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Levi’s 559 vs 569: What Is the Difference?

Levi’s sells plenty of comfortably loose jeans perfect for wearing at a construction sight, for a job around the neighborhood, or to hang out and grill in the backyard! But picking the right pair of relaxed-fit jeans for you may seem challenging. For example, when you compare Levi’s 559 vs 569, what is the difference between the two kinds of jeans?

The main difference between Levi’s 559 and 569 styles of jeans is that the 559 style has a relaxed straight fit and the 569 has a loose straight fit. Levi’s 559 and 569 styles feature a relaxed fit, but the 559 cut has a larger leg opening than the 569 styles. Both styles of jeans have a low-rise waist that rests below the natural waistline.

In this article, you will learn the key similarities and differences between Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans. You will discover what other kinds of Levi’s jeans compare to the 559 and 569. Finally, you will find tips to help you pick the best relaxed-fit jeans for your body.

Levis 559 vs 569

Levi’s 559 vs 569: Key Points

  559 569
Cut Relaxed straight fit Loose straight fit
Waist Low and comfortable Low and comfortable
Leg Opening 18” 18.5”
Rise Low, with a front rise of just 10 ⅜” Low, with a front rise of 11”
Seat Roomy and stretchy Roomy and stretchy
Material Stretch denim with 2% Lycra in the weave Stretch denim with 2% Lycra in the weave
Fly Zip fly Zip fly

What are Levi’s 559?

Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans (Also Available in Big & Tall), Steely Blue-Medium Wash-Stretch, 29W x 32LLevi’s 559 jeans have a relaxed straight fit cut. These jeans feature a low-rise fabric with a little stretch in them and loose, straight legs. The straight leg style means that the jean legs have the same width from the thigh to the ankle.

The 559 style will feel and look quite loose on you. The low-rise waist has a casual appearance, the seat has a roomy look, and the thighs hang loosely without looking too baggy.

That said, the leg opening for the 559 measures 18 inches. This generous opening looks far looser than the legs on slim fit or skinny jeans but more narrow than some other relaxed fit jeans that have larger leg openings.

Levi’s 559 style pays homage to the first pair of jeans ever made, called the 501. This classic style, first introduced in the late 1800s, had straight legs and a loose fit, much like the 559. The 559 has a more relaxed fit and includes more fabric than this classic style, but it does carry on the tradition of a pair of jeans that allows easy movement for work or play.

What are Levi’s 569?

Levi's Men's 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans, Indigo, 38W x 30LIf you love loose, low-slung jeans, Levi’s 569 will suit your taste to a T! This cut, called loose straight fit, has a boxy appearance with a seat, thighs, and lower leg, all meant to fit with loose and relaxed comfort.

Straight-fit jeans do not taper in at the ankle. This can give the impression of boxier legs than a style with legs that narrow at the ankle. Plus, Levi’s 569 jeans have an 18.5” leg opening, meaning the straight leg of the jeans has a looser fit.

All the extra fabric in the legs of these jeans makes them a natural fit for anyone with wider legs. If you have a bigger frame, you may find that the loose shape of these jeans gives you plenty of room for movement. If you have a more slender frame, you may discover that though the waist and length of the jeans technically fit you, the overall shape seems to hang off you and look too big.

Levi’s 569 jeans may seem like a spin-off of the 559. They do certainly share many similarities! But overall, the 569 jeans include just a bit more denim and have a looser fit than the 559 style.

What is the Difference Between Levi’s 559 and 569?

Difference Between Levis 559 and 569

The most obvious difference between Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans is that the 559 style has a slightly narrower lower leg and a smaller leg opening than the 569 style.


Levi’s 559 has a relaxed straight fit and the 569 style has a loose straight fit. This means that, on the whole, the 569 has a roomier fit that includes slightly more fabric in the shape of the jeans. But the 559 style has a comfortable fit as well, with a loose seat and roomy thighs.


You will notice a slight difference in the height of the waistbands in the 559 and 569 jeans. The waistline on a pair of Levi’s 559 jeans will ride quite low, almost down to your hips. Levi’s 569 style also has a low-rise waist, but not quite as low as the 559.

Leg Opening

The biggest difference between the 559 and 569 styles of Levi’s jeans is that the 559 has an 18” leg opening, and the 569 style has an 18.5” leg opening. If half an inch sounds minuscule to you, keep in mind that the leg opening also determines the overall width of the lower leg of the jeans. If you have an 18” leg opening, you also have an 18-inch wide leg from the knee down.

Likewise, if you have an 18.5” leg opening on a pair of straight-cut jeans, the lower leg of the pant will have an 18.5” diameter. This incorporates quite a lot of extra fabric in the pant leg, making it look larger and boxier.


Both Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans have a low-rise waist, meaning that the waistband rests low on your torso, below your natural waist.

The rise of a pair of pants describes the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam. The 559 has a front rise of just 10 ⅜” and the 569 style has a front rise of 11 inches. This means that Levi’s 569 has a slightly higher waistband than Levi’s 559, which has a very low, slouchy waistband.


Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans have a loose and relaxed fit in the seat. You should not feel as if the seat bags out from your body, but the denim will form a straight line down to the thigh instead of clinging to the shape of your rear.


The 559 and 569 styles of Levi’s jeans use a type of denim made with 98% cotton and 2% Lycra. This gives the twill-weave fabric a tiny bit of stretch as you move around.

Depending on where you shop, you can also find both styles of jeans in a wide range of colors and washes. If you look at Levi’s website, they provide only four or five different colors for each style. But online vendors like Amazon continue to offer a wider range of colors because Levi’s has produced a variety of colors and washes for these jeans in the past.

Some popular colors for the 559 and 569 styles include Ocean Blues, Dark Blue, Vintage Light, and Kale Dark.


Both Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans have a zipper fly. The only real difference in this area is that the 559 has a slightly lower front rise, meaning that the length of the zipper may seem a tad shorter.

Are Levi’s 559 Discontinued?

You can still find Levi’s 559 jeans for sale on the company website. You can even find this style available for Big and Tall sizes, too! The rumor mill seems to constantly wonder which style of jeans Levi’s may ditch next, but the fact is that loose and comfy jeans like the 559 remain perennially popular.

Now, you may want to watch the colors and washes available for this jeans cut. These do fade in and out of availability over time. For example, Levi’s sells 559 jeans in an Ocean Blues shade today, but this particular shade of blue could disappear from the online store next year.

Levi’s Jeans Similar to 559

If you like the 559’s relaxed fit, you may want to check out other Levi’s jeans styles that also have a roomier, looser cut!

What is the Difference Between Levi’s 559 and 560?

Levi’s 559 has a more relaxed style than Levi’s 560 jeans, though the 560 style does offer a comfort-fit cut. The 560 has a mid-rise waist that sits at the waistline, a comfortable but not loose seat, and a little extra room in the thighs. This style of jeans comes in soft-wash denim made with Levi’s patented Water<Less technology.

Another key difference between the two styles is that the 560 jeans have a much smaller, more tapered leg opening than the 559. The 560 has a leg opening of just 16”, while the 559 has a leg opening of 18 inches.

The bottom line is that the 560 looks a bit more fitted and trendy than the 559, but may not feel as relaxed and totally comfortable.

Levi’s 559 Vs 541

Levis 541

The big difference between Levi’s 559 and 541 is that the 559 has a relaxed straight fit and the 541 has an athletic fit with straight legs. What does this mean in practical terms? The athletic fit is designed to show off muscled legs.

This style offers extra room in the thighs but then tapers down to a fairly close leg opening of just 15.75 inches. This style offers jeans with extra space for an athletic body but is designed to make you look taller and more slim and stylish.

In contrast, the 559 straight-up just has a loose fit overall and hangs down the legs loosely without outlining their shape.

Levis 559 Vs 505

Levi 505 regular fit vs straight fit

Levi’s 559 jeans have a relaxed straight fit, while the older style of the 505 jeans has a regular straight fit. This means that while both styles of jeans feature straight legs that do not taper, the 505 has a more narrow leg overall. This style has a leg opening of 16.5” compared to the much wider 18” leg opening of the 559.

The 505 style has a lot of history, as it was the first pair of Levi’s jeans to feature a zip fly! First released in the 1960s, this style gave a modern (at the time) update to Levi’s traditional 501 style.

Levi’s 559 Stretch

If you like running or kicking your foot up past your shoulder while wearing jeans, you might consider Levi’s 559 Stretch jeans. This model has the cut and overall features of the regular 559 jeans but contains extra elastic fibers in the unique stretch denim for additional flexibility.

Right now, Levi’s does not offer this style through its online store. But you can often still find 559 Stretch jeans for sale on Amazon or from stores like Kohls’s.

Levi’s Jeans Similar to 569

If you love the low-slung, boxy, modern vibe of Levi’s 569 jeans, you may want to try out a few other Levi’s styles with a similar appeal!

Levi’s 469 Vs 569

The most obvious difference between Levi’s 469 and 569 models is that the 469 is shorts, while the 569 is full-length jeans! You can guess this because the 469 does not start with Levi’s regular 500 series of style numbers. The 469s have a loose fit and a hem that ends at or below the knee.

Aside from the length difference, both styles feature a low-rise waist and loose, boxy thighs. In fact, the 469 is just the 569 with the lower leg sliced off!

Levi’s 569 Alternative

If you like the super roomy shape of Levi’s 569 jeans, you may want to try Levi’s 550 or Western Fit jeans. Of course, the 559 also offers a lot of style similarities to the 569!

Levi’s 550 jeans have a relaxed fit with space in the thighs but a leg opening of 16.5 inches. This style will fit you a little more closely than the 569 jeans.

Levi’s new Western Style jeans have a midrise waist, slightly roomy thighs, and a mildly tapered lower leg with a leg opening of 16.5 inches. They come made of especially durable denim containing a small percentage of polyester fibers. Also, They feature a double-stitched inseam perfect for anyone who rides horses on the ranch all day!

What is the Difference Between Levi’s Relaxed Fit and Loose Fit?

The main difference between Levi’s relaxed fit and a loose fit lies in the width of the legs. Levi’s relaxed fit offers extra denim on the seat and thighs and has enough space at the leg opening to generously cover the tops of your boots. But a loose fit includes fractionally more denim in the shape of the pants, with a wider leg and a slightly bigger leg opening as well.

So the key difference between relaxed and loose is that a loose fit is–well–looser!

You may feel more comfortable wearing relaxed-fit jeans like the 559 if you have bigger hips and thighs. If you have a slender frame, the roomy shape of the 559 with its generous straight legs may engulf you and leave you looking like a kid playing dress up!

The 569 has become quite stylish recently with its super loose and slouchy appearance. While it does provide a great shape for anyone with a larger body, it also works as a fashion statement if you want to rock a modern urban style with sneakers and a jacket layered over a hoodie.

The low rise on both of these styles of jeans can make your torso look longer and your legs shorter. If you have long legs, go for it! But if you have shorter legs, you may find that you dislike low=rise jeans because they shorten the amount of denim between your waist and your ankles, making you appear shorter overall.


The biggest difference between Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans is that the 569 has an overall looser shape and a larger leg opening of 18.5 inches. The 559 has a relaxed straight fit, while the 569 has a loose straight fit. Both styles of jeans feature a low-rise waist, though the 569 cut has a slightly higher front rise than the 559 jeans.

If you have a bigger frame or larger thighs, you will find that the generous shape of the 559 and 569 jeans fit you comfortably. You can also wear boxier jeans like Levi’s 569 cut for style reasons, to present a slouch and modern appearance.