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What Colors Go With Sage Green Clothing?

Sage green is a light shade of green that can be worn in any season. It’s not a hard color to coordinate to create many different outfits. This is because it’s an earthy tone, which some people even consider a neutral color, like navy blue. But what colors can you pair with sage green clothing to create the perfect outfit?

There are lots of colors that can go with sage green, but lighter colors and neutrals tend to look best with it. Here are all the colors that you can wear with sage green:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Yellow

Except with the standard neutral colors, the best rule for wearing other colors with sage green is to find a color that closely matches the tone of sage. In this article, I’ll explain why each of the above colors is a good choice for wearing with sage green and when to wear them. Finally, I’ll provide some outfit ideas and tell you what colors not to wear with sage green as well.

What Colors Go With Sage Green Clothing

What Colors Go With Sage Green Clothing?

The fashion world is constantly changing, and today’s fashion rules aren’t the same as they were even a few decades ago. That said, sage green is now a popular choice in many fashions and even home design color palettes.

Many people even think of sage green as a neutral color, and they’ll wear pretty much any color with it. While you can technically wear any color you want with it as long as you’re comfortable and confident, here are some choices that always work.


White and Sage Green

White is one of those color choices that can go with anything. And as the lightest neutral color, it’s one of the best colors to wear with sage green. The two colors can pop against each other. You can’t go wrong regardless of how you wear white and sage green together.

These two colors look best when worn during the spring and summer months. Wearing white is usually associated with warm weather, and many white garments tend to be lightweight and flowy in the first place. You can also wear shades of white such as cream and off-white with sage green. Pairing white and sage green with accessories in another neutral color is a classic outfit choice.


Gray is a versatile neutral color that works well in any season. You can wear gray with sage green year-round, and any shade of gray will work. Lighter shades of gray look best with sage green in the warmer months, while darker shades look best in the cooler months.

Sage green and gray are popular wedding colors, especially as a suit and tie combination for groomsmen. These two colors always look good together. Dark brown shoes and accessories look stunning with sage green and gray outfits, but you can also choose accessories in a darker shade of gray.


Since they are both earth tones, brown is another neutral color that goes great with sage green. Brown and sage green look stunning in the spring and fall months as it plays off the colors found around you in nature. But you can wear this color combination year-round.

Shades of light brown, such as nude and beige, look best with sage green since they have a similar tone. But any shade of brown can work with sage green. Darker shades of brown work well in the fall, especially when worn as accessories.


Sage Green and black

Black is not one of the most common colors to wear with sage, but since it is another neutral color, you can wear black and sage green together. There’s no rule against it, and as with white, black and sage green pop against each other.

Black and sage green look great together in the fall and winter months. Common outfit ideas with this color combination are to wear a sage green top with black bottoms or a black top with sage green bottoms. You can use black in your shoes and accessories or throw other neutral colors into your outfit.


Before we get into wearing blue with sage green, you should know that not every shade of blue looks good. The best shades of blue to wear are muted or pastel shades of true blue or blue-green. Stay away from bright blue, as the general color and tone of bright blue clash too much with the lighter green tone.

You can also wear darker shades of blue, such as navy, with sage green, but this combination looks best in the fall. Navy and sage green are another popular wedding color combination. And, of course, you can wear denim with sage green. But lighter denim washes tend to look better with sage than darker ones. Pair blue and sage with brown or gray accessories.



Purple and sage green are considered to be contrasting colors, but they are also close enough on the color wheel that they look great together. Again, stick with lighter shades of purple such as lavender, lilac, and other pastel floral tones because the tones are similar to that of sage green.

Purple and sage are a beautiful color combination in spring and summer since they match many flowers that tend to bloom at that time. You can pair the two colors with white, nude, or beige accessories. This is also a popular color combination around Easter. Try to avoid darker shades of purple; they don’t tend to look as good as sage green.


Pink and sage green is another great spring and summer combination, especially around Easter. As with purple and blue, stick with pastel shades of pink to match the floral colors that come out in spring. Pink and sage green also looks great in floral patterns, especially on dresses and skirts.

Pair pink and sage green with white or light brown accessories. Avoid bright shades of pink, such as bubblegum pink and hot pink. But dusty pink and blush pink are good for pairing with sage and pastels.


Since yellow and green are next to each other on the color wheel, these two colors may or may not look good together. The key is to pair the right shades. Since sage is a lighter shade of green, this is one case in which a darker shade of yellow looks good with it. Mustard and golden yellow look great together in the fall when paired with accessories in any shade of brown.

In the spring, wear lighter shades of yellow with sage green. And by that, I mean the lightest shade of yellow you can find, such as pastel yellow. This is another color combination that is popular in floral patterns and around Easter. Pair light yellow and sage with nude or beige accessories.

Sage Green Outfit Ideas

Sage Green Outfit Ideas

If you need some outfit inspiration for wearing sage green with any of the above colors, here are a few ideas to help you.

Stick with Neutral Accessories

Remember that although some people consider sage green a neutral color, it isn’t a true neutral. That being said, if you wear sage with another color that isn’t neutral, such as blue or purple, you’ll want to stick with accessories that are a truly neutral color, such as white, brown, black, or gray.

Wearing neutral accessories with two colors that aren’t neutral helps to bring the two colors together and balance the outfit. As far as the neutral colors that you choose for your accessories, it just depends on the season and what’s popular at the time.

Pair Earth Tones Together

When in doubt, it’s always safe to wear other earth tones with sage green. The earthy colors are usually greens and browns, but gray and white can sometimes pass as earth tones.

The benefit of this is that many earth tones are also neutral colors, so they go with sage green in any circumstance. Just base the exact color browns, grays, and whites with what is trendy for the season. An example is wearing darker neutrals in fall and lighter ones in spring.

Pastel Top with Sage Green Bottoms

When spring rolls back around each year, so do the pastel colors. A good outfit choice for this time of year is wearing a pastel top in blue, pink, purple, or yellow with sage green pants or a skirt. Remember to keep the two tones as close together as possible and pair them with lighter-colored neutral accessories.

Black Top with Sage Green Bottoms

For an outfit that pops, try pairing a black top with sage green bottoms and black shoes. This color combination can work for professional or casual outfits and looks great in the fall months. You can also wear a sage green dress with black accessories. Or, wear a sage green top with a gray sweater or cardigan and black pants.

What Colors Don’t Go with Sage Green?

In general, very bright colors don’t go well with sage green. Since sage green is a muted color that is also an earth tone, bright colors and jewel tones will contrast too much with an outfit in a way that makes them clash.

Avoid wearing red, orange, hot pink, canary yellow, royal blue, and royal purple with sage green. In the case of other greens, you don’t want to wear bright green with sage, but you can wear other dark, earthy greens, such as forest green with sage.

Suit Color to Match Green Dress

When it comes to wearing a suit that matches a sage green dress, especially for a wedding, three colors are generally safe and classic choices. Remember that you don’t want the suit to clash with the dress, so it’s best to avoid suits that are any color other than neutral.

The best suit colors to match sage green dresses are gray, navy blue, and light brown. Any shade of gray will work, but light gray is better for spring and summer, while darker gray is better for fall and winter. A navy suit can look good year-round. Suits that are very light brown, such as beige, look great in the warmer months. To better coordinate a suit with a sage green dress, stick with a white shirt underneath the suit and a sage green tie.

Best Color Combination for Sage Green

Many colors can go with sage green. But the best color choices are neutral and earthy tones, such as brown, gray, white, and black, especially if you want to wear sage green year-round. Pastel colors are popular to wear, with sage green in the spring and summer. In general, you want to stick with muted colors that closely match the lighter tone of sage. If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, feel free to share it with others and leave a comment. Thanks for reading!