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What Colours Go With Grey Clothes

When it comes to our wardrobe, there are some things we all know – like the importance of having a go-to Little Black Dress or classic pair of slacks. There is also some long-standing fashion faux pas – never wearing white after Labor Day – that most of us are aware of. But what about those fashion rules that seem to hover in a middle ground, like what colours go with grey clothes?

Grey belongs in the “neutral” category, which means it can go with almost any other colour. It comes in many different shades, which adds to its versatility and ability to coordinate well with other muted or neutral tones, as well as with bold pops of colour. For these reasons, grey is an irreplaceable addition to the base collection of any wardrobe.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how best to wear your grey garments. From mixing and matching neutral shades to creating eye-catching combinations with colours, prints, and more. Finally, we’ll go over the most classic combination – pairing grey with your favorite pair of jeans.

What Colours Go With Grey Clothes

Foundational Colours

A well-put-together wardrobe should be centered around a few staple pieces. These garments should include various items that can be mixed and matched easily with many other options. One of the most important things about these base items is that they should come in neutral tones – making them the most versatile and reliable options.

Black and white are clear choices when selecting the base pieces for a wardrobe, but adding grey into the mix will give you an even wider range of options for putting outfits together. Grey – like black and white – is a neutral tone that can be paired nicely with just about any rainbow color. Plus, it is less harsh than black, so it can easily be used to create looks from casual, to classic, to very high-end. Grey is a colour that should be essential to everyone’s wardrobe.

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

At first glance, it may seem like there’s not much going on, grey may be considered too conservative or it can even come across as boring. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only can grey be combined with many different colors, but since it comes in so many shades, it is also a great choice to pair with itself!

Mixing light and dark shades can provide sophisticated, eye-pleasing contrast or choose similar tones for a minimalist yet fashionable look. The variety of tones also means that it can be used across seasons – choose a lighter tone for those hot summer months and something darker and cozier when the cooler weather hits.

Thanks to its neutrality, grey is also the perfect choice when you want to add something bold to your outfit. Since it is subtle on its own, a bold or bright print can work wonderfully with a solid grey item. It also pairs well with textured materials – such as a chunky knit or fabric in a patterned weave. This neutral tone can even help you get away with a unique or unusual cut that could come across as tacky or unfashionable in another color.

What about accessories? Whether it is a jewelry statement piece, a belt, or a patterned scarf, grey will provide the ideal background to complement an eye-popping accessory without being overbearing.

What Colours Go With Grey Clothes?

Grey will work well with many color options, but some classic combinations are particularly pleasing when paired. See below for 6 great choices when looking for colours that go great with grey:


Grey and Red

Red in any shade is a great match for grey. Since red is such an eye-catching color, it shouldn’t be paired with something equally as bright – or you could risk looking clown-like. Instead, a neutral grey is a perfect match. You can still create a bold look that stands out by choosing a bright or dark red. Red can also be toned down by choosing a lighter pastel or even a shade bordering on orange. Either choice together with grey will give you a nice, balanced look.


Grey and Pink

Pink and grey is a long-standing favorite and another combination that is as versatile as there are shades of pink. Light pink can be paired with light grey for a very pleasing aesthetic. Or opt for brighter bubblegum pink for something fun and exciting. You can choose a grey accent piece for a predominantly pink outfit, or a pink accessory – such as a handbag – can provide the perfect pairing for an otherwise monochrome look. The options are endless with this combo.


Another match for grey that can’t be ignored is yellow. The most cheerful color on the spectrum is the perfect match for the muted tone that grey provides. The neutral grey can help tone down a very bright shade of yellow; in contrast, a sunny shade of yellow can provide the perfect lift to a toned-down grey. With so many possibilities, try and choose shades that complement each other well.


Gray and Purple

Purple may not be an obvious choice when looking for what goes with grey, but when combined produces a very pleasing look. Different shades of purple combined with different shades of grey can create looks for every season – a lighter grey with a lavender shade of purple would work well in summer, or a darker shade of grey with a rich, royal purple will accommodate those colder months. Whichever shade you choose, adding purple is another fun way to brighten up the neutral tones of grey.


Green is next on the list of colours that offer many possibilities when combined with grey. Pairing a bright emerald green with grey – of varying shades – can give you a striking, refined, unobvious look. It may be trickier to figure out which shades work best together at first, but don’t give up! A little trial-and-error will eventually lead to an outstanding match.


Navy is another versatile color that happens to work effortlessly with grey. Two classic, sophisticated colors that go great together. Pairing medium to light grey tones with contrasting dark navy hues can easily create either a professional or casual look that would work well for many occasions.

How to Wear Gray

Grey has so much to offer that it may seem overwhelming initially, but remember, this just means you have many options to create a stunning outfit.

Grey with Grey

You can’t go wrong with pairing grey with grey. Whether you mix and match darker and lighter shades or go for a monochrome look instead. An all-grey outfit can look effortlessly casual, or dress it up by adding heels or a blazer.

Grey with Colours

The options here are limitless; just look at the list of tried-and-true favorites above. Another easy way to think about pairing grey with colours – pair lighter shades of grey with darker-toned colours, and darker greys with colours in softer hues. Of course, this isn’t a strict rule, but having this contrast can help guarantee an outfit that is balanced and well put together.

Grey with Prints and Textures

A garment in a solid grey tone provides the perfect complement for something bold or bright. In the right shade, grey can be paired with just about any pattern – floral, stripes, paisley, and more, or a fun texture – like leather, lace or even a metallic sheen. The neutrality of grey will tone down those louder items, keeping things sophisticated instead of coming across as gaudy.

Grey with Other Neutrals

Pairing grey with other neutral tones can give you a very sleek outcome and shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t think that the lack of color will make any outfit boring. Quite the contrary, grey paired with black, white, or tan can create a sharp look that is just as eye-catching as a bold print or bright accessory may be. Sometimes, less really is more.

Creative Cuts in Grey

Toned-down shades of grey can make some otherwise “out there” garments acceptable. A plunging neckline or open back will look much posher in a neutral tone than a bright color. The neutral grey tone can also bring a more conservative feel to a super-short mini dress or pair of pants with cut-outs down the leg.

Accessorize Grey

If you opt for an all-grey outfit, you have the perfect backdrop for any statement piece you want to show off. A large pendant necklace would garner attention over a soft grey sweater, and a bright belt or pair of shoes would be an invited pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Grey is the perfect companion for any bold accessory – it will highlight the special item instead of stealing the show.

Do Grey and Black Match?

Do Grey and Black Match

Not only do grey and black match, but they are also a match made in heaven! These two neutrals can be paired in almost any combination and create an eye-pleasing look. With so many shades to choose from, the options are endless. Going for contrasting shades may be the most obvious choice, and a great choice it is!

Choosing lighter shades of grey to go with the blackest of blacks will give you a classic look. On the other hand – when pairing darker charcoal with black – don’t forget you can always add a pop of color here too for interest. A colourful or patterned scarf, tie, or shoes are just a few options to complete and balance a darker outfit.

Swapping black and grey tops and bottoms will give you equally clean, sharp looks and black shoes will always be a great complement to a grey outfit. A black and grey combo can provide a style for everyone and create an outfit for any occasion. You can’t go wrong with this pairing, a combination that, even when casual, looks refined.

Do Grey and Blue Match?

Do Grey and Blue Match

Blue is another color that was made to go with grey. A versatile color – in countless shades – sure to provide you with limitless options. Blue and grey are two cool tones that go together, so naturally, it is difficult to get this pairing wrong. We’ve already covered navy blue – which is a perfect choice for balancing with contrast, but light pastel and medium sky blue hues can create looks just as pleasing.

Light grey can be paired with almost any shade of blue – light to dark – and charcoal grey can create varying effects depending on the blue that is chosen to go with it. This colour combo can also be used in any and every season and appropriate for any occasion. Pro tip: for a blue and grey outfit, choose a warm-toned brown shoe to complete the look.

What to Wear With a Grey Top

A grey top is about the most versatile item in a closet – even if it’s a T-shirt, it can be dressed up or down. For a casual yet classy look, a grey top can be paired with your favorite pair of jeans. Complete the outfit with a pair of shoes to match the occasion – sandals or casual sneakers for an everyday look, heels, boots, or elegant flats for something more night-appropriate.

A grey top would also look great with any length skirt – mini, midi, or maxi. Keep it tight with a pencil skirt for business casual or opt for something fun and flowy for the weekend. We know that grey’s compatibility is high, so the hardest part about selecting a bottom might be deciding on a colour.

Colours That Go With Grey Pants

Grey pants are a great item to have in your wardrobe. Neutral and versatile, yet still providing an edgy and unique look. As a general guideline, pairing darker grey pants with lighter colored tops – and vice-versa – will always give you pleasing results. However, because of its flexibility, there aren’t too many restrictions that need to be put on what colors to pair with grey pants.

Any of the 6 colors outlined above will give beautiful results with a grey pair of pants. And don’t forget about prints! A pair of grey pants will provide an ideal complement to that statement shirt you’ve been dying to wear.

Does Grey Go with Jeans?

Does Grey Go with Jeans

With such an array of styles, it is no wonder that jeans are one of the most widely worn clothing items. Jeans have been popular for decades – durable and fashionable, providing a canvas of endless opportunities. Everyone has a favorite pair, and the good news is – they all go great with grey.

Jeans come in all colors these days, but classically they belong to the blue family, and as explained above, blue is a perfect match for grey. Jeans come in all sorts of washes, from very dark – navy to acid washed – basically white, all hues complemented beautifully with a grey tank, blouse, or sweater. Jeans paired with a grey top can make up an outfit for any occasion.

Best Colour Combination With Grey

Grey is essential in any wardrobe – its versatility in pairing with other colours and textures is unmatched. Grey can handle the brightest brights and loudest prints and still create a well-put-together look. Even outfits in varying shades of grey will be sophisticated and well-balanced.

If you’re looking for a combination that can show up to any occasion, you can’t go wrong with pairing grey with black or blue. Whether formal or casual, this color combo is sure to create a look that will turn heads – for all the right reasons.