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Top 10 Mexican Clothing Brands

Are you bored with fashion brands based in Paris, Milan, or London? If you are, then consider looking at Mexican brands. Mexican clothing is becoming popular due to its unique style and fresh designs. There are loads of brands to choose from, though. What are the top 10 Mexican clothing brands?

The top 10 Mexican clothing brands include Graziano and Gutierrez, Mancandy, and Trista. There is also The Pack, Hermanos Koumori, and Eilean Brand. Also included in the top 10 are Pays, Alejandra Raw, Laguna Collective, and Yakampot. These brands are forerunners in bringing Mexican style to the fashion world.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 of the top Mexican clothing brands. Read on to discover your next favorite designer.

Why Choose Mexican Clothing Brands?

Mexico has long been associated with style. It’s an area world-renowned for architecture, museums, and contemporary art, as well as exquisite jewelry.

These days Mexico is blossoming as an up-and-coming design center for clothing and mainstream fashion. No longer are the skills of the craftspeople restricted to accessories, buildings, and art. Now, Mexico is making a name for itself in streetwear, outdoor clothing, and designer garments.

Although designers are based throughout Mexico, several are located in Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Tulum, making these areas the new go-to fashion hot spots. Many still focus on the rich cultural heritage of both Aztec and pre-Columbian style in their designs.

With a heavy influence from Mexico’s indigenous roots, the clothing gives an exciting edge to fashion, particularly when mixed with elements of European imagery. By blending the two disparate cultures of old fashion and new, Mexican designers have created a unique and highly desirable style that speaks to fashionistas across the globe.

Not only that, but many Mexican designers have embraced sustainability. Their collections are rooted in environmental concerns. By using ecological materials, they strive to create ethical clothing that is both wearable and kind to nature.

Mexican fashion is becoming more sought-after. With an emphasis on chic, elegant individuality, it’s giving traditional European fashion houses a run for their money. You should try Mexican clothing brands because they are refreshingly different from anything mainstream fashion has seen before.

Top 10 Mexican Clothing Brands

There are several Mexican clothing brands based all over Mexico. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known and popular brands.

1. Alejandra Raw


mexican fashion brands

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Alejandra Raw is a brand that focuses on responsible fashion. The designer Alejandra Marquez is a native of Guadalajara and is a keen environmentalist.

Her clothing line echos her passion for conservation and she designs garments for the future that are inspired by nature. Her designs encompass cultural awareness and heavily grounded in her Mexican origins.

The brand uses hand knitting and pedal looms to make its garments, relying on recycled fibers and upcycled materials. Prices range from $100 to $170.

You’ll find this brand makes one-size-fits-all garments intended to give a loose and comfortable fit. Although they have a showroom in Guadalajara, you’ll need to make an appointment to visit it. The best place to buy her clothing is via the website.

2. Eilean Brand


mexican fashion brands

Santiago de Queretaro is home to Eilean Brand. An organic women’s clothing designer with a focus on zero waste. This brand aims to encourage a more conscious attitude toward apparel shopping.

One of the ways the brand strives to change how people look at clothing is by encouraging customers to research fashion outlets before making a purchase. Knowing where products are made and the materials used makes environmental impact more obvious.

This mission isn’t restricted to Eilean Brand’s customers. They also encourage other fashion brands to become more responsible for the environment and the impact their activities have on it.

Eilean Brand was founded in 2012 and reached 100% sustainability in 2016. Clothing made by the brand is made in Mexico using Mexican resources and textiles, many of which are recycled.

Many garments can be purchased for between $40 and $130. The brand has an online store that sells more than just clothes. You can also buy accessories like earrings, scrunchies, and sleep masks.

3. Graziano and Gutierrez

Graziano and Gutierrez

This brand produces workwear. Graziano and Gutierrez was founded in 2018, and their first clothing collection was released in 2019. Although the brand has a base in Portland, Oregon, the fabric is made by artisans based in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

It’s a slow fashion brand that only produces a few items in its capsule-based seasonal collections. These items are handmade by Alejandro Gutierrez to order. As they are only available in limited quantities, there is less risk of buying frenzies that can lead to high levels of waste.

Their clothing repurposes textiles used for tablecloths and upholstery. Each item they make preserves and honors the rich Mexican heritage, as well as providing a showcase for the work of artisan craftspeople.

With prices ranging from $50 to $300, they are both affordable and exclusive. Along with their clothing range, they also make homewares, including throw blankets and pillowcases.

4. Hermanos Koumori

Hermanos Koumori

Alejandro Sandler and Alex Leon are the driving force behind the Hermanos Koumori brand. Based in Mexico City, the brand is focused on streetwear with a difference.

As lovers of a narrative, each one of their clothing collections features a story of a fictional universe that plays into the inspiration behind the designs. These can be as different as a fictional airline, a baseball game, and a running club.

Many of their clothes are made from rip-stop nylon as a nod to their streetwear aesthetic. This includes suit separates. All of them are designed for the rigors of everyday wear. With prices from $50 to $180, it’s a affordable and edgy brand.

5. Laguna Collective

Laguna Collective

Ethical and timeless, Laguna Collective is a clothing brand for men, women, and children. Through using natural organic materials and traditional techniques, the brand offers one-of-a-kind clothing from its base in Tulum, Mexico.

By doing so, they offer employment and economic stability to the indigenous women who hand-make the garments in their clothing range. Not only does this provide them with the means to support their families, but also to stay in their villages and preserve their way of life.

The garments are produced using organic materials. Dyes are created from many of the plants and trees found locally in Mexico. Each piece of embroidered decoration has a personal touch from the embroiderer.

Laguna Collective clothing can be purchased through their website. Prices range from $45 up to $250. Due to the unique and individual nature of the clothing range, items are not exchangeable. Nor can orders be canceled once placed.

6. Mancandy


Created by the musician and photographer Andres Jiménez, the Mancandy brand blends music with fashion. Worn by celebrities like Iggy Azalea and covered by the fashion magazine Vogue, this brand doesn’t focus on Mexican culture.

Instead, it is a gender-neutral range of garments with bold shapes and a hint of urban fashion. The brand is colorful, edgy, and unconventional, emphasizing individuality and body positivity.

This range of eclectic apparel encourages you to explore color and style and play with different pieces to find your inner identity. Prices on the website are quoted in Mexican Pesos. A garment priced at $3400.00 MXN will set you back about $173 USD.

7. Pays


Pays is a brand that takes the old heritage of Mexico and mixes it with a modern, fresh vibe. With a heavy influence from folk art and a huge dollop of Mexican pop culture, this is a fun, vibrant brand that screams youth and vitality.

Colorful and bold imagery plays a large part in the aesthetic of Pays. Their unisex designs combine Aztec design with a splash of tie-dye artistry to create garments that embrace eccentricity.

Designed by Raul and Molo, there’s more than a little inspiration from the 1980s in their clothing collections. You can choose from embroidered sweaters or bright, impactful ponchos. Their focus is on expressing your style and passion through fashion.

Prices for Pays clothing can range from $89 for a La Danza Orange shirt to $139 for a Love is the Air Poncho, and you can even get a Tibetan Sunset tiger rug for $128.

8. The Pack

The Pack

Established in 2015 in Mexico City by Patricio Campillo, The Pack started as a luxury menswear brand. These days it’s more of a unisex collection of clothing focused on the environment and sustainability.

Inspiration for the designs comes from Mexican history and events, particularly the traditional dress of Charros, or horsemen. Using these conventional outfits as a base, the luxury garments created by Campillo reflect a more modern approach to clothing for today’s Charros.

The Pack is a brand that is driven by fair trade and has a positive impact on society and the world around it. Clothes included within the range include made-to-order pieces, as well as items available from their many collections.

Prices for the clothing can range from $200 and upwards, a luxury brand and the cost of each garment reflects the work and the materials that went into making it.

9. Simple by Trista

Simple by Trista

There are two brands under this heading. Simple by Trista and their parent brand Trista. Based in Mexico City, Simple by Trista is run by Giovanni Estrada and Alexis Meza Blocker.

The designs for this branch of the fashion brand are simple. Taking a careful balance of artisan and industrial influences, the brand focuses on durable, high-quality garments. Ones that portray sophistication and a charismatic can-do attitude.

Both Trista and Simple by Trista promote Mexican fashion to the world. Recognized by Vogue Mexico’s Who’s on Next award, Trista has positioned itself as a luxury brand with growing global appeal.

This brand is based on comfortable unisex clothing that features linen, ramie, and silk blends. All in solid colors, from subtle pinks through to cooling blues. Ideal for capsule wardrobes, the garments made are ideal if you are looking for a simple, minimalist style.

It’s a look with a designer price tag, though. You can expect to pay anywhere from $170 to $200 for a dress. Or around $150 for a denim jacket.

10. Yakampot


Yakampot has five branches throughout Mexico City. There is also a branch in Miami. It’s a brand that is gaining international appeal. Handcrafted by artisans across Mexico, the brand has been worn by celebrities, including Cecilia Suérez.

The original designer behind Yakampot was Francisco Cancino, whose designs featured neutral tones and flowing materials, with an emphasis on sophistication, his style was one of feminine elegance.

Although he left the brand recently, a new designer, Huguette Hubard is taking the brand to new heights with inspirational designs. But the aesthetic is still linked to traditional Mexican textiles and organic fibers.

Yakampot has been covered by several publications, including Elle Mexico and Glamour Mexico. It has also appeared at the annual New York Fashion Week. Back in 2014, the brand won the Who’s on Next award, which was given to them by Vogue Mexico.

This is a luxury brand with prices to match, a simple Chaqueta Japonesa, or a Japanese Jacket, will set you back $4399.00 MXN, or about $223 USD.


Mexican clothing brands are becoming increasingly popular with fashionistas around the world due to their innovative designs that combine heritage with modern techniques.

This list of the top 10 Mexican clothing brands has plenty to choose from, enabling you to enhance and perfect your style with vibrant Mexican clothing.