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15 Popular Outfit Maker Apps And Websites

Do you sometimes feel too tired to scroll Pinterest or Insta for outfit inspiration? These days, you can find plenty of apps and websites that take the hassle of outfit planning off your hands! Check out this guide to 15 popular outfit maker apps and websites to find the right tool for your wardrobe.

Outfit generators design personalized clothing choices using algorithms, AI, and personality tests. Fashion Robot, My Wardrobe, and many others use uploaded pictures to design outfits. Other outfit makers use virtual shopping spaces and avatars to create wishlist outfits.

In this article, you will find how websites and apps can generate outfits that suit your style. You will discover the 15 most popular outfit makers available today. Finally, you will find tips on using the best free outfit makers!

Outfit Maker Apps

What is an Outfit Maker / Generator?

An outfit maker or generator is an app or website that creates individualized clothing ensembles for you. Most of these generators use algorithms to match colors, styles, brands, or types of clothing together. Some also use advanced AI tools and even personality tests or the local weather forecast to make clothing recommendations.

How does this work? In most outfit generators, you upload pictures of items from your wardrobe. The app or website then calculates and recommends which pieces you should wear together to create a stylish look.

Some apps and websites provide clothing choices based on your local weather. Others allow you to plan outfits in advance and sync them with an online calendar. Some tools even provide statistics to tell you how often you wore certain pieces of clothing or to “archive” out-of-season clothes for later use!

You can also find outfit makers that help design clothing choices that flatter your body type. If you feel uncertain about what outfit to wear to a certain event, your app can help you design a good look for a party, interview, or date night!

The whole idea of an outfit generator is that it saves you lots of time and helps you look more stylish. It also helps you maximize the items you already own in your wardrobe by matching them together in new pairings you may not have considered. Plus, some apps also focus on creating new looks and helping you create a shopping wishlist.

That said, an outfit maker app or website is not the same thing as a graphic design tool that lets you draft your own clothing styles. Fashion designers and professionals use many online tools with graphic design elements for this purpose. You can think of outfit makers as a tool designed for the general public rather than for the professionals.

Is There an App to Dress Yourself?

You can find many outfit generator apps for Apple devices and Android phones and tablets. Outfit maker apps are much more prevalent and popular than outfit design websites these days! This is because it’s so easy to use your phone to take the pictures you need to upload your wardrobe to the virtual design space.

Pureple and My Wardrobe are two examples of this type of app, but you will find plenty more in this guide!

One thing to keep in mind with outfit generator apps, though, is that many of them work either for the iPhone or for Androids, not for both. So you may have to pick and choose your apps based on the type of phone you use.

You can also find many fun design games to help you hone your fashion sense. These games usually focus on mixing and matching virtual designs rather than uploading pics from your own closet.

15 Popular Outfit Maker Apps And Websites

The fifteen most popular outfit maker apps and websites listed here give you many options, including paid and free apps, apps for Apple and Android devices, and apps and websites that dress you or create wishlist clothes on an avatar.

Ultimately, the best generator for you is the one that helps you feel confident in your clothing choices!

1. Cladwell


Cladwell has a unique focus on creating a capsule wardrobe. To use this app, you start by taking a style quiz to help the app pinpoint your look. Then you upload your best, most versatile fashion options. Finally, the app sends you personalized outfit suggestions every day, including details like updates based on the weather where you live!

Cladwell focuses on helping you use a few good pieces repeatedly in a stylish way and has an environmentally friendly side.

This app works for both Apple and Android devices. You can try a week of the app for free, but it costs $4.99 per month. The other potential downside, though, is that it does tie into Cladwell’s online shop and the app will recommend that you buy Cladwell items for your capsule wardrobe.

2. Amazon Outfit Maker

The Amazon Outfit maker app allows you to shop the massive online resources for Amazon to put together new outfits. You can even save ensembles ideas for later!

The downside of this app is that it does not provide virtual closet space for you to style the clothes you already own. But if you like to shop for new clothes and find clothing inspiration, you can find millions of options through this app!

The app is free to download for both Apple and Android devices.



EMUIT is an Apple app created by an Italian designer to help men pair classy clothing and accessories. It has a simple interface and provides style tips and suggestions tailored to men’s clothing. For example, you can find video clips in the app describing how to tie a tie in various ways!

The app is free to download in the iStore though you may find purchase suggestions as you use it.

4. The Fashion Robot

The Fashion Robot is an online tool designed to help you create a capsule wardrobe. It pairs best when you first read the book that inspired it, called The Fashion Robot. The whole idea of both t eh book and the website is that many of the “trends” in fashion depend on AI these days!

This website can help you pinpoint your own capsule wardrobe style. It can mix and match a few high-quality items to allow you to look fresh when wearing the same few pieces! Plus, you can use the website generator for free!

The downside to this tool is that it does not give you a way to create an electronic wardrobe of all your clothes. It also doesn’t offer information like usage sats or matching clothes to your body type or personality.

5. My Dressing

My Dressing

My Dressing is an Andriod app that lets you upload images from your closet to create a virtual closet space. You can then organize the images into outfit ideas. You can also link ideas to a Google Calendar to set outfits for future dates.

You should not have to deal with too many ads after installing the app. However, My Dressing does lack one of the main features of many outfit makers: it does not generate ensembles ideas for you. It simply provides an electronic closet space for you to mix and match.

On the other hand, this app is free through Google Play!

6. My Wardrobe

Random outfit generator

My Wardrobe is probably the best-known free outfit generator out there. Plus, this app is available through the iStore and the Google Play store, making it even more convenient!

To use the app, you upload pictures of your clothes. You can add notes or descriptions and then classify each garment into one of thirty different garment types offered in the app. After this, you can form outfits by mixing and matching the photos.

You can plan ahead by setting the date you want to wear each outfit. The app will provide notification to remind you on the day of!

Besides offering a virtual closet space, the app also tracks the usage of garments and will let you know how often you wear particular items.

7. Picrew


Picrew is an online platform that offers several image-maker apps and games that let you create layered avatars and outfits. While these “outfit makers” do not target the clothes in your own closet, they do give you lots of fun chances to make outfits and get fashion inspiration!

Designed in Japan, the characters and clothing will have a distinctly manga-like style. You can select fantasy-style outfits or go with a modern aesthetic to design regular clothing.

8. Polyvore

Polyvore was a hugely popular mood board app that let users create boards with outfits, accessories, shoes, and other details. Why are we listing this if it no longer exists? Because Polyvore had such a huge following, many wardrobe organizers scrambled to find a replacement.

If you loved Polyvore, you may want to try:

  • Pinterest pretty much rules the roost as a mood board app these days. Of course, it does not have the same level of organization as Polyvore, but you can use the same concept of creating and sorting pins in a general mood or style!
  • Shoplook offers a simple graphic design platform to upload or share images on a mood board. You can access it through the website or through an app available for both Apple and Android users, and it also offers a growing community where you can share and comment on images. Plus, you can also use this platform to buy and sell garments!
  • Like Pinterest, NIICE offers a web browser extension that lets you “grab” images from online to put onto a mood board. You can share these boards in an online forum as well.

9. Pureple


Pureple has over two million users and is rapidly growing in popularity. This app launched just through the iStore but recently released an Andriod version, both totally free!

So, what can you do in Pureple? First, you can upload an unlimited amount of pictures not just of your clothes but also of makeup and accessory options. You can use tagging features to help you organize and search for these images.

But besides the awesome virtual closet space, Pureple also offers algorithms that run an outfit generator for you. Once you have uploaded and tagged your wardrobe, the app can help plan outfits for you!

You can use these generated outfits or manually plan your own and then link them to an online calendar to have your outfits planned ahead for important events.

10. Randommer


If you want inspiration for outfits, you can’t get more inspiring than the clever random clothing generation offered by Randommer’s clothes generator! Basically, you select clothing types and then the generator creates a random outfit for you to consider.

This online platform does not offer the ability to upload your clothes for sorting, but it is a fun way to get fashion ideas!

11. Roll for Fantasy

Roll for Fantasy

You may want outfit generators for other purposes than just organizing your own closet. For example, if you want to design outfits for RPG, theater groups, or even for novel writing, you will find Roll for Fantasy a great option for creating fantasy-themed outfits!

If you need visual inspiration for an elven cloak or a wizard robe, this online design tool will give you all the images you need! You can access it for free and save up to four images at a time for later reference.

12. Smart Closet

Smart Closet

Smart Closet has a huge following because of its easy-to-use, feature-rich apps. You can either locate items you own by searching in the app, or you can upload pictures from your closet. Then you can create your own outfits by hand or allow the app to generate suggestions for you.

On top of all that, you can make and share “lookbooks” of clothes and accessories. You can also set your outfits into a calendar or create a virtual packing setup to see what you want to bring with you on a trip!

Besides using the website to shop and access the closet feature, you can also download the Smart Closet app in both the iStore and the Google Play Store. The app does cost $3.99 to download.

13. StyleBook


Stylebook is another trending closet organizer app available for Apple devices for $3.99. It has pretty comprehensive tools that cover everything from shopping for new pieces to organizing and collaging what you already own. Plus, the app offers usage stats to help you decide if you need to buy new items!

It also has good tools for generating outfits once you have uploaded images of your clothing. You can also use the pan ahead features of setting particular outfits to your calendar for future use or creating a packing plan of outfits you have previously designed for an upcoming trip.

14. Stylicious


Stylicious offers both a virtual closet and an outfit generator lookbook option. It has cool ideas for how to mix and match your wardrobe to create a variety of different styles. For example, you can get vintage-themed outfit ideas to give you a new look!

If you opt-in, the app will even send you daily style advice or inspiration notifications. You can download Stylicious for free for both Apple and Android devices.

15. Twelve70


Twelve70 has a unique focus because it offers outfit suggestions for men. Of course, most apps offer a wide range of clothing options for people of any gender, but very few focus solely on men’s clothing! The app calls itself an “outfit calculator,” which makes its process sound very logical and perhaps more appealing to men.

In this app, you can create a virtual closet, schedule outfits to wear at a later time, and shop for wishlist items based on outfit suggestions in the app. You can download the app for free though some features may require an in-app purchase.

How Do I Start Building an Outfit?

Whether you use an outfit-generating app or just your own intuition, you can follow a few helpful tips to start building an outfit.

  • Contrasts work best. Most of the time, wearing a top and bottom pieces with contrasting colors, textures, or shapes will work best. For instance, if you wear fitted jeans, you may want to balance that out with a flowy, colorful top.
  • Fun details bring an outfit to life. Consider wearing a belt or trying a shirt with a funky collar. If you need to wear something basic like a blue suit, you can try wearing bold red heels to brighten it up!
  • Dress for your body type. Peplum tops highlight a narrow waistline. Wear chunky necklaces and bold-colored tops if you want to draw eyes away from your hips. You can find all kinds of tips for highlighting specific body parts!
  • Wear layers. If you have a couple of good jackets, blazers, or sweaters, you can easily create a more nuanced outfit by layering your clothes.
  • Pair neutral with colors or accessories. Even if you need to wear “boring” colors like black and blue for your work outfits, you can always add fun accessories like jewelry, shoes, or even hats!

Outfit Maker for Men’s Clothes

Two of the most popular outfit maker for men’s clothes are Twelve70 and Emuit. Both apps provide outfit generators to put various clothing items together in stylish ways. They both focus on virtual design ideas and do not require you to upload a picture of every piece of clothing you own before you get started.

Most outfit generator apps offer plenty of men’s clothing suggestions, but they do not focus solely on men’s clothing.

Outfit Maker Game

If you love fashion and like to constantly imagine new ways to pair clothes together, you probably enjoy outfit maker games and outfit makers for your own clothes!

A few popular games include:

  • Outfit Makeover is an android game produced by Supersonic LTD that you can download for free. This game lets you give makeovers to avatars in over 70 levels of play. You can choose from all kinds of options as you re-style and create outfits for the avatars!
  • Costume Creator IX is a fun online game that lets you style a male figure in lots of funny movie and fantasy-novel styles.
  • Aesthetic Dress Up is another fun online game that lets you create virtual outfits. You can also join an online community to share and discuss styles if you want!

Best Free Outfit Maker

My Wardrobe and Pureple have really high ratings as excellent free outfit makers. That said, many apps and websites listed in this guide don’t cost anything unless you make in-app purchases.

Pureple and My Wardrobe both offer feature-rich clothing planners that should give you everything you need to reorganize your closet and wear your clothes in new ways. You don’t need a monthly subscription or a paid download for these tools!

Which Wardrobe App is Best?

Plenty of wardrobe apps like Pureple, Stylicious, and StyleBook have huge followings and offer great organizing tools.

But the best wardrobe app for you gives you the tools you need to plan your look. If you need a virtual closet, pick an app that lets you upload images of the clothes you already own. If you want shopping inspiration to form brand-new outfits, try a shopping outfit generator like the one available through Amazon.

If you need an app to help you plan, make sure you download an outfit generator that has a calendar feature. You can pin specific outfits to upcoming dates and be ready to go!


Outfit generator apps and websites use algorithms to offer you style suggestions based on your shopping preferences or uploaded images of your own clothes. Some outfit makers provide a virtual closet space for you to download or upload images of the clothes you like and own. Others provide digital clothes for you to mix and match as inspiration for your own style choices.

A few of the most popular outfit maker apps include Pureple, StyleBook, Stylicious, Twelve70, and Smart Closet. You can also download free games that let you create digital outfits for in-game characters as a way to build your fashion skills.