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What Colors Go With Cream Clothes?

The weather here is turning chilly. So, I’ve just purchased an adorable cream sweater made from wool. I don’t have anything else in that shade, though. What should I wear it with? What colors go with cream clothes?

Cream is neutral and goes with every color. It can be a light shade with a touch of yellow. Or a darker hue with a hint of beige. Also known as off-white, the cream family includes ivory, natural, ecru, and stone. A beige cream can tone down a stark white outfit. While light cream makes darker colors pop.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the color cream. You’ll discover the colors that cream can be worn with and more about the different hues within the cream family.

What Colors Go With Cream Clothes

What Is the Color Cream?

Cream is a light, almost white color. But not quite. It’s a lot softer than white and lacks the stark intensity or brilliance that most white shades have. Subtle and less bold, cream is more off-white.

Although white is the main ingredient in cream, other colors are added to the mix. Each one tones down the brightness of white, giving cream a more muted appearance.

The number of different shades within cream can vary from two or three. While you’ll find white is the base color in all cream hues, the other shades can differ.

You can get cream with a slight hint of yellow, almost like buttermilk or the color of a magnolia. Then, the slightly darker cream has a touch of light brown. This gives you more of a milky coffee color. Shades of light gray and tan can produce a subtle cream with the warmth of desert sand.

As a neutral color, cream bridges the gap between white and pale brown. It is a warm shade that oozes comfort and images of a bygone age. Because of its aged appearance, cream is associated with history and antiques.

Cream embodies an old-world charm and classic sophistication. Wear the color cream and you will look elegant, composed, and reliable.

Is There More Than One Shade of Cream?

Yes, there is more than one shade of cream. Cream comes under the heading of off-white, which is a kind of dull, aged, or muted white.

The off-white category includes ivory, stone, ecru, antique white, and natural, sometimes referred to as cream. In fact, any shade that fits between a brilliant white and a light beige can be considered a member of the cream family.

Different tones within the cream stable are created by a subtle difference within the mix of base colors. Some contain more yellow; others have a higher brown content. Making cream a color that can span the spectrum from pale to light tan. Let’s take a look at the more popular hues.

Antique White

Antique White and cream

This cream has an appearance reminiscent of the passage of time. Its name stems from its resemblance to an aged white fabric that has started to turn yellow and lose its stark brightness.

Antique white has a hint of light gray, beige and yellow undertones, creating that warm, reassuringly soft persona.


Ecru, pronounced “ay-crew”, is white with a hint of yellow and gray. This cream is more often associated with the color of unbleached linen. In fact, ecru stems from the French word for unbleached.

This cream shade has a grayish-yellow hue. The yellow content gives the color warmth, while the gray offers classic dependability.


Everyone knows ivory as the material that makes elephant tusks, animal teeth, and even horns. It’s a slightly dirty white with a smidgen of pale yellow. The color ivory is named after this material as it has the same off-white hue.

Although essentially a cream, ivory has a lower yellow content that most off-whites, making its white base stand out a little more. The hint of yellow, albeit a minimal one, gives this white more warmth than pure white would have.


Lighter than beige but darker than ivory, the color natural refers to a light cream with a touch of brown. The brown used in the natural shade can be light tan or a very light beige.

Of all the creams we’ve looked at, this one is closer to the brown family of colors. Although it is classed as off-white due to the lightness of the shade, it’s probably one of the darker hues available.


Looking a lot like aged ivory, stone is a grayish cream. White with a hint of gray, the appearance is somewhat akin to gray-colored pebbles. However, a slight yellow tinge gives the color more warmth than the rounded stones you find at the beach.

Softer than gray and less vibrant than white, stone offers a muted alternative to both. It’s a subtle cream that is both mellow and relaxing.

What Colors Go With Cream Clothes?

Cream is neutral and can be worn with any shade or color, from the lightest of pastels to the darkest brown or black. It works equally well with warm tones like yellow and orange, cooler tones including blue and purple, and earth tones like green and brown.

It’s such a versatile color you can match cream to anything. Let’s take a look at some of the main color families you can wear with your cream clothes.


There’s more to cream than a soft, off-white shade. It comes in various hues, from warm yellow to the more sedate gray tones. Because of the vast range of different tints, it should be no surprise to find that cream can go with it.

You can match the same shade of cream together and add different colored accessories to break up the monochrome silhouette. A pair of tan boots with a light cream sweater and pants, for instance.

Or how about mixing dark cream with lighter shades? Go for a natural-colored skirt with a stone jacket and matching shoes for a coordinated look.


Gray and cream

Combining gray with cream will give you a balanced look. As neither color is competitive when it comes to attention, they’ll harmonize with each other rather than fight for the top spot.

You’ll look stylish, elegant, and effortless. This classic pairing works with any shade of gray and cream. They all work well together. For an added pop of color, try going for colorful accessories like red shoes or a metallic gold purse.


colors that go with cream
As cream shades already have a hint of beige or tan, pairing them with mid to dark browns is a no-brainer. These two colors work in harmony. They are both neutral, so they will bring out the best in each other.

You can go light or dark with brown and cream. All the possible variations will go together beautifully. It makes a perfect combination for elegant chic, particularly in the chiller seasons of fall and winter.


Cream goes with blue, as eggs go with bacon. This is a classic combination that oozes sophistication and style. It doesn’t matter what shade of blue you choose; cream will blend with everything from the darkest navy to your favorite denim blue.

A cream tunic top paired with blue jeans is the epitome of a fun-loving casual look for a day out with friends. Or team a navy skirt with a cream blouse for professional, no-nonsense business attire.

Whatever shade of blue you wear with your cream clothes, you’ll look confident and debonair with more than a little splash of panache.


Cream and black

There is no better way to make your cream clothes pop than wearing them with black. Better still, the cream will tone the black down, making it appear less severe.

An ideal mix of color, black and cream, will work in any setting. From extremely casual in the form of black jeans and a cream sweater to a more formal cream party dress with black embellishments. You can wear black under a cream jacket, or cream under a black coat. It doesn’t matter.

Whatever way you wear, black and cream, it’s a match made in heaven. Scoring high on the fashion stakes, this ticks all the right boxes for effortless style and elegance.


Some pinks can be a bit overpowering in large doses. So although pink goes with cream, you have to be careful with the amount of pink you use. Too much pink can suffocate a delicate cream.

Pastel pink jeans and a light cream sweater provide the perfect balance of shades. So too, does a medium pink sweater and a coffee cream skirt. It’s the more vibrant pinks that you need to use in moderation.

If you’re working with bright pink, consider restricting it to a purse or scarf. Use it as an accent to enhance an all-cream outfit. The key with this combination is less is more. Match the intensity of the pink to the calming nature of cream. That way, you’ll achieve a more balanced look.


Just saying the word yellow can put an instant smile on your face. It’s a happy, bright, cheerful shade full of fun. It can have the same uplifting impact on cream too.

Yellow will enhance the subtle yellow undertones in your cream clothes, making them appear warmer and more dazzling. Pair a yellow dress with a cream coat and watch as the coat bursts into life with flare and finesse.


A cream and red combination can be both stylish and flamboyant. Red is a vibrant color and you should use it in moderation. You need to create a balance with the more delicate cream, not swamp it.

A classic pairing of a cream lacy tank top with a red skirt can give you an elegant silhouette for the office. For a more relaxed look, try a red knee-length cardigan with cream pants and a blouse. Pull the look together with a red belt.

As with pink, less is more when it comes to the fiery red shades. Try sticking to accessories like shoes for a pop of color rather than a full red and cream outfit.


There are several different shades of green. You’ve got dark green, blue-green, light green, yellow-green, and brown-green. With almost as many shades of cream, you’ll be glad to know that green will work with all of them.

Green will enhance the colors hidden within your cream clothes. A yellow-green will bring out the yellow undertone in the cream, making it pop with color. While the cream will boost the vibrancy of the green.

It combines colors that have long been used for formal events like prom dresses and formal attire. Simply because they look so great together. This is a win-win partnership.


White is a neutral color, just like cream. It doesn’t have the same warmth, though. Unlike cream, white can feel cold and detached. This is why wearing white with cream isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s guaranteed to add life to your white garments.

The combination of white and cream creates a muted contrast. Instead of the attention being on the glare of white, cream subdues the starkness and reduces the brilliance to an acceptable level. As it does so, it adds warmth and sophistication to the white clothes.

Cream also benefits from the match. White garments will lift your cream clothes, making you look stylish and classy. This powerful mix will give you an air of elegant refinement.


You can go vibrant with orange for an eye-catching fashion statement. Although, you’ll want to keep the brightness toned down. Too much of a good thing is overpowering.

Your cream clothes will not compete against whole garments made from an intense orange. Instead, use the energy of a bright orange as an accent piece. Go for an orange purse, belt, or shoes to add a pop of color.

For a sleek, sophisticated look, stick with the more muted shades. Dark oranges with a hint of brown work incredibly well with cream clothes. Think burnt orange and terracotta for a fall ensemble. Or mix cream with a subtle amber for a fresh summer vibe.


Known as the color of royalty, purple exudes dignity, poise, and more than a smidgen of decadence. Opulent and always luxuriant, a dark shade of purple with lift your cream clothes to the level of palatial style. This combination is a classic evening event, wedding reception, and garden party option.

Go for a lighter lilac shade and you have a delicate result. Cream with pale purple looks chic, feminine, and slightly softer than the darker purple combination. This is the pairing for when you want to be alluring rather than severe.

Whichever shade of purple you choose to go with your cream clothes, you’ll look elegant and serene. Purple is one of those colors always in fashion, so your look will be timeless.

What Garments Look Good in Cream?

What Garments Look Good in Cream

Any garment will look great in cream, regardless of whether the hue is dark or light. The cream family is so versatile it can lend itself to anything.

That’s why many different types of apparel are available in a cream shade. You’ve got jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and even your underwear can be cream.

With so many garments to choose from, it can be hard to decide which part of your ensemble should be cream-colored. Or which shade of cream you should use. You don’t want to be the same shade from head to foot. That will make you look washed out.

The key is to wear cream clothes with various shades or contrasting colors, either by wearing different shades of cream or by adding a garment of a different color completely. You can even add colorful accessories to break up a completely cream outline.

For instance, you can wear a dark cream coat over white pants. Add a pair of black boots and matching gloves and you have a balanced outfit that will look coordinated.

Change the pants to a light cream and team them with a dark brown bomber jacket and matching boots, and you’ll rock the look of casual, fun-loving chic.

Don’t forget, cream doesn’t have to be the color of your clothes. You can add a hint of cream to any outfit by using cream shoes, belts, bags, hats, and even scarves.

Should You Wear Cream Clothes?

Should You Wear Cream Clothes

Yes, absolutely! Everyone should have at least one cream garment in their closet. It’s an adaptable color and easy to pair with the other colors in your wardrobe. Better still, cream can look great at casual and formal events, making it the most versatile color you own.

Unlike white, cream apparel will suit anyone with any skin tone. This is because cream can be found in a wide range of shades. All you have to do is try the different hues available and find the one that matches your complexion.

Cream is a cozy color. It lacks the harsh intensity of white. Yellow and brown tones within cream have a softening effect. Instead of drawing the color away from your face, cream will radiate it back, giving you a warm, soothing glow.

Is Cream a Summer Color?

Many people believe light and pastel colors are for spring and summer. While this is true for some, it isn’t true with cream. You can wear cream clothes all year round, regardless of the season. The reason you can do so is that cream has so many different shades.

There are pastel creams with a hint of yellow, which are perfect for the warm summer months. Darker shades of cream with more brown tones are ideal for cooler months.

You need to match the kind of clothes to your activity and the time of year. You wouldn’t want to wear a spaghetti strap cream top to ski down a mountain in the Alps. Nor would you want to wear a cream sweater on a hot summer’s day at the beach.


When it comes to matching colors with cream clothes, your choices are unlimited. Cream comes in a variety of shades, from light to dark. It won’t fight for attention like a bright orange as a neutral color.

In fact, it’s the color pallet’s answer to a piece keeper. Able to tone down a brilliant white and make a black outfit look softer and more casual. It can also blend in with colors like purple and gray to create a sophisticated and chic ensemble. Whatever colors you have in your closet, cream will fit right in.

Has this article encouraged you to give cream clothes a try? Do you already own cream clothes? How do you style them? Let me know in the comments.