pinstriped button-up for the office. Bring out the colorful fun patterns for the summer. Plaid with black pants is perfect for fall. Guys shouldn’t forget about sweaters, either. In neutral tones or shades of blue and green, a sweater can be weekend or business casual – but will always be comfortable and look great.


Putting outfits together should be fun – not stressful. This isn’t always easy with so many choices right in front of us. Thankfully, black pants are very forgiving. They can be worn with just about any shirt – and if you can remember the tips from above, you’ll enjoy styling your black pants for every occasion. With the endless opportunities – and a little organization – you’ll be looking forward to the changing of the seasons so you can create stylish new looks for each one!