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What Colors Go With Pink Clothes?

If there is one color that seems to have taken over my closet, it is the color pink. Pink is a versatile color that can be worn all year long, with shades ranging from dark to light and every intensity in between. With as many pink clothes as I own, I’ve had to become an expert in styling every shade – and knowing what colors go with pink clothes is an absolute must.

When choosing colors to go with your pink clothes, it’s important to pay attention to the shade of pink you are styling. Light pastels or blush pink will often work best with other muted colors, such as white, light gray, or tones of olive green. Darker or brighter shades of pink will often pair best with dark colors like black, dark gray, or even red.

This article will give you a full rundown of the many color options you can pair with your pink clothes. We’ll also point out the colors you shouldn’t wear with pink so you can be sure to avoid fashion mistakes.

What Colors Go With Pink Clothes

Why Are Pink Clothes So Popular?

Pink has long been a go-to color choice for clothing, but its popularity has grown greatly in recent years. Blush pink tones have become a must-have for everything from clothing to home decor, while fashion shows all around the world have shown that hot pink is a color trend. But why are pink clothes so popular?

Some of this popularity has to do with the fact that pink comes in so many shades and intensities that there is almost certainly a version of pink for everyone. It is a color that can be bright or muted, dark or light, soft or intense – whatever your preference may be. While many people may think of pink as a feminine color worn by women, recent years have shown that pink is incredibly versatile and can be easily added to anyone’s wardrobe.

We can trace pink’s earliest popularity to the 18th century when this bright color was a staple of men’s fashion. Pink silk suits embroidered with flowers and other designs were all the rage for men at courts and palaces across Europe. Only much later did the color begin to be associated with women’s fashion.

All-in-all, pink is an incredibly popular color choice for everyday fashion and will probably always continue to be so. If you haven’t already added this color to your wardrobe, we recommend you break out of your comfort zone and try this fun option.

Pink and the Color Wheel

The first step to deciding which colors pair well with pink is to look where they sit on the color wheel. Artists often use the color wheel to find colors that complement each other and work well together. Every color imaginable is arranged around the circle in the order of the rainbow, and colors will typically pair well with other shades immediately to their left and right and directly across the wheel.

Pink is a bit tricky since it is technically a shade of red. After all, pink is made simply by adding white to red to create a lighter color. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that pink pairs well with all of the colors that red does.

The two colors to the immediate right and left of red are orange and purple. Both orange and purple are made by combining red with another color. Specifically, orange is made by adding yellow and purple is made by adding blue.

Orange and purple pair well with red since it is the original, unaltered version of the color. However, the same isn’t always true for pink. Pink is simply too different from red for these color options to work.

You can try red’s complimentary colors, however. Green, in particular, is directly opposite of red on the color wheel and works well with pink. This pairing will almost always create a nice contrast in any outfit.

What Colors Go With Pink Clothes

While pink can be difficult to match with other colors using the color wheel, don’t worry. We’ve gathered our list of the best colors to wear with pink clothes. This list includes many neutral options, as well as a few bold pops of color to brighten up your look.


Pink and Red

As we’ve already discussed, pink is made by combining red and white. Because of this, red tends to be a great option to pair with pink since it will draw out the red tones that naturally appear in this color. It can help to create a consistent color palette in your outfit without feeling like you’re wearing a monochromatic look.

With red, it is often helpful to match the tone of red to the tone of pink you want to pair it with. Bright red pairs well with bright pink, while a deeper maroon-red will pair well with more muted shades of pink. This rule is helpful to keep in mind when styling pink – similar color tones always pair best with one another.


What matches with pink

If red pairs well with pink because it is one of the colors used to make this fun shade, it’s no surprise then that white will do the same. After all, white is added to red to produce this lighter color that we all know and love. Because of this, white makes a great option for pairing with your pink clothing.

White is a true neutral shade that goes with pretty much any color. It doesn’t draw much attention itself, allowing other colors to stand out and catch your eye. This means you can pair white with any shade of pink you own.

Pair white with blush pink or pastel shades if you don’t want to overwhelm these lighter colors. You can match white with neon or bright pink to let these colors shine without competing with other shades. All-in-all, white and pink is a perfect pairing.


If you’re looking for a dark neutral to wear with your pink clothing, black is a perfect choice. Black clothes pair especially well with dark pink or even neon pink garments, offering a nice contrast that emphasizes the bold pink tones in your outfit.

Pastel pinks can be paired with black, but remember that too light of a color can create a harsh contrast with dark black. Black can make blush pink and other lighter tones look washed out, making the pink color look duller and less saturated. Stick to darker pink colors if you can when making pairings with black.

Consider wearing a dark pink, silky blouse with your favorite black pants suit. A bright pink jacket over an entirely black outfit is also fun to add a pop of color. However, you mix and match your pieces; black and pink just work well with one another.


Pink and GoldBecause pink is created by mixing red and white, it tends to be a warm-toned color. If you’re looking for a good metallic shade to pair with your pink, consider adding gold accents. Gold will draw out the natural warmth in your pink clothes while adding a bit of shine to your outfit.

Gold jewelry is one of the best ways to accent your pink clothes, but you don’t have to stop there. Consider pairing a pink dress with your favorite pair of gold heels and a matching gold handbag. If you’re feeling extra daring, you could style a gold sequined top or dress with a pink blazer jacket or other pink accessories.

In short, gold is a great way to add a touch of elegance and shine to your pink outfits. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your gold accents!


Pink and grey outfit

Gray is another great option to pair with pink if you want a neutral color choice. In fact, gray is one of the best options to pair with your pink clothes because it also comes in many different shades and intensities like pink does. This gives you a wide variety of options to work with when choosing your outfits.

Dark gray pairs well with darker pink shades or bright hues. Similarly, you can easily pair lighter gray clothing with your pastel or blush pink garments. Whatever color of pink you try to match, you should always be sure to choose a gray that is similar in color intensity.


Green and pink outfit

As we discussed already, green sits opposite red and pink on the color wheel – making it a complimentary color to this shade. Because of this, green tends to pair very well with pink as long as you choose a shade with similar undertones and intensity to the pink you are trying to match.

Olive green, for example, is a muted color that is very warm-toned. This shade pairs particularly well with blush pink, which is also somewhat muted and is a particularly warm-toned pink shade. The two colors play off each other well and create a cohesive look.

Similarly, bright pinks pair well with bright emerald green shades that can match their intensity. The same can be said for neon greens and neon pinks when adventurous outfit designers pair these two bold colors together. In short, match the tones and intensities of your green to those of the pink you want to wear and make a match in heaven.

Other Shades of Pink

Finally, you generally can’t go wrong with pairing your pink clothes with other shades of pink. A dark pink blazer, for example, will layer over a light pink blouse very nicely. This creates a somewhat monochromatic look while still giving you a bit of variation.

Colors to Avoid With Pink

Colors to Avoid With Pink

In general, pink is a very versatile color that matches most other options you may have in your wardrobe. However, a few colors are particularly difficult to pair pink with. We recommend avoiding options like orange, brown, and certain shades of blue when creating outfits that feature pink.


Orange may seem an odd option to be on this list, given that it typically matches well with colors like red. However, orange can be a challenge to match with pink simply because the two colors are similar enough to distract from one another rather than adding a nice contrast. Your eye doesn’t know where to look when faced with two very bold colors that are equally bright and the overall effect can be overwhelming.

If you’re a huge fan of orange, pairing coral or salmon-colored clothing with your pink options might be a safer option. Coral or salmon colors are made by blending orange and pink, creating a shade that falls perfectly in between the two options. Outfits with coral and pink are less overwhelming than when orange is paired with pink alone.

Dark Brown

Brown is technically in the same family as orange and doesn’t work well with pink for many reasons. It is a very warm color, just like pink, but it is an example of one of the rare occasions where similar color tones can distract from one another. In short, brown isn’t a great neutral option to pair with pink and you should instead stick to black, white, or gray alternatives.

If you are a fan of brown and want something similar to pair with your pink clothes, consider a tan or beige option. These lighter tones pair well with blush pink or other light shades without distracting too much from the pink color.

Certain Blues

Blue can be a very tricky color to pair with pink, especially since it is also a color that comes in many different tones and intensities. Certain blues clash heavily with pink and don’t make a great pairing with this color. Because the two can be difficult to match, we recommend staying away from blue and pink pairings.

One of the worst pairings you can make is neon blue or neon cyan with neon pink. These two shades are a designer’s nightmare since they are nearly direct opposites of one another and can easily overwhelm your eyes when looking at them. The two colors are often used to make optical illusions since your eyes cannot focus on the colors properly when they are placed side-by-side.

This is something you want to avoid when making your outfits. If you’re looking for a bold pop of color to pair with your pink clothes, stick to options like the green instead. Green is a better fit and is more of a complementary color to pink than blue.

Colors in the Wrong Tone

In general, pink only pairs well with colors similar in tone. This is why blush pink pairs well with warm colors like olive green but doesn’t pair as well with brighter emerald shades. For those tones, a brighter pink would be a good option.

You should pay attention to the tone and intensity of the pink you plan to wear and choose your coordinating colors based on that. Choosing the wrong tone or color intensity will lead to pairings that clash and outfits that just don’t work.

What Colors Match Hot Pink?

What Colors Match Hot Pink

Hot pink is a very difficult color to match since it is a bright and bold shade. You can certainly choose neutral options like white or black to make a good pairing with hot pink. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot choose other pops of color to pair with this intense shade.

Other shades of pink can offer a nice contrast to your hot pink clothes and make a good option to pair with this bold color. Red is also in the same family as hot pink and is another great pairing you can make. For a touch of shine, consider adding gold accessories to finish your look.

What to Wear With Light Pink?

Light pink can easily be overwhelmed by dark colors, so your best choice is to stick to other light shades when creating your outfits. White, light gray, or tan are all good choices to wear with light pink. Similarly, light green and other pastel colors work well with light pink without overwhelming it.

You’ll want to avoid dark colors like black, which will create too harsh of a contrast with your light pink clothing. You’ll also want to be careful with bold or bright colors like neon options since these will draw the eye away from your light pink clothes and overwhelm this delicate color.

What Colors Go With Blush Pink Clothes?

Blush pink has become a popular color choice for clothing since it is slightly more neutral than many other pink shades. It often has very warm undertones that you will need to match when creating outfits with this color. Because of this, warm options like olive green, tan, or gold are all good choices to pair with blush pink clothes.

White is also a safe bet to pair with blush pink, as is light gray. Just be careful to avoid colors that are too dark – such as black or dark gray. These darker colors will only overwhelm your blush pink pieces and will detract from the overall look of your outfit.

What Color Of Shoes Goes With Pink Dress?

What Color Of Shoes Goes With Pink Dress

A pink dress is a great staple in your closet, but you’ll need shoes that coordinate well to make the outfit work. Fortunately, neutral options like black, white, or gray all work well with pink and will also match many of the other pieces you have in your wardrobe.

If you want a pop of color, consider pairing your pink dress with pink or gold heels. Gold especially offers a bit of elegance to your outfit and is a great accessory color to wear with pink. It will coordinate especially well if you also wear gold jewelry with your dress.

Colors That Go Really Well With Pink

By this point, you should be an expert in all things pink and plan your pink outfits. Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that you match the color tone and intensity of your pink to whatever color you plan to pair it with. When in doubt, stick to colors like white, black, gray, red, green, or gold when making your pink outfits and you will meet with success.