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20 Free Embroidery Fonts To Download

I’ve been looking at adding some embroidery to my clothes. Nothing too fancy, just a monogram of my initials or a cute phrase. The fonts on my embroidery machine aren’t matching the image in my head. So I need to download some new ones. Being on a budget, I need to keep the cost down. But where can I find free embroidery fonts to download?

Embroidery fonts are files programmed to make letters. The information in the file is digitized into a format the embroidery machine can read. Using the file, the embroidery machine can recreate letters or words on fabric. Extra fonts can be downloaded for free or purchased separately.

This article will look at the different types of embroidery fonts, what they are, and why you need them. It will also give a breakdown of where you can download free embroidery fonts for your machine.

Free Embroidery Fonts

What Are Embroidery Fonts?

An embroidery font is very similar to the font you use on your computer or phone. Your computer probably has Ariel or Times New Roman as fonts. Basically, a font is a writing style. Or a design made up of letters.

Embroidery machines have their own range of fonts or letters. The difference with an embroidery-specific font, it has to be readable by an embroidery machine. All the information an embroidery machine needs to reproduce the font is stored in an embroidery file.

When it comes to embroidery fonts, there are three different types of files. Let’s take a look at them and see how they differ.


A .bx file can make your embroidery so much easier. Normally with fonts, you have to put the letters together in a design one at a time. It can be time-consuming and a little bit tedious. That’s where a .bx file comes into its own.

Designed to work with special software from Embrilliance, you type your phrase or name into the software using your keyboard. The software converts it to an embroidery file. You can then save the design in any size or format you want. Embrilliance offers a free version of their software called Embrilliance Express, which will enable you to render your own .bx files.

The main disadvantage with .bx is your embroidery machine can’t read it. You have to use .bx files through Embrilliance programs. But, being able to do all the letters in one go more than makes up for that.


Embroidery Specific Alphabets or ESA fonts for short are the most advanced form of embroidery font you can get. They can also be customized.

When a font is digitized for embroidery, it’s set for a specific fabric, stitch type, and even color. When I say set, I mean it’s the finalized design. You can’t change it unless it’s an ESA file.

ESA files allow you to modify the design before you push the finalize button. You can alter ESA files every time you use them to cater to a change in fabric or thread. This makes ESA fonts incredibly versatile.


TrueType fonts, or TTF files, aren’t embroidery fonts. They were developed by Apple back in the 1980s for use with computers. The fonts are letters that show up on the screen in their true form. In other words, exactly as you type them. Regardless of screen resolution or size.

When installed into embroidery software, a TTF file is automatically converted to an embroidery format when you use it. This conversion can be a little bit hit and miss, though.

Instead of being a true representation, forming the letters properly can get lost in the automatic translation. Leading to a bit of a mess, especially in more complicated letter designs. TTF designs work better with simplistic and narrow fonts rather than blocked or intricate ones.

Does My Embroidery Sewing Machine Come With Fonts?

Embroidery fonts free

Yes, it does. Although, how many you get can depend on the type of machine you have. If you have a standard computerized sewing machine, you may find a limited selection of fonts within its special decorative stitches.

These are just decorative stitches, though, rather than embroidery fonts in the true sense. They can’t be added to, nor can they be altered. The stitches give you the ability to monogram your projects or add initials to your garments. But that’s it. You don’t get the opportunity to individualize any of the stitches on these machines.

Combination sewing and embroidery machines, on the other hand, will offer a greater choice between the embroidery fonts they offer. Rather than simple letters, you may find intricate designs are available and you’ll be able to form words. These machines will also have the facility to upload new designs.

Why Are Embroidery Fonts Available for Free?

One of the main reasons designers offer embroidery fonts for free is to encourage you to check out their other designs. They use the free fonts as a loss leader or a hook.

It works the same way as a supermarket offering a free dip when you buy a bag of chips. They are prepared to make a loss on the dip because it leads you to purchase the chips.

So by offering a free font, designers anticipate you’ll check out the other fonts while you are on the site. The theory being, you might see one you like so much, you’ll buy it.

Another reason is trust. If you download a free font and are impressed with its quality, you’re more likely to buy from that designer again. This is particularly useful if the paid fonts are expensive.

Why Download Free Embroidery Fonts?

If you do a lot of embroidery, you may find you quickly outgrow the fonts available on your embroidery machine. They may become stale and lack the fun and excitement they once had.

Or you could be limited to the designs you can use the fonts for. Maybe you want a Halloween effect, but the fonts on your machine are too cutesy.

Downloading and installing new embroidery fonts is a great way to add to your library of letters. This will open up the range of embellishments you can do and the occasions you’ll have a suitable font for.

If the fonts are free, you have the opportunity to sample a whole host of different fonts allowing you to research and select the perfect font for your project. Taking the financial risk out of the equation and keeping your embroidery design affordable will keep your interest in this art form alive and thriving.

Most Popular Embroidery Fonts

When it comes to embroidery fonts, their popularity depends on the project and the recipient. To be a great font, it has to match the occasion and the personality of the person who will be wearing or using the finished item.

With that in mind, embroidery fonts can ebb and flow in popularity, with different ones being popular for different reasons at different times. That’s why having a limitless collection of fonts is such a brilliant idea. Because it means you’ll always have the perfect one for the project, you’re working on.

There are a few characteristics all popular fonts must have. They must be symmetrical and the letters should fit together in a monogram effortlessly. One thing to bear in mind, popular fonts tend to be the ones you need to purchase. Let’s take a look at a couple of popular designs available now, so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Fishtail Monogram Font – Zoeys Designs

The classic fishtail design offers timeless style to any monogram. With easy-to-read letters available in 6 sizes, this font will make all your projects look amazing.

The Empress Monogram – Itch to Stitch

Stylish and traditional, this font will give your projects a touch of flair and olde worlde charm. Ideal for personalizing bathrobes, this one is sure to be a favorite.

Where to Get Free Embroidery Fonts?

There are places online that offer free embroidery fonts for you to download. I’ve put together a list of the best ones I’ve found.

Some of these options come in different embroidery file formats. As several free fonts don’t come with support, you’ll need to make sure they are compatible with your embroidery machine before downloading them.

Apex Embroidery

  • The Gift embroidery font from Apex Embroidery is free. However, it does require you to sign up for their free newsletter. With news and updates delivered to your inbox, signing up will keep you informed on the latest designs. And you get a free font to boot! It’s a win-win.

Baby Kay’s Appliques

Baby Kay’s Appliques is a website offering fun and inspiring designs. The designs come in BX format and are easily downloadable as digital files.

  • The Wild West Font A must for all fans of the wild west, this adorable font will bring out your inner Ye-haw with style. Available in three sizes, this font also includes numbers.
  • The Fat Dot Font Available in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch sizes, this design consists of chunky filled-in letters. Sure to add youthful pizazz to your project, this cute font will remind you of coloring days at school.

BunnyCup Embroidery Fonts

Bunnycup’s embroidery fonts are cute and adorable. They have a good selection of free options for you to have a look at. There is a caveat, though. Many of these designs are discontinued and are supplied “as is” with no technical support. Terms and conditions apply to their use.

  • Countryside Alphabet The Countryside Alphabet includes capitals and lower case letters as well as numbers. Slightly smaller than 1 inch, this font is ideal for smaller projects.
  • Flores Alphabet A little bigger at 1.2 inches tall, the Flores Alphabet is made up of block capitals and numbers. The perfect font for adding a floral touch to your project.
  • Cheri Alphabet The biggest of the free-range at Bunnycup, this font stands at 2 inches. Ideal for larger projects like baby blankets, you can personalize your projects with style.
  • Embroidery Designs offers a collection of free embroidery font samples. Although you don’t get the full alphabet of letters, you get to try out a few characters to see if they work with your project.
  • You can choose from Disney Font, Stylish Curve, a handwritten Jack & Jill, plus many more! Downloading is simple. Just click on the button below each option to get the sample letters.

Embrilliance has 3 BX fonts available as a special package. Designed to showcase the brilliance of their AlphaTricks embroidery program, these 3 fonts will make any project pop.

Only available in BX format, they come as a zipped file. You will need to unzip the file to see the designs.

Five Star Fonts

Offering both paid for and free fonts, Five Star Fonts designs have been featured in magazines aimed at machine embroidery enthusiasts. Their designs are popular and top quality.

From their free freaky embroidery font, their happy holiday’s freebie, and their candy hearts, they have plenty of options to brighten up your sewing projects. They’ve even got number fonts!

  • Freaky Embroidery Font Add a touch of freakiness to your project with this font. Designed to be quirky, this font will be ideal for spooky embellishments for Halloween.
  • Happy Holidays Font Sticking with the holiday’s theme, this font is ideal for Christmas projects and presents. A cute handwriting font that’s sure to enhance your holiday gifts.
  • Candy Hearts Font Who doesn’t like those tiny candy heart-shaped treats with messages on them? With this font, you can recreate those sweet little goodies all over your clothes.
  • Racing Numbers Although there are no letters included with this font, the numbers are bold and eye-catching. Ideal for adding detail to appliques, these numbers can be used to personalize racing helmets or flags.
  • Teachers Pet This handwritten block-style font comes in 5 different sizes ranging from half an inch to 1.2 inches, making this font ideal for many projects.

With a whole range of embroidery fonts covering pretty much every occasion imaginable, is sure to have a font to suit your needs. Check them out for creepy text in your Halloween projects or some Christmas sparkle for those personalized gifts.

  • Discover Christmas This link will take you to a selection of Christmas-themed fonts. Brighten up your projects with a hint of festive style. The candy cane option is particularly adorable.
  • Discover Halloween There are some freakishly creepy designs in this section. Choose from a ghastly panic or gloop style for super scary embroidery fonts this Halloween.
  • Discover 3D Block style fonts with added depth await you in the Discover 3D section. A great way to make your embroidered projects stand out.
  • Discover Cartoon Add a touch of fun to your projects with some cartoon-style writing. These fonts are so cute and adorable; you’ll be stitching them on everything.
  • Discover Basic This selection is ideal if all you want are letters. The basic range is simple, but the resulting embroidery is still impressive. These are a great introduction to embroidery fonts.

GG Designs

Offering affordable embroidery designs, GG Designs has an extensive range of adorable embroidery files. All are super-cute and easy to download.

  • Scary Font With upper case letters and numbers, this free font comes in three sizes. Perfect for all your Halloween-themed projects.

My Sew Cute Boutique

Another site offering a free font in return for a sign-up to their newsletter, My Sew Cute Boutique, offers a great selection of designs. You’ll also need to answer questions about your purchase experience.

Can I Use My Own Font Design?

Yes, you can use your own font design. But, it can be complicated to convert them into an embroidery format your machine can read.

You will need to digitize your design using special software. There is normally a hefty price tag on embroidery digitizing software, making the do-it-yourself option unaffordable. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to download ready-made designs.

Having said that, there is a package called SewWrite. It’s a letter and monogram editing software program with a vast selection of over 70 alphabets and pre-digitized fonts. You can use this package to create, arrange and save your designs using the pre-made fonts.

Embroidery Font Generator

An embroidery font generator is an online tool for converting fonts into embroidery files. Type the text you want into the online box and the generator will convert it into an embroidery file for you. Using their library of fonts, you can pick colors, text size, and even the style of text you want to use.

This generator has a wide selection of styles to choose from, including some fonts inspired by popular pop band motifs. Spend some time over at the Fontspool website and have fun creating your next monogram design.


Now you know where to get free embroidery fonts, you can personalize all your projects with style. Check out the links in this article for a wide selection of some of the best fonts available.

Let me know in the comments if you liked the article. Have you done any monogramming recently? Did you use a free embroidery font? How did it turn out?