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What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Pants?

One of the best things about grey is that it is incredibly versatile. It comes in different shades that can match your mood, the season, or any sort of particular occasion. You can create numerous different looks with just one pair of pants, adding value to putting this neutral in your closet. So, what color shirts go with grey?

Grey pants go well with any other neutral – black, white, other shades of grey, or beige – as well as dark and light shades of many other colors. Burgundy, blue, pink and yellow are all colors that can complement a pair of grey pants exceedingly well.

In this article, we will go over eight colors that match particularly well with grey in its varying shades. We’ll also go over styling tips for grey pants and jeans, tips for guys, and what shoes look best with grey pants.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants?

Grey is an invaluable color in your wardrobe – its versatility is key for creating countless looks for every season and occasion. Grey can be dressed up or down – one of the greatest things about this neutral is that it looks classy even when worn casually. Grey looks great with neutrals and colors alike. Below we will go over eight specific examples of colors that look great with a pair of grey pants.


What Color Shirt Goes With Grey Pants

Of course – black goes with everything – grey being no different. A black shirt paired with a pair of grey pants creates an instant sleek, sophisticated, well-put-together look. A black top and grey pants will look professional – if that’s the look you’re going for. But it can also look just as clean for a casual or semi-casual affair.

Black is an obvious choice when looking for something that will look good with grey. It will provide desirable contrast – if the grey pants are of a lighter shade – or create an edgier monochrome look when worn with darker grey pants. However, you choose to wear it – black can always be counted on to create a winning outfit.


White and grey pants

The opposite of black – but a color that can create a look that’s just as nice. A crisp white shirt paired with grey pants will look classy, clean, and refined. White – another neutral tone – can be worn for many occasions. Of course – a classic button-up with a pair of grey pants would be perfect for an interview or the workplace.

A white tank or tee would look clean as a more casual getup. Compared to a black shirt – a white top would provide a contrasting aesthetic when worn with darker charcoal grey pants. For a lighter overall outfit – white would still look great with a lighter shade of grey – especially in the spring or summer.


Beige is a color that can sometimes be overlooked – often categorized as boring or bland. But despite its neutrality, beige can provide the perfect base for an eye-catching outfit. Beige – in varying tones – works wonderfully when paired with grey. The key is choosing a shade that works well with your skin tone – then pair it with a complementary shade of grey pants.

Having an outfit based on neutral colors will look neat and clean. It will also provide the perfect backdrop and opportunity to wear a bold accent or statement piece. Eye-catching doesn’t always have to mean bright colors.


A sophisticated, classy color – burgundy matches well with grey pants. As a deep rich tone, it is naturally drawn to medium to light shades of grey – providing eye-pleasing contrast in the outfit. Burgundy is a classic color for cooler months – a great choice for winter and fall. Depending on the style of the shirt, it could work well for many different occasions.



Blue is one of the most versatile colors outside of the neutral tones. There are so many shades to choose from that could match just about any pair of pants and be worn for any occasion. There are countless ways that blue can be worn with grey pants and look stunning. You could choose your top based on the season or where you’ll be wearing it – but in any case, there is sure to be a shade of blue that will work.

Contrast is a go-to when putting together an outfit. If you have a lighter pair of grey pants – opt for a shirt in a darker shade of blue. Something bright, medium, or even a deep navy – would look sharp paired with a nice pair of light grey slacks. If your pants are on the darker side, there are myriad shades of lighter blue to choose from that would look just as great.


Green is another cool tone that offers many options for pairing with grey. You could go for a more muted tone of green – like sage, army, or olive – and look well put together. Or choose something brighter for a welcome pop of color.

Since grey is such an accommodating neutral – almost any shade of green you choose can look great. Green is also a great color because – depending on the shade you go with – it can be worn well across seasons.


One of my absolute favorite color combinations – is pink and grey. There’s just something about it that makes everything feel right. Shades of pink – dark or light – look great when worn with grey – also in just about any shade.

This is such a fun combo that it can be dressed up or down. It can be muted – with pastels or rose shades of pink – or super bold with bright shades like fuchsia and bubblegum pink. Grey provides a great opportunity to wear those extra loud, colorful shades since the contrast will tone down what could sometimes be considered over-the-top.


Yellow is another favorite color to pair with grey pants. Similarly, as with pink – the neutrality of grey balances out any yellow tones that can seem too bright in some cases. And alternatively – yellow can brighten up a solemn-looking grey.

There are so many shades to choose from when looking at the entire yellow spectrum – choosing for the season can help narrow it down. Pastel and bright yellow shades are great for spring months or warmer weather. Rich gold and darker yellow tones are great to bring out once fall hits. Pair each color with a complementing shade of grey and you’ll have a winning outfit every month of the year.

How to Style Grey Pants

How to Style Grey Pants

Grey pants can be worn with almost any color. Their neutral versatility makes them a great choice for any season. With just a few tweaks, the same pair of grey pants could easily be worn for multiple occasions. Below we’ll go over some specific pairing combos for your favorite pair of grey pants.

Light Grey Pants

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a good look for a pair of pants in a lighter grey – look for a darker shirt. Contrast is the number one easy way to put together a nice look. Black is the obvious choice – but a darker color can look just as great.

Dark purple, navy blue, phthalo green – even darker charcoal grey – would provide the eye-catching contrast of any successful outfit. These darker colors tend to work best in cooler seasons.

Lighter shades of grey pants are also ideal for spring and summer – they lend a light and airy feel to an outfit – especially when paired with the right top. Go monochrome with your light grey pants and choose a white or cream-colored top for a breezy, cool look.

Shades of blue – or even blue and white stripes – are a welcome look for summer. Medium-toned colors – of any shade or hue – are all welcome matches for pants in lighter shades of grey. The great thing about grey – when paired just right – is that you can get away with wearing just about any shade in any season.

Dark Grey Pants

Dark grey pants essentially work oppositely as light grey ones – for contrast, choose lighter-colored tops. For subtle or monochrome looks, choose darker ones. Dark grey pants can be just as versatile as light grey pants, and thankfully – especially if you own both types – many shirts can be interchangeable.

Consider the season or occasion you’ll attend when you’re putting the outfit together. Darker looks overall tend to be best for cooler months, while lighter and brighter tops may be more appropriate for either daytime gatherings or warmer weather.


Grey pants are the perfect pants to pair with patterns! Get a comfortable, flattering pair and you’ll be able to put together an infinite number of amazing outfits. Any pattern will look great with a nice-fitting pair of grey pants. Since the color of the pants is neutral and versatile – you won’t have to worry about the color palette of the pattern on the shirt.

Any pattern – from ornate to simple – can work well with grey. Simple stripes – in any combination of colors – and polka dots can add slight interest to the outfit. Checks and plaid are great with grey as well – especially for fall. When the grey weather rolls around – why not bring out the grey pants and your favorite plaid flannel as well?!

Bolder, brighter prints also work well when paired with grey – loud patterns can look toned down and more appropriate with a sold neutral pairing. There is such a wide variety of beautiful floral tops available. If you’re ever looking for something to pair one with – don’t look past the grey pants. Paisley is another pattern that looks great with grey pants and color block or geometric patterns.


Casual looks can easily be created with your favorite pair of grey pants by wearing your favorite tank top or t-shirt. Thankfully, grey is so versatile that it won’t matter if your favorite is an old band tee or a nicer v-neck. All tank tops can look great, too – choose a plain ribbed scoop neck or a strappier tank with lace embellishment – either will be cool and casual. For casual looks – tennis shoes are trendy and comfortable – sandals, of course, for warmer weather.

Smart Casual

If you want to dress it up just a bit – but not so much as to be office-ready – grey pants are a perfect choice for a smart casual look. Structured tops and flirty blouses – in any color or pattern – are a bit nicer than a plain black or white tee. But if you do want to wear a fitted t-shirt, throw a blazer on top and you’ll be ready to go!

Turtlenecks – long-sleeved or sleeveless – is a great choice for a smart casual look, as are many types of sweaters. If you opt for a dressier top, you can tone down the overall look with a more casual pair of shoes. And vice versa for that designer t-shirt – pair it with a pair of pumps to kick things up a notch.

Business Casual

Grey is great for running around town – it’s also a sharp look for the office. A tailored pair of grey pants will always look sleek and sophisticated when paired with the right shirt. A classic woven button-up is the epitome of workplace wear – under a cardigan or blazer if the weather permits. Fitted sweaters are great for the workplace – especially with a collared shirt underneath and when paired with a classy pair of heels.

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Jeans?

Grey jeans are similar to grey slacks when considering what color goes well with them – just think of them as a more casual style. Grey jeans are great because they are just as versatile when it comes to creating outfits, but even better for casual get-togethers and running weekend errands.


Choosing a monochrome color palette is a safe choice that looks sharp. Any shade of grey and black and/or white will constitute a monochrome look. Depending on the shade of your jeans – a black or white shirt can provide contrast while staying within the monochrome boundary. Another shade of grey will work too. T-shirts are the natural pairing for jeans – so this is the perfect pair of pants to wear with your favorite one.

Warm Colors

Warm colors work great for brightening up the muted tones of grey – yellow being an absolute favorite pairing. Any shade of yellow is a match made in heaven for grey pants. Other warm colors – such as shades of red and orange – will also be welcome pops of color against the neutral grey pants. Warm tones will bring vibrant energy, while grey’s subtlety will balance hues that are overly bright.

Cool Colors

Cooler colors – including greens, blues, and purples – can evoke a sense of cool and calm. Cool colors in lighter, pastel shades will pair exceptionally well with darker shades of grey jeans – though grey is so versatile, they will work with any tone. Medium and brighter shades of these cool colors will be inviting and pleasing to the eye. While deep, dark purples, blues and greens will also look great.

What Shoes to Wear with Grey Pants?

Grey is such an accommodating color for pants that many colors of shoes can work – but the most pleasing combinations seem to be black, brown, and burgundy. Look for a pair within this color range that gives a good amount of contrast with the shade of grey in the pants.

Black or burgundy shoes will look snazzy with light to medium grey pants. Medium and lighter brown shades of shoes will look equally as sharp with a pair of dark grey pants. If you want to add subtle color to your shoes – especially if the rest of the outfit is monotone – go with army green or navy blue.

What to Wear with Grey Pants for Guys

I highly recommend that every guy invests in a pair of grey pants for their wardrobe! Grey is an incredibly versatile color to work with for anyone, and you can build countless classy outfits with the right pair of pants.

Grey pants are the perfect option to be work ready by pairing them with a nice blue or white button-down shirt. A sweater or blazer over the top looks clean and sophisticated as well. Burgundy and navy blue are great choices for darker colors. Light pink or green are perfect for spring.

For a sleek look, choose a monochrome palette. Black or shades of grey will look sharp and effortless.

Shoes that work well with grey pants for guys include neutrals – black and brown, burgundy dress shoes, or crisp white tennis shoes for a more casual ensemble.


Grey is like a dream color for fashion. It can be worn in so many ways you will never lack a well-put-together outfit. From day to night – winter to spring, your favorite pair of grey pants can truly be worn all year round.

It can be easy to overlook grey – such a muted tone – but as an item to be paired with others, there’s no beating. If you find a cut of pants you like and are offered in multiple shades of grey, my recommendation is to get them all! You won’t regret it.