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Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Jeans: What Is the Difference?

Trendy girlfriend and boyfriend jeans let you dress for style and comfort at the same time. But striking just the right note means choosing the perfect type of jeans for each occasion. So what exactly is the difference between boyfriend vs girlfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are baggy and feature a loose waist, while girlfriend jeans have tapered legs and a more fitted style overall. Girlfriend jeans are a modification of boyfriend jeans that accentuates curves. Boyfriend jeans have a looser appearance and a more relaxed cut.

In this article, you will find out what boyfriend and girlfriend jeans look like. You will learn the key differences between these popular kinds of jeans. Finally, you will find out how these styles compare to other trends like mom jeans.

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

What Are Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a baggy style of jeans for women that feature a low-slung waist, a loose seat and crotch, and short legs. This style has seen a resurgence recently due to the new popularity of bulkier 90s styles. But as a fun fact, bf jeans first gained popularity way back in the 1960s, when Marilyn Monroe made them famous.

Eddie Bauer Women's Boyfriend Jeans - Slim Leg, Heritage Wash 12 RegularYou often find a very relaxed cut in the seat in this kind of jeans. On the other hand, you sometimes also find a more fitted seat and just the baggy looser short legs of the pants to present the idea of jeans that are more or less hanging off of you attractively.

The downside here is that bf jeans look best on people with slender, angular bodies. If you have a more curved shape, you may find that the intentionally loose jeans simply stretch to fit your shape and do not look slouchy and relaxed as they should.

Are boyfriend jeans supposed to be short? In most cases, boyfriend jeans pair a wide leg opening and wide, slouchy legs with a short leg that ends above the ankle.

You will quickly notice, though, that the specifics such as leg opening or leg length will vary a lot from one brand to another. The concept of “boyfriend jeans” is the idea of wearing jeans that look so relaxed that they appear almost too big for you so that you have a super casual vibe. Every brand goes about achieving this look in a slightly different manner.

What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

reCreation Women's Flexi-Fit Girlfriend Jean, Medium Blue, 4Girlfriend jeans have a higher-cut waist and a more fitted shape overall but still present a fairly relaxed appearance. GF jeans are a pretty new concept first popularized in 2015 that is a spin-off from the original boyfriend jeans. You may sometimes see them called slim boyfriend jeans as well.

These jeans look like a tighter and more tapered version of boyfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans have a higher waist and slim-straight tapered legs in most cases. Any brand selling girlfriend jeans will offer a more fitted style, though the exact specifics sometimes vary from brand to brand.

You can typically find girlfriend jeans in low, mid, or high rise options, though the most common waist has a mid-rise, with the waistband resting just below your navel.

Why are these jeans called girlfriend jeans? The fashion world made a little play on the popular boyfriend jeans label because GF jeans have a slightly more feminine shape that more easily accommodates anyone with a rounder body type.

The great thing about girlfriend jeans is that they comfortably fit many different body types. But they still promote the concept of a relaxed, casual appearance.

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Jeans: Key Points

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Jeans

Check out this chart for a quick overview of the key differences between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans.

Boyfriend JeansGirlfriend Jeans
CutLow waist, relaxed seat, loose or baggy legsHigher waist, relaxed but not baggy seat, tapered legs
FitVery looseA tighter fit, more like straight jeans
WaistUsually low-rise waistCan come in low, mid, or high waist
Leg OpeningWider, with a cropped leg that ends 3” above ankleTapered to a more narrow opening, with a cropped leg that ends 3” above ankle
How to WearPair with tight blouses or tees, or crop tops.Pair with loose blouses and use a baggy tuck to create a contrast with the tighter jeans
Body TypeBest for petite or tall and slender bodiesSuits many body types, including apple and pear shapes.

What Is the Difference Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend Jeans?


Difference Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend Jeans

The main difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans is that bf jeans have a much looser, slouchier fit than girlfriend jeans. Both styles have a relaxed appearance and a trendy, fashionable vibe. But girlfriend jeans are not the same as boyfriend jeans.

They do have some similarities, as you will see. For starters, both types of jeans almost always feature 100% denim or stretch denim containing a small fraction of spandex. Also, both styles usually come in a straight leg, though you may find some variation in this with boyfriend jeans that have wider leg openings and girlfriend jeans that have a closer fit that is almost skinny-jean-like.


Typically, boyfriend jeans have a relaxed cut with a low waist, a baggy seat, and loose legs down to the leg opening. In contrast, girlfriend jeans have a higher waist that usually rests at or above your natural waistline and tapered legs that narrow from the knee to the ankle instead of hanging loose and straight.

GF jeans still have a fairly roomy seat that should not cling to your curves like skinny jeans, but they do not slouch in the waist and seat like boyfriend jeans. The bottom line is that boyfriend jeans are supposed to look way too big for you, as they are hanging off your hip bones and draping loosely down to your ankles. Girlfriend jeans look more like a casual, relaxed form of any straight-legged jeans style.


Boyfriend jeans fit loosely, and girlfriend jeans fit tightly. Boyfriend jeans have a much more relaxed fit than girlfriend jeans. You can think of girlfriend jeans as essentially the same style, but with some of the excess denim removed to make the jeans fit more closely all over!

Boyfriend jeans fit much more loosely than girlfriend jeans. While this may sound more comfortable this makes girlfriend jeans the better option for many body types. You have to have a straight, slender frame to present the image that boyfriend jeans are hanging off of you!


One of the defining characteristics of boyfriend jeans is the slouchy, oversized top portion of the pants. In contrast, girlfriend jeans have a more classic close-fitting top that will shape itself to your hips and curves.

The tighter fit of girlfriend jeans looks good with baggy shirts. The looser fit of bf jeans pairs well with tight shirts or crop tops.


Boyfriend jeans almost always have a low-slung waist, while girlfriend jeans come in a low, mid, or high waist. You will often find girlfriend jeans in a mid-rise waist with the top of the waistband resting just at or below your navel.

Mid or high-rise waists are more forgiving of a variety of body types. This makes girlfriend jeans a popular choice for many people, short or tall, angular or curved. On the other hand, low waistlines do not cover up your curves or belly and can offer an unforgiving appearance to some people. This is another reason that boyfriend jeans usually suit tall, slender people best.

Leg Opening

Girlfriend jeans often have a slightly smaller leg opening than boyfriend jeans because girlfriend jeans have tapered legs that narrow in lower down your leg.

However, both girlfriend and boyfriend jeans typically have cropped legs that end about three inches above your ankle. In some cases, the pant legs will break at the top of your foot, but you are intended to roll up the ff at the bottom before wearing the pants.

Best for What Body Type

In general, boyfriend jeans look best on people with slender bodies, whether you are petite or quite tall. This is because the slouchy, loose cut creates the illusion of a straight line from your hips to your ankles, giving you a boyish appearance. If you have a more curvy shape, the jeans will stretch to cover your curves instead of hanging loose and baggy as the style intends.

On the other hand, girlfriend jeans provide a lot of shaping and support for anyone with pretty much any body type. They can highlight the height of a tall, slender person, and the tighter, tapered fit of the legs can also look good on a person with more curves to accentuate!

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend vs Mom Jeans

Blue Age Women's High Rise Mom Jeans Straight Leg Solid Denim Cuffed Hem (JP1132H,MD,5)When you compare boyfriend vs girlfriend vs mom jeans, the biggest difference is the looseness of the fit and the cut of the waist. Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed fit and a low waist, girlfriend jeans usually have a tighter, tapered fit and a medium-high waist, and mom jeans usually have a very high waist.

What exactly are mom jeans? In the 80s and 90s, this style of super high-waisted jeans with baggy legs was often worn by middle-aged women for casual occasions. This earned the jeans the name “mom jeans,” which was not a positive term at the time!

But fashion changes constantly, and today, “mom jeans” have become more of a hip style, with really high buttoned waist showing up in all kinds of trendy teen styles.

Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans

The biggest difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans is that boyfriend jeans have a low waist and baggy legs, while mom jeans have a high waist and tapered legs below the knee.

Both mom jeans and bf jeans have a much more relaxed, comfortable fit than skinny jeans or even girlfriend jeans. However, mom jeans come with a very high waist compared to the loose, low waist on boyfriend jeans. Mom jeans do have a more roomy seat and thigh area than many other types of jeans, but they taper slightly below the knee to give you a more fitted look in the lower leg.

Because of the very different waist styles between these two types of pants, you often need to pair them with different kinds of tops. Boyfriend jeans go well with a tight shirt, matched with a looser blazer if you want to dress up the look. Mom jeans go well with a looser shirt because of the tight, high waist on the jeans.

Both mom jeans and boyfriend jeans usually have cropped legs that end absolve your ankle, often with a folded-over cuff to accentuate the shorter style.

Mom Jeans vs Girlfriend Fit Jeans

The main difference between mom jeans and girlfriend fit jeans is that mom jeans have a much more relaxed fit than girlfriend jeans.

Mom jeans usually have a higher waist than girlfriend jeans, as well as a looser seat and roomier thigh area. However, both mom and girlfriend jeans often taper below the knee, creating a more fitted lower leg with a cropped and cuffed finish above the ankle.

Girlfriend jeans will feel much tighter around your waist, in the seat, and the thighs, though. If you want a lot of flexibility for comfortable movement, you may prefer mom jeans. If you want a stylish straight-legged jean look, you will probably prefer girlfriend jeans.

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

You can pair boyfriend jeans with several kinds of tops to create your own relaxed fashion look. Even though boyfriend jeans can prove challenging for some body types, they have a pretty versatile place in the fashion world.

Check out these tips for bf jean fashion strategies:

  • Try wearing darker-colored boyfriend jeans for a slightly more dressy look. You can also add high heels or a blazer for a dressy but casual vibe.
  • In general, you will want to roll up the cuff of your jeans if it does not come already sewn into a cuff. This gives you the classic above-the-ankle style that people associate with this type of jeans. Plus, it lets you highlight cute shoes, such as flats or heels!
  • On that note, you probably do not want to pair boots or shoes that go over your ankle with this kind of jeans. Instead, stick with flats, sandals, heels, or ankle boots that leave some skin showing between the top of the shoe and the bottom of the cuff.
  • You will want to wear either a close-fitting top or a loose top with a belt when you wear boyfriend jeans. This gives you a defined waist despite the baggy cut of the pants.

How to Wear Girlfriend Jeans

The great thing about girlfriend jeans is how easily you can match these comfortable jeans with many different clothing styles.

If you’re looking for fashion ideas, try some of these:

  • Girlfriend jeans have a close fit that pairs well with billowy blouses or oversized tees and shirts. For a super casual vibe, leave your oversized tee untucked. Most of the time, though, you will want at least a French tuck with your loose shirt to show off the tight waist of your jeans.
  • For girlfriend jeans with a high waist, wear high heels to make sure your legs do not end up looking short! Plus, high heels give a great contrast to the cuffed ankle-length legs on this kind of pants.
  • Depending on your age and your preferred fashion style, you may want to embrace the ripped-jean version of girlfriend jeans. This look goes well with graphic tees and Sketchers or flats.

Best Boyfriend and Girlfriend Jeans

Many big-name brands, including Levis and the Gap, sell boyfriend and girlfriend jeans. You can find these trendy styles for sale pretty much everywhere, including on Amazon or at Walmart or Target!

Check out these reviews to get an idea of what to look for in the best boyfriend and girlfriend jeans.

Levi’s Women’s New Boyfriend Jeans

Levi's Women's New Boyfriend JeansAs the oldest jeans company in the world, Levis has continued to lead the way with denim trends such as these stylish “new boyfriend” jeans for plus sizes.

This pair of jeans contains a mix of denim, polyester, and spandex to help the pants stretch comfortably to your shape. This more fitted form of boyfriend jeans has a mid-rise waist and a comfortably loose seat.

The relaxed, comfortable cut of these dark wash jeans will give you a casual appearance perfect for running errands around town or hanging out with your family.

Levi’s Girls’ Girlfriend Fit Jeans

Levi's Girls' Toddler Girlfriend Fit Jeans, Huntley, 2TIf you have a stylish teen girl in your life, look no further than Levi’s new girlfriend jeans for girl’s sizes!

This modern jeans style features a soft and stretchy blend of cotton, polyester, viscose, and elastane. The cut of the jeans has tapered legs ending in a raw edge to look extra trendy.

These jeans come in a two-toned wash and have a hook and bar closure. Like many girlfriend jeans, they have a mid-rise waist and a comfortable seat leading down to a more fitted leg.

Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans

Boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans have entirely different styles because boyfriend jeans are the baggiest jeans you can find, and skinny jeans are the tightest jeans you can find from most brands! While both styles remain popular, you will create a very different visual image by choosing bf jeans vs skinny jeans.

Because skinny jeans shape so closely to your body, you tend to wear looser, more flowing tops with these jeans. Boyfriend jeans look better with tighter tops because the waist of these pants is so loose.

Plus, you create a more defined silhouette in skinny jeans. In boyfriend jeans, you create a more laid-back, loose shape.

Are Girlfriend Jeans In Style?

Girlfriends are definitely still in style, though the kind of tops, shoes, and accessories you pair with these jeans vary from year to year.

The great thing about girlfriend jeans is that they have a classic cut with a mid-rise and a fitted waist. This makes them perfect for mixing and matching with many different clothing styles and keeps them a popular go-to in the fashion world!

Should I Get Boyfriend or Girlfriend Jeans?

Whether or not you should get boyfriend or girlfriends jeans depends on the kind of style you like and on your body type. If you want trendy jeans to wear at home or for a casual appearance around town, you could go with either boyfriend or girlfriend jeans. But which is best for you?

If you want a casual, laid-back vibe, go with boyfriend jeans. These slouchy-but-trendy jeans also feel very loose and comfortable. People with petite or tall and slender bodies will look best in this kind of jeans.

Try girlfriend jeans for a more classic look that suits many body types, including a rounder or apple body shape! These jeans offer a slimmed-down version of the popular boyfriend jean. They still have a relaxed seat but have tapered legs and a higher, more fitted waist that pairs well with looser shirts.

Have you tried boyfriend and girlfriend jeans? Which style did you prefer? Leave a comment to let us know!