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10 Best Merino Wool Clothing Brands

Among the plethora of fast fashion brands out there – touting synthetic garments that, upon first glance, might look cute – it’s nice to see another type of material gaining traction again. Clothing brands focused on natural and sustainable materials seem to be getting noticed more often. One material in particular – merino wool, is a long-standing favorite – so what are some favorite merino wool brands?

Merino wool clothing is sustainable and made of renewable fibers. Merino wool is sturdy and versatile. It can be found in garments from socks to hats and everything in between from brands like Duckworth, Smartwool, Unbound Merino, and Allbirds. Even the classic brand Pendleton uses wool for their timeless blankets.

In this article, we will go over ten of the best brands for merino wool clothing. We’ll also touch on some favorite merino wool brands specifically for accessories and clothing for men. Finally – we’ll include the most affordable merino wool clothing brands you can choose from and which are made in the USA.

Best Merino Wool Clothing Brands

Top 10 Merino Wool Clothing Brands

Merino wool is an ideal material for many reasons. Wool is 100% natural. Merino wool, in particular, is softer and thinner than many other wool types. Merino wool fibers are also sustainable and renewable – something that should be considered in many aspects of our lives, including clothing.

Merino wool is great for all seasons, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular choice for active and outdoor wear.

On the one hand – merino wool is exceptionally warm. It is one of the best materials for base layers to wear underneath all your other winter wear. Merino wool is moisture-wicking – which means it draws any moisture away from your skin – keeping you warm and dry.

On the other hand – it can also keep you cool. The moisture-wicking properties of wool can also be cooling by drawing heat and sweat away from your body. Merino wool can be incredibly light and breathable – so it’s also a great choice for warmer weather.

Wool is also super durable. It can stand up to a lot of use and wear and tear. If and when it does start to break down – merino wool is a great candidate for being mended. There are many creative ways to patch or repair your merino wool items – even further extending the life of your garments.

Merino wool can be used to make garments to cover you from head to toe. Below you will find ten of the top merino wool clothing brands to fulfill your closet’s every need.

1. Duckworth


Duckworth wool is a true American classic. Founded on a ski lift in Montana – Duckworth prides itself in being the only single original merino wool brand in the world! Duckworth’s Sheep-to-Shelf process starts with their ranch in Dillon, Montana – where their merino sheep live at high altitudes on open ranges. Grazing on natural plants in temperatures that range from -40 to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit!

These extreme and rugged conditions result in a rare, incredibly soft yet durable wool. It also produces fibers that are super breathable with a high loft – thanks to an exceptional “crimp” in the fleece.

After the sheep are shorn, the wool is transported to select professionals across the United States to be spun, dyed, knit, and then finished into the beautiful garments and accessories you can find on their site.

Duckworth offers tops, bottoms, sweaters and hoodies, jackets, vests, and base layers for men and women. You can also peruse their collections by fabric type or wool weight – lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight – if you’re looking for items with a specific density.

Duckworth’s accessories include balaclavas, neck gaiters, knit beanies, and merino wool-lined deerskin gloves. As well as an assortment of high-functioning socks to help keep your toes dry in the coldest weather.

2. Ibex


Ibex is an eco-conscious company committed to paving the way for ethical apparel and amplifying the message to buy less and buy better. Ibex was founded in 1997 and still only partners with other companies who share their commitment to supporting the well-being of the global community.

Ibex ensures that working conditions – for anyone who works on their products – are fair, safe, non-discriminatory, and empowering. This is all part of their goal to create and supply apparel of the highest quality in the most ethically sound ways possible.

Ibex’s wool comes from Australia and New Zealand – where farms are regularly inspected to ensure that the sheep are respected.

As a proud member of the Conservation Alliance – TCA – Ibex is continually taking measures to reduce their emissions. From supply chain to anywhere else that they can – Ibex is always doing what they can to shrink their carbon footprint.

Ibex describes themselves as a high-performance merino wool apparel company, offering just about everything you’ll need for the outdoors and more.

From underwear to base layers, mid layers, and outerwear – Ibex has both men and women covered. You can also shop their extensive collection for your intended use – travel, hiking, or everyday wear.

In addition to apparel – Ibex has an assortment of merino wool accessories to help outfit your entire body in soft, warm wool. Blankets to help keep you cozy. And super cute sheepy dryer puff balls to help keep your clothes static-free – while also eliminating the use of wasteful dryer sheets.

3. Icebreaker


Icebreaker was founded in New Zealand over 20 years ago with the dream of finding a natural solution to the technical synthetic apparel problem. Icebreaker’s founder – Jeremy Moon – wanted to offer people a natural alternative to synthetic outdoor apparel.

The goal is much the same today – where Icebreaker can be found in over 40 countries worldwide – to transform merino wool into high-performance natural clothing.

Icebreaker’s purpose is sustainability-driven – providing natural apparel to create a healthier, more sustainable future for mankind and the planet.

Icebreaker has been working with the same New Zealand growers since the founding of his company in the mid-1990s, where they are committed to responsible stewardship of the animals and the land.

The apparel options offered by Icebreaker are extensive, with full lines for men and women and a select number of items for kids. Women can find a good assortment of bras and underwear, base layers, tops – from tanks to sweaters – pants, leggings, and shorts.

Their accessories offerings include hats, gloves, socks, and neckwear.

4. Minus33


Minus33 was founded in Ashland, New Hampshire, in 2002. Starting out as a snowmobile brand – Minus33’s versatility helped them to quickly grow to include other outdoor markets such as hiking, skiing, and hunting. The harsh – yet beautiful – weather conditions in the area lent the perfect atmosphere to put their gear to the test.

Minus33 aims to provide high-quality merino wool products for everyone at affordable prices. They create products that can be well-worn and will last from season to season for anyone who has the desire to be outdoors – regardless of experience or skill level.

Minus33 believes that properly preparing with reliable gear is the first step to creating a lifetime passion for whatever activity you desire. And they want to be the ones to set you up for success.

Minus33 offers full lines of gear for women and men – from underwear to all layers, hats, gloves, socks, neck and face coverings. You can shop their selections by the specific activity you’re interested in or by their collections.

Because they fully believe in their gear – all of Minus33’s products are backed by a One Year Warranty and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

5. Smartwool


Smartwool has become one of the most popular brands of merino wool clothing products out there. A company with a great love for the outdoors – Smartwool is dedicated to making gear designed to make people comfortable and confident while out in the wild.

Smartwool believes fully in the advantages of wool – it’s natural, helps regulate body temperature, and helps keep you dry and sweat-free. Merino wool is also the top pick for Smartwool because they love how it’s soft, layerable, and helps eliminate odors.

Wool is also biodegradable – which can’t be said for the synthetic materials on the market – is naturally fire-resistant and helps provide UV protection! What can’t wool do?!

With all of these natural benefits – it’s no wonder that Smartwool is so in love with merino wool. And this is why they’ve dedicated themselves to creating products that are designed for this, from travel to trekking.

In addition to extensive clothing lines for both women and men – Smartwool boasts a wide selection of socks – one of their most beloved items. They also offer all sorts of head and neck gear to help keep you warm so you can stay outdoors longer.

Beyond apparel altogether – Smartwool offers a couple of merino wool blankets to stay cozy indoors. And! for the camping enthusiast – they even have a merino wool sleeping bag liner.

6. Smitten Merino

Smitten Merino

Smitten Merino is a family company that was created in 2007. Smitten prides themselves in combining all the benefits of superfine merino wool with classic and timeless clothing designs – creating luxury clothing you can wear every day for years.

Smitten Merino is proud to be an earth-friendly company – that uses natural and sustainable fibers in their products. With their fabrics being produced in Melbourne, Australia – Smitten is powered by their solar panel plant and has their own water treatment plant. Smitten Merino supports local manufacturers and is committed to transparency.

Smitten Merino is committed to utilizing as many zero waste practices as possible – using all garment cuttings to create accessories. As well as using 100% biodegradable packaging to send out all online orders.

Unlike most merino wool brands on the market dedicated to active and outdoor wear – Smitten Merino creates beautifully designed, comfortable, and fashionable everyday wear. For women – they offer a great choice of timeless classic pieces in superfine merino wool.

Each garment in Smitten’s women’s line is designed to be versatile with the ability to be worn for years. Their clothing can easily be worn on their own or styled in combination with other items to accommodate your individuality.

With a full line of ready-to-wear men’s wear, accessories, and a cute collection of gifts for kids, Smitten Merino has your whole family – and closet – thoroughly covered.

7. Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino was created by three friends who loved to travel when they discovered that merino wool had all the advantages for creating the best travel gear.

The creators of Unbound Merino recognized the benefits of merino wool – but they were looking for something different than what the outdoor companies had to offer. These guys wanted something that would perform and look good at a museum, restaurant, concert, or a night on the town.

So Unbound Merino was born with simplicity, versatility, and performance in mind. Unbound fills a fashion gap with a collection of merino wool clothing designed specifically for travel and everyday wear. Their versatile collection aims to help you pack less with their timeless, high-performing clothes that can be worn in many ways.

Unbound has classic basics for men and women in muted, neutral colors that can be worn across seasons, and paired with many different looks. Their gift packs make it easy to shop for yourself – or others – by bundling some of their most popular items together.

8. Wool&


Wool &’s aim is to help people live simply, consume carefully, and do good. They believe in quality over quantity and that together we can leave the world better than we found it.

Wool is the founding material for the brand – and they believe that wool can equip us to do more of the things we love. Whether that’s traveling, working, or being at home. Wool& aims to design products that will be the most practical and wearable items in your closet.

Wool& offers an extensive line of women’s ready-to-wear clothing made from their favorite natural material – merino wool. From dresses and jumpsuits to all sorts of bottoms and tops – Wool& is prepared to provide you with an entire, versatile wardrobe that you’ll be wearing for years.

In addition to women’s wear – Wool& offers a curated collection of kid’s wear and a selection of rotating home goods – currently featuring a super cozy, luxurious merino wool throw.

9. Woolly


Woolly is a big believer in merino wool – life is better in merino- a statement they stand firmly behind. Woolly hopes to make every part of your merino wool wardrobe exciting – from your t-short to your undies.

Woolly was founded by three Seattleites who love the outdoors and wearing merino wool. They noticed the negative impact synthetic materials are having on the world, along with how expensive the alternative was and decided it was time for a change.

Woolly wants to provide wool garments for all aspects of your life – from active to workplace, home and everything in between. They believe that nothing matches the performance or versatility of merino wool and aim to go head to head with the synthetics market with merino made for all.

Woolly wants to do business for good – helping to eliminate the hazardous plastics that crowd landfills and destroy oceans. They are working to continuously develop new products that will outperform synthetics and hopefully continue to reduce their use over time.

Woolly offers men’s and women’s lines of active, basic, and everyday wear, along with clothing meant for work, commuting, and travel.

10. WoolX


WoolX was founded in Upstate New York by a father-daughter team with a long retail history in the outdoor world. They’d been serving the community with their brick-and-mortar store in central New York for more than 72 years. But in 2012, they decided it was time to create their own merino wool performance clothing brand.

WoolX claims to have the warmest base layers for men and women. They take pride in the fact that they’ve developed easy-to-care-for clothing that can be machine washed and dried without damage.

They believe that their merino wool garments are not only the best performing – but also the softest and comfiest you’ll find. Tough enough to keep you warm outdoors and comfortable enough to sleep in. WoolX’s products are built for comfort, style, and performance.

WoolX offers men’s and women’s basics, base layers, underwear, socks, and sleepwear. Accessories such as hats, beanies, neckwear, and blankets – are all backed by their solid customer satisfaction guarantee.

Merino Wool Clothing Brands for Men

Most of the merino wool clothing brands out there are committed to the entire process of wool from beginning to end. Most companies aim to provide quality wool gear to both men and women. But – there are a couple of companies that have lines specifically dedicated to men.


Outlier is an urban men’s clothing store making material for the city. Their main focus is on clothing, but they also carry some bags and accessories and note that they also dabble in other experimental items.

While Outlier isn’t dedicated solely to merino wool clothing, they have a good selection of shirts and outerwear.

Western Rise

Western Rise hopes to create the most versatile clothing for everyday life to help people elevate their lives. Their goal is to design simplistic, high-performing, timeless garments that can be worn in many versatile ways.

Western Rise makes it easy to find their merino wool collection, including a versatile selection of tops and everyday socks.

Wool & Prince

Wool and Prince is one of the most impressive brands making merino wool clothing for men. They believe that a simplistic but versatile wardrobe can help guys get more out of life.

Wool and Prince stands firmly behind wool as a superior material – they’ve named their whole company after the fiber itself. They promote its breathability, wrinkle, odor and stain-resistance as just a few of the top reasons it’s so beneficial.

Another benefit of shopping with Wool and Prince is their dedication to transparency. Every step of their process – from growers to retail shelves – is traceable on their website.

Wool and Prince has one of the most extensive lines of merino wool ready-to-wear men’s clothing on the market. Any shirt you’ll need – from under to button-down – pants, shorts, socks and underwear – W & P has you covered. You could easily outfit an entire wardrobe – and a classy one at that – just by visiting Wool and Prince alone.

Best Brands for Merino Wool Accessories

If you’ve already covered your wardrobe with merino wool products – or just want to add some essential accessories – the list below will also help cover the little accessories.


It’s difficult to think about shoes being made from wool – but people should be thinking about it more when it comes to the sustainability aspect. With 57% of footwear made from synthetic materials – most shoes on the market aren’t very good for the planet.

But Allbirds is trying to change that. Allbirds is taking us into the future by going back to the past – using natural materials instead of synthetics. Allbirds uses renewable materials as much as they can – when they can’t, they use recycled or create an even better alternative.

Allbirds has a wide selection of women’s and men’s shoes in all sorts of fashionable styles – and at competitive prices! They even have a line of shoes for our little friends and family members – appropriately named smallbirds!

Darn Tough

Darn Tough has made a good name for themselves in the sock world. Merino wool is the perfect material for socks and Darn Tough will stand behind this claim with a lifetime guarantee. Their website states that if their socks aren’t the longest-lasting pair you’ve ever owned, you can send them back – no questions asked – and receive a replacement pair.

Darn Tough has socks in every style, for every occasion, and every family member.


Pendleton is pretty much a household name when it comes to the perfect timeless, warm blanket to throw over your couch. Established in 1863 – it’s probably safe to say they’re one of the oldest brands to produce fine merino wool products.

Pendleton offers dreamy wool blankets in many styles and patterns to match anyone’s decor preferences. Beyond the blankets – Pendleton also offers a beautiful selection of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and other items for the home.


As seen above, Smartwool is one of the market’s most loved merino wool brands. Their socks are an obvious favorite, but they also offer many other sorts of merino wool gear to help keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

Made in USA Wool Clothing Brands

Much of the world’s merino wool is produced outside of the United States, so it’s a bit more tricky to find a wide selection of goods produced fully in the USA.

Duckworth is the most notable brand when it comes to local merino wool. Their goods are made 100% on American soil – from their local Montana sheep to the shops where it’s sold.

Minus33 is also proudly made in the USA. Logistically speaking, having their goods made in America helps keep their gear widely available – one of the company’s key goals.

While most of WoolX’s products are made overseas, they proudly advertise a line of 100% made in the USA socks.

For a little sock competition, though – Darn Tough also offers American-made goods, this exceptionally high-quality sock brand is proudly based in Vermont.

Pendleton is a long-standing Pacific Northwest company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For over 100 years, they’ve been producing their luxury wool gear in one of two of their Pacific Northwest mills.

Most Affordable Merino Wool Clothing Brands

Buying merino wool can cost more upfront, but it will be worth it in the long run. The benefits of buying clothing made of merino wool sell themselves – and these characteristics also mean that you’ll need to buy less and buy less often.

Still – if much of the merino wool clothing on the market seems out of reach, you’re not out of luck. Minus33 and Woolly are two great brands that aim to provide all benefits of wool to all.

If you start buying piece by piece and build your wool wardrobe slowly – you’ll soon see that it’s possible to have a closet full of durable, versatile, earth-friendly clothes.


If you didn’t already know how great merino wool is – hopefully now you have a better idea! Wool isn’t just for sweaters and base layers – contrary to what some people believe – it’s also not just for cold weather.

Wool is the perfect versatile material that can be worn in all seasons. It layers beautifully and has loads of other beneficial characteristics. If you’re not already – you should be trying to convert most of your wardrobe into this sustainable and fashionable material.