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What Colors Go With Blue Clothes?

When putting outfits together, matching colors can be tricky – especially when compared with matching neutrals like black, white, and grey. Some colors are trickier to match than others, though. Thankfully, blue is a color that can provide you with many pleasing combinations. So – you might ask, what colors go with blue clothes?

Blue comes in so many different shades that it is appropriate to put together with just about any other color. Just pay attention to the hues you are putting together. Blue clothes go well with any neutral shade – black, white, beige, or grey – as well as many other colors, such as yellow, red, pink, green, or orange.

In this article, we will cover 11 great colors that go well with blue clothes and what will match particularly well with both light and navy blue. Finally, we will review some helpful tips for styling your favorite blue items.

What Colors Go With Blue Clothes

11 Colors That Go With Blue

As timeless and classic as they come – blue can easily be described as one of the most popular and widely used colors in the fashion world. Blue is the perfect color to meet all needs, every occasion, style, mood or event. Though a cool tone by category – blue comes in so many varying shades that it can easily be worn any time of day and in any season.

Blue can be just as versatile as the most flexible neutrals, while looking a little less severe. Below you will find 11 colors that will complement blue incredibly well, no matter what look you are looking for.


What matches with blue

Beige and blue are a beautiful pairing – and the real beauty of this combination is that beige can be worn with any shade you might have in your closet. This color pairing can satisfy a classy or casual look, be worn day or night – and depending on the tone of blue – throughout all four seasons.

Beige worn with light blue – no matter which color is on the top or the bottom – is a super chic look for spring or summer. Light, airy, and fresh. Clean and straightforward, yet fashionable. During winter or fall – choose a base piece in navy blue complemented by beige for a well-put-together, sophisticated look.

Beige is also an amazing color to accessorize for blue clothes. Beige shoes – in many different styles – will look perfect with blue pants, skirts or dresses. A beige bag or jacket will also complement a blue outfit perfectly.


Black is a bit more dramatic and eye-catching – but a great shade to pair with blue clothes. As a versatile neutral, black is another choice that will look good with any shade of blue – light and dark alike. Consider pairing a black top with blue pants or skirts for a chic, fashion-forward look.

A blue top worn with any type of black pants would be just as great a choice. A black coat will pull together many blue-based outfits as well. And black shoes – of course – will pair well with an abundance of blue clothing choices.


White abd blue

When paired with blue, white tends to feel a bit more summery, but that doesn’t make it any less of a wonderful combination. White pants shine when paired with a blue top – this look can be classy, confident, and sexy.

Any dress in a blue and white combo screams summer in the best way possible – and can easily be dressed up or worn casually. Blue and white are two colors that look like they were meant to be together.


Grey and blue work wonders when worn together. With the varying shades of both colors – another great thing about this combo is how seasonally versatile it is. It also means there are endless outfit possibilities between these two colors.

To create some desirable contrast – light grey should be worn with medium to darker shades of blue, and darker shades of grey should be worn with light blue hues. Remembering this tip will mean that any blue and grey outfit you put together will be aesthetically pleasing.


blue and brown outfit

Brown is a great color to pair with blue and can create classy and sophisticated looks. Similar to grey – the tones should be selected to create contrast. Darker brown pants will look best when paired with a top in a lighter shade of blue. Light brown bottoms will look great when worn with tops of darker blues. Consider brown patterns – such as tweed or herringbone – for some extra texture and interest.


Yellow and blue

Choose yellow for a bright pop of color that will stand out against cool blue tones.

Pairing these two colors can create a great head-turning outfit that will look especially stunning when worn in warmer weather. Whether it’s blue complementing yellow or the other way around – this color combo will turn out a look that elicits joy.

Pale yellows will work perfectly for spring outfits and can be paired with either light or medium and bright shades of blue. Darker, golden, mustardy yellows can be brought out in the fall and look especially nice when worn with darker shades of blue.



Red is a bold color and, when worn with blue, can be daring – but look great when done right.

Red accessories are a great way to add a pop of color to a blue outfit – think red bags and shoes. Bright reds will stand out, but if you want something slightly more subdued – burgundy is also a great color to wear with blue.

A dark red skirt with a blue top or a burgundy sweater worn with blue pants are both options that look sophisticated but not so patriotic.



A color in the same family as red will create an entirely different look when worn with blue. There’s no doubt that this combo says spring and summer – for these seasons, pink and blue can create so many fun looks.

Tops and bottoms can be worn interchangeably between pink and blue, and there is a lot of variety to choose from with the varying shades of each color. Wearing lighter shades of both colors will give you a preppy look. Bright pinks will be bold and eye-catching.



Green and blue

As neighbors on the color wheel, two shades from the cool hue fam – green and blue- go great together. This colorful combo can be worn as bright blue with a darker shade of green – or a brighter green paired with dark navy. Either way – the colors will always complement each other well.


Another color that belongs by the side of blue is purple. This pair of cool colors work seamlessly well together. Lavender is a great shade to pair, especially with darker shades of blue – this subtle pick will create a soft, chic look with many different shades. Darker shades of purple will also go well with blue – jewel tones are the perfect color choice for cloudy, cool weather.



Orange just happens to be the perfect complementary color for blue. Perhaps the boldest of them all – thankfully, you can choose how much orange you want to incorporate into the outfit.

If you’re feeling extra daring or have the perfect all-orange jumpsuit, consider wearing it with a blue jacket or shoes. On the other hand – if you’re looking to liven up an outfit that is mainly blue, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce just a bit of orange.

Colors That Go With Light Blue Clothes

Colors That Go With Light Blue Clothes

Light blue is the perfect color for spring and summer. For easy breezy outfits, pair your light blue clothes with other colors that work well for the season. White and beige are the perfect tones to wear in warmer weather – these two create looks that will make you feel cool. Other pastel colors can also give you an instant East Coast summer vibe.

It’s also a good idea to work some contrast into your look – so light blue is a great choice to pair with darker shades. As seen above – so many different colors can work well with blue. Choose just about any color and go with a darker tone; it should go well with a light blue item. A light blue shirt will look good with darker-toned pants – charcoal, black, or mocha brown.

What Colors Go With Navy Blue Clothes?

What Colors Go With Navy Blue Clothes

Navy is easily a favorite when it comes to blue clothes. It is versatile, easy to wear, and flattering in many ways. Navy blue can be worn with just about any other color – though some tones tend to look exceptionally good. Navy blue is also a dark color that just happens to work any time of year – so this is a great color to have in your wardrobe.


Neutrals – both dark and light – are ideal for navy blue. Pairing neutrals with navy will give you a sophisticated look that can be great for dressing up or the office – but can also provide the perfect smart casual look.


White is the most classic color that can be worn with navy blue. White and navy is a combination that you could technically get away with at just about any time. But with an easily nautical vibe is the perfect choice for summer.

White and navy is a great combo for patterns – stripes and polka dots, to be exact – but it can look great when both are worn as solids. For dresses, pants, and shirts – these two selections can be worn in almost any combination and look good.


Beige is slightly more subtle than white – the contrast not quite as stark – in a good way. Beige is an ideal complement to navy blue. The color combo is sophisticated and creates a clean and out-together look. Consider wearing a navy blue top with beige pants or a beige top with navy bottoms. A navy jacket would look amazing over a neutral beige dress, and vice versa for a navy one.


Black and navy blue together can create a seriously sophisticated outfit. This combo is great for formal occasions. If you’d like to look elegant and fashionable – choose an outfit that is navy blue and black. There are tons of combos you could go with when wearing these two dark colors together.


Grey is another tone that looks good with just about everything – and it’s especially true with navy. Light grey is an ideal choice, as this pairing will create eye-pleasing contrast in the outfit. You can put either color on top or the bottom for equally pleasing looks. Darker greys can also be worn with navy blue – along the lines of wearing black with navy, but on a more casual plane.

Warm Tones

Warm tones tend to complement blue well – being a cool tone itself. These colors will add a welcome pop against different blue tones. Try combinations in different hues to see which shades work best together.


Navy and red are a pretty sophisticated pair – often worn in a professional setting, especially with a deeper red tone. For casual wear – and a good one for mid-summer – bright red and navy area classic look.


Orange is about as opposite from blue as they come – which means anything but avoiding this pairing. Orange in any shade contrasts with navy blue and can be added to outfits in small or large increments, depending on how bold you feel.


Yellow and navy are another perfect complement. Yellow will brighten deep, dark navy – while navy blue will ground a super bright yellow. Whether you add a bit of yellow to a mainly navy look or vice versa, these colors create the perfect balance.


Possibly the most fun, girly, yet classy combination – navy blue and pink. Any shade of pink goes well with navy blue. From the most subtle pale hue to the brightest fuschia shade, there is always just the right amount of contrast to make the look desirable.

Cool Tones

These colors are in the same family as blue and will create an all-over cool look that should be easy to put together – and feel just as easy to wear.


So many shades of green look great when worn with navy blue. Pale seafoam green is perfect for spring. Bright shades of green are a great combo for summer. Save the darkest shades of green to wear with navy blue when winter hits.


With so many different shades to choose from, you can wear blue with navy! Different levels of contrast can be achieved depending on what shades of blue you choose. The good news is – each and everyone will match. You can create countless looks using blue alone – all-over darker shades will look more monochrome than when wearing light or bright blue shades.

What Color Complements Navy Blue Dress?

A navy blue dress is such a versatile piece of clothing to own – especially when you think of the possibilities of accessorizing! One navy dress can be worn in so many ways. As a dark color base, lighter colors will provide contrast – an aesthetically pleasing look in fashion. White, beige, light grey or light blue complement a navy blue dress well.

If you’d like to add a bit more pizazz to a navy blue dress – consider a pop of color. Complementary colors will be the perfect accent to a navy blue dress. An accessory or statement piece in any tone of orange would be ideal, though yellow, pink, or green could also bring a nice colorful element to a navy blue dress.

What Color Goes Well With Blue Jeans?

What Color Goes Well With Blue Jeans

Jeans are one of the most beloved items in our closets – partly because they are so comfortable and versatile. Any color can be worn with blue jeans – the wash of the jeans sometimes determines which colors may look the best. Light or bright-colored tops look great with darker-washed jeans. For light washes, choose tops that are darker hues.

You can also wear a monochrome look with jeans, though – pairing a black shirt with dark jeans will look sleek. On the other hand – a white top with light-colored jeans will look light and clean.

What to Wear With a Blue Top?

A blue top is a versatile choice and can be worn with almost any color on the bottom. The most important thing to note is the blue’s shade and tone. Thankfully – the color is pretty forgiving. A light blue top will look ideal paired with darker bottoms – black, navy blue, dark brown or green.

Bright blue could be worn over dark or light bottoms. The darkest blue tops will look best against bottoms in lighter colors – beige or tan, white, light grey, or just about any color in a medium or light tone.

How to Style Blue Clothes

Our blue clothes are some of our most versatile – so much so that they are often compared with the most versatile neutral tones. We have established that there are endless shades of blue to choose from – contributing to many options. But a few key things can help you look your best when deciding how to style your blue clothes.

Match Your Skin Tone

Depending on the hue of your own skin tone – certain shades of blue may complement you better than others. While any shade of blue can be worn on any body – some tones may be more flattering than others.

Lighter shades of blue can make darker skin tones look exceptionally radiant – while washing out lighter skin tones. Darker shades of blue can look less vibrant on a darker skin tone than balancing out lighter skin.

The key to finding the perfect shade to emphasize the beauty of your skin is to try on different shades. There are endless options to choose from! Some may be surprising. Trying on clothes in natural light will give you the best representation of how the clothes truly look.

Choose Blues For the Season

Dressing in seasonally appropriate attire is another way to ensure you always look fashion-forward. While blue is versatile and can be worn anywhere, at any time – a light blue seersuker dress will never work in the middle of winter.

As a general rule – if you want to play it safe – lighter shades of blue are ideal for warmer weather, and darker shades work well in autumn and winter. Of course – there are exceptions to every rule – so this should be considered a guideline rather than being followed without question.


The “neutral” of the color world – blue can be as versatile as black, white, or grey. An ideal color in our wardrobe that can be worn in oh-so-many ways. Easy and casual or to the fanciest of affairs – blue is timeless and classic.

A closet could easily be filled with numerous blue items that wouldn’t resemble each other. From blue accessories to jeans to blue dresses and shirts – what’s your favorite piece of blue clothing?