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How To Get Lip Gloss Out Of Clothes

Lip gloss stains on clothes are not a pretty sight. Even if you are super careful about not getting makeup stains on your garments, a few marks are inevitable. We have all experienced this at one time or the other. If you are wondering how to get lip gloss out of clothes, do not fret.

To remove lip gloss stains from clothes, you can use OxiClean, dish soap, liquid detergent, hairspray, white vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, Goo Gone, and WD-40. It is best to use milder products like dish soap and baking soda on your delicates and whites.

In this article you will learn how to salvage your lip-gloss stained clothes, what to use on the stains, and the right techniques to get your clothes looking as good as new.
How To Get Lip Gloss Out Of Clothes

Can You Remove Lip Gloss From Clothes?

Removing lip gloss stains may seem like a messy affair, but if you know the right way to go about it and the right products to use, you can get them off easily. I had to deal with it a couple of times when I decided to change my outfit after putting on my makeup or accidentally brushed my long shirt sleeve against my lips. I tried a couple of hacks that worked, but I have only listed the best of them here.

Lip glosses have intense color pigments that can quickly transfer to your clothes. Act quickly before the pigment settles into your clothes. Hairspray, white vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, Goo Gone and WD-40 work to lift lip gloss stains. Dish soap and liquid detergent are mild and work well on delicate fabric.

How to Get Lip Gloss Out of Clothes: 10 Simple Ways

Here are some great techniques to get lipgloss out of your clothes. The ingredients are not hard to source either and can easily be found in your kitchen or among your household cleaning items.

1. OxiClean

No products found.A revolutionary cleaning product, OxiClean is a household cleaner that contains sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. Almost every household has a tub of OxiClean to treat the most challenging stains possible on clothes and other upholstery around the house. You can also use OxiClean to wipe off stains from your kitchen slabs, tiles, and more.

The cleanser works by breaking down the stains it is applied on, after which the emulsifying oils of OxiClean lift the marks and stains off the surface of the clothes. You can use OxiClean to remove all kinds of stains from your clothes, be it old stains, fresh stains, stains on white clothes, food stains, makeup stains, and most importantly, lip gloss stains.

How To Do It:

  • Using a piece of cloth or brush, scrape off any excess lip gloss residue from the clothes.
  • While you are at it, avoid pressing the gloss into the clothes and ending up with tougher stains.
  • Spray copious amounts of OxiClean cleaner directly onto the stain.
  • Leave the cleaner to penetrate the clothes.
  • After treating the spot, put your clothes in your machine for a regular wash.
  • Avoid using Oxiclean on delicate fabrics like silk blends, pure silk, and wool blends.

2. Dish Soap

MRS. MEYER'S CLEAN DAY Liquid Dish Soap, Biodegradable Formula, Radish, 16 fl. ozIf there is one product that no house can go without, it has to be a bar of dish soap. This is usually readily available at home and is a quick go-to for lip gloss stains.

When you want to attend to a lip gloss stain immediately after it gets transferred onto your clothes, using a solution of water and dish soap can get you your desired results. Delicate materials like silk with minor stains should not be exposed to harsh chemicals. Instead, they should be treated with something mild as dish soaps.

Because most lip glosses are oil-based, you should ideally remove the stain before it settles into the fabric of your clothes. If the dish soap is potent, mix it with a little water before dabbing it onto the marks and stains.

How To Do It:

  • Depending on the severity of the stain, you can either soak your whole garment in a solution of dish soap and water or administer dish soap directly on the stain.
  • Don’t wait for the gloss to dry up. Put a small amount of the soap on the stain as soon as the gloss is transferred to the fabric.
  • Using a brush, rub the stain and get it off as much as possible.
  • The soap will break down the oils of the gloss and get it off your clothes.
  • Once you have attended to the marks, ensure you wash your garment in the machine.

3. Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergents work the same as dish soaps. Both are mild in their properties and yield the best results when used on delicate and light fabrics. If on the off chance, your liquid detergent is made up of potent chemicals, you can always dilute it with some water or vinegar.

The liquid detergent solution must always be applied on fresh stains. As discussed earlier, because lip glosses are made of different oils, removing it will be challenging if the stain dries up and seeps into the clothes’ fabric. A tiny amount of detergent goes a long way, so it is one of the most cost-efficient options to opt for.

How To Do It:

  • Apply a small amount of liquid detergent to the stain.
  • Rub in the detergent using an old toothbrush or your finger.
  • Massage the detergent thoroughly until the stain is entirely removed from the cloth.
  • Once you see the lip gloss stain come out, toss the clothes for a wash in the washing machine, or simply clean it under some running water.
  • Always make sure to dilute your liquid detergent if you feel its ingredients are too potent and harmful for your delicate garment.

4. Hairspray

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold Unscented 11 oz; (Packaging May Vary)Using hair sprays is another great hack to get the awkward, annoying gloss stains out of your clothes. The great thing about hairsprays is that they are readily available and come in convenient spray bottles that are easy to use.

This versatile, inexpensive cleaning tool can be used to remove stains and paint marks, pen stains, and other dirt and grease left on your clothes. If you want to get the most out of using hair sprays for your stains, make sure to dab it only on the wet patches and stains. It might be difficult to remove dry stains that have settled into the fabric.

How To Do It:

  • Spray the hair spray directly onto the wet lip gloss stain.
  • Work the spray into the fabric by rubbing the solution with the help of a brush.
  • Make sure to keep on brushing until the stain spots come out loose.
  • Once the gloss stains are completely off, which shouldn’t take a lot of time, wash the clothes with some detergent in the machine.

5. White Vinegar

VinegarThere is nothing bad about white vinegar that will make you think twice before using it for your stains. It is affordable, toxin-free, readily available in shops around you, and is a natural remedy to get the most stubborn stains out of your clothes without damaging them.

What makes vinegar qualify as a great cleanser is its antibacterial properties. It is acidic and also works as a great antioxidative. Besides removing the stains, it can eliminate any foul odor that may emanate from your garments.

How To Do It:

  • Create a solution of vinegar and water.
  • Make sure to remove any excess gloss that can be scraped off using the back of a spoon.
  • Use a sponge to apply the vinegar to the stain and then rub it intensively until it comes off.
  • The vinegar-dispersed sponge will absorb all the gloss residue and leave the cloth clean and sanitized.
  • Make sure to wash the clothes with cold water and some light, fragrant detergent afterward.

6. Baking Soda

Baking sodaBaking soda has properties of a mild alkali. It is an absorbent and a natural remedy to remove grease spots or, in this case, lip gloss stains from the clothes. You should preferably dilute a small amount of baking soda in water and then apply it to the spots. Baking soda is strong, and even a small amount can work wonders.

Besides being a cleaner, baking soda is also a deodorizer. You can get rid of smells along with the stains when you soak up your clothes in the baking soda solution overnight. Using baking soda and your detergent can soften your clothes and keep your whites and delicates intact.

How To Do It:

  • Scrape off the excess gloss that is stuck on your clothes.
  • Create a solution of baking soda and water. A cup of baking soda in half a bucket of water should do the trick.
  • Take your affected garment and soak it in the bucket.
  • If the stain is very light and insignificant, you can directly sprinkle some baking soda on the spot and then rub the stain off with a brush.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing AlcoholOut of this list of unique products proven to be highly efficient against stains, rubbing alcohol is probably one of the best. You can get access to two different types of rubbing alcohol in the market used to remove stains— isopropyl alcohol and ethanol-based alcohol. Both work amazingly well against hard lip gloss stains.

If your fabric is strong enough to endure something as solid and potent as pure alcohol, then rub the alcohol directly onto the cloth. If you are dealing with delicate fabrics like silk, always dilute the alcohol with water to prevent damage.

How To Do It:

  • Create a solution of alcohol and water based on the severity of the mark and the quality of the fabric.
  • Use a cotton ball and dip it in the alcohol solution.
  • Scrub the stain with the alcohol-dipped cotton ball.
  • Work your way until the stain is completely removed.
  • To make the scrubbing easier, you can wet the garment periodically with some hot water.
  • Once the stain is removed, make sure to wash the garment.

8. Ammonia

Ammonia is a common ingredient found in various cleaners and stain removers that you come across in the market. Some also like to use ammonia because of its strong alkaline properties that help remove the stain marks by breaking down the oils.

If you want to make an all-purpose stain remover yourself at home, you can use ammonia as a chief ingredient and mix it with equal parts water and liquid detergent. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, and your homemade cleaner is good to go. Besides lip gloss stains, you can also use the solution to remove paint marks, grease, blood spots, and more.

How To Do It:

  • Either create a solution made of ammonia, water, and a liquid detergent or use pure ammonia directly on the stain.
  • If the mark is light, the solution will suffice. For more difficult stains, opt for pure ammonia.
  • Work the solution directly onto the stain.
  • Rub the stain off with the help of a brush.
  • Remember to wash the clothes with a detergent to remove the pungent odor of ammonia from the clothes.

9. Goo Gone

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover - 8 Ounce - Surface Safe Adhesive Remover Safely Removes Stickers Labels Decals Residue Tape Chewing Gum Grease TarGoo Gone adhesive cleaners is another customer favorite that has managed to get a lot of good reviews. What I like most about this product is that it is multi-purpose, so nothing goes to waste. When the stains are off, you can later use the Goo Gone cleaner to remove other gooey messes, paint marks, sticker residue, and more.

You have to be very careful while dealing with Goo Gone. It is a potent substance, which, if used in excess, can also damage your clothes. Do not use the cleaner on silk and leather garments.

How To Do It:

  • Do not use Goo Gone cleaners while you have the clothes on.
  • You can opt for a spray gel bottle that is easy to use and allows you to use only a tiny amount of the product.
  • Spray the gel directly onto the stain.
  • Rub the stain off with a brush or a sponge.
  • Avoid touching the gel directly with your bare fingers.
  • Once the stain is removed, wash the clothes in the machine.

10. WD-40

WD 40This is a unique lubricant blend that contains a combination of alkanes, Vaseline, and baby oil. These ingredients together make WD-40 a powerful cleaner widely used to remove stains, especially lipstick and lip gloss marks, from garments.

When you apply WD-40 to a lip gloss stain, it breaks down the oil molecules of the gloss and, in as little as 5 minutes, the cloth is entirely devoid of every stain, grease, and oil mark. If the stain is too hard to remove, you can follow up with a little baking soda solution and then wash the cloth with a strong detergent.

How To Do It:

  • Shake the can, and then spray a good amount of WD-40 directly onto the stain.
  • Leave the cleaner on for a few minutes before washing the garment to remove any excess marks.
  • To learn more about how to use WD-40 to remove a lip gloss stain, make sure to watch the video.

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes That Have Been Dried?

Did you forget your lip gloss or lipstick in your clothes’ pocket while they were in the dryer? The chances are that your bottle might be empty, while all your dried, freshly cleaned clothes now have stains. Fortunately, there are a few remedies to remove lipstick from clothes that have been dried.

  • Apply dish soap on the affected spots and try to remove the stains by brushing them off with an old toothbrush.
  • Soak the clothes overnight in hot water after working on each area to remove any leftover stains or spots.
  • Run a hot cycle and toss the clothes into the machine for a thorough wash. However, to get the best results, apply an effective stainer on your clothes before you put them in the washing machine.

How to Prevent Lip Gloss From Getting Onto Clothing

The most common cause of a stain is when you put on your shirt through its neck after applying all your makeup, including your gloss. So the easiest and primary method of stain prevention is to put on your gloss after wearing your clothes.

Similarly, make sure to remove your makeup first and then undress. If you choose to remove your clothes while you still have your gloss on, there is a high chance it may transfer to your upper wear.

Ensure that your pockets do not have a gloss in them when you throw your clothes in the laundry. It is entirely possible for a gloss bottle to open up and blemish all the clothes in the machine while they are being washed.

If you decide to carry your gloss in your pocket when you are on your way out, make sure the bottle’s cap is screwed on tightly. If the lid is loosely kept on, it may easily squeeze out of the bottle onto your clothes.


I hope your stain fears are scaled-down after reading this guide and learning how simple and convenient it is to remove lip gloss marks from your clothes. As easy as it is to get gloss stains on your clothes, it is equally easy to get them off. All you require is a little patience, a few practical tricks, like the ones mentioned above, at recourse, and you will be good to go.

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