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Levis 513 vs 514 Jeans: What is the Difference?

If you like jeans, you can find a style perfect for every occasion, from ranch work to weddings! But sometimes choosing from all the style options like fitted or not fitted, straight-cut or tapered, can seem overwhelming. For example, what is the difference between Levis 513 and 514 jeans?

The main difference between Levis 513 and 514 jeans is that the 513 has a slim-straight cut and fits more tightly, while the 514 has a classic straight cut and hangs more loosely. Levis 513 jeans have a slim thigh, hip, lower leg, and a narrow leg opening. Levi’s 514 jeans, in contrast, offer a boxier silhouette and a wider leg opening at the ankle.

In this article, you will learn the key differences between the popular 513 and 514 styles of Levis jeans. You will find out how these styles compare to other trendy Levi’s cuts of jeans. Finally, you will discover tips for how to style these jeans!

Levis 513 vs 514 Jeans

Levis 513 vs 514 Jeans: Key Points

  513 514
Cut Slim-Straight Straight
Waist Low waist, below the natural waist Low waist, well below natural waistline
Leg Opening 15.75” 16.5”
Rise 10.5” 10.25”
Seat Close-fitting but not tight Loose but not baggy
Material Stretch Denim Stretch Denim
Fly Zipper fly Zipper Fly

What Are Levis 513 Jeans?

Levi's Men's 513 Slim Straight Jeans, Bellingham, 30W x 32LLevi’s 513 jeans have a slim straight fit that features close-fitting legs but a straight line from the knee to the ankle, rather than a tapered lower leg that you would find in regular slim fit jeans. This style provides a close-fitting cut to hug the lower torso and upper legs and give you a defined silhouette. The basic idea of the 513 is that it offers a middle ground between a slim-fit style and the baggier straight-fit style.

Because of the untapered lower leg, the 513 style does not look or fit like a skinny jeans style. But you will find them much tighter than many of Levi’s other popular styles.

The point of the 513 is to offer a pair of jeans that has all the advantages of a slim cut but the appearance of a straight-legged style. What you get because of this unique blend of styles are a low, modern waist, a fairly tight seat and thighs, and then a straight leg below the knee. The leg opening is fairly narrow with a measurement of just 15.75”, but you have plenty of fabric in the straight lower leg to provide all the mobility you need.

As you might guess from the more modern style of this cut, it is one of Levi’s more recent cuts and has not been around a hundred years or more like some of the classic cuts. Despite that, it remains quite popular and comes in a wide range of colors and finishing washes. The different colors come in everything from a boring-sounding “tan” to the more interesting “ducky boy” and “bastion” shades!

What Are Levis 514 Jeans?


What Are Levis 514 Jeans

Levi’s 514 jeans have a straight fit and provide a loose, straight line from the hip to the ankles. This more traditional style draws on the classic cut of Levi’s first style, the 501, while still offering modern touches like a low-rise waist. In fact, the 514 has a bit of a modern cowboy air to it–you can easily wear these pants for work during the day and with a nice button-down or cowboy boots for a night out later on!

The company describes these jeans as ideal for those with a “medium to athletic build.” The 514 contains quite a bit more fabric than a more fitted style, meaning that they will both hang more loosely and give you extra flexibility and room for movement while you wear them.

They will not drape off your lower body like boyfriend jeans. They simply have a looser, straighter line than a style that tapers, or narrows, down the length of the leg.

The easiest way to picture the 514 is to think of it as a modern version of Levi’s classic 501 and 505 styles. It still offers the traditional straight leg, but has modern updates like a low-rise waist, contains comfortable flex denim, and has a straight but less baggy cut all the way down.

What is the Difference Between Levis 513 and 514 Jeans?

Difference Between Levis 513 and 514 Jeans

The main difference between Levi’s 513 and 514 styles is that the 513 has a slimmer cut and fits much more closely than the 514. That said, the styles do share some defining features, such as a low-rise waist.


Levi's Men's 513 Slim Straight Jeans, Emgee-Stretch, 28 30The biggest difference between Levi’s 513 and 514 styles is that they have very different cuts or shapes. If you spread out both pairs of jeans on the floor and put the 513 on top, you would see the edge of the 514 sticking out much farther than the narrower shape of the 513!

Now, we aren’t talking yards of fabric here, but in jeans, even an inch or a fraction of an inch can make a big difference in how a pair of pants fit your lower body.

The cut of the 514 has more fabric in the hip and thigh area than the cut of the 513. Likewise, the lower leg of the straight-cut 514 offers a broader, wider cut than the slightly more narrow lower leg of the 513.

All of this creates one key, quite simple, the difference between the 514 and 513: the 513 will feel much more snug all the way down your legs than the 514.


Levi's Men's 513 Slim Straight Jeans, Tattler, 28W x 32LBoth the 514 and 513 jeans have a low-rise waist, meaning that the top edge of the waistband will rest below your navel.

The low-rise waist adds to the modern silhouette of these newer Levi’s styles, but the low-rise does not work for everyone. This type of low-rise waist can pair great with a button-down shirt or vintage tee, but it can also highlight a rounder belly. On a more positive note, it also draws the eye to the hips and can make a stylish statement for anyone with an athletic or slim body.


Levi’s 513 jeans feature a front rise of 10.5” and Levi’s 514 jeans feature a front rise of 10.25 inches. The front rise describes the distance from the crotch seam to the center top of the waistband.

As you can see, the 514 has a marginally lower rise, meaning that its waistband will rest 1/4 of an inch lower on your torso than the waistband of the 513 jeans.

This incremental difference may seem like nothing, but it does put the waist of the 514 jeans a bit closer to the hip line than to the natural waist.


Both Levis 513 and 514 jeans feature a zipper fly. This is notable mostly because some of Levi’s styles have a button fly, like the original 501.


The key difference in fit between the 514 and 513 styles of jeans is that the 514 has a looser fit. The 513 is called a “slim straight” style and the 514 is called “regular straight,” which gives you a good clue that the 513 styles will offer a more fitted shape that outlines your legs more closely.

That said, you can see a couple of distinct similarities in fit between these modern styles. First, as you already know, they both feature low-rise waists that fit closer to the hips than to the natural waist. Second, both jeans have straight legs below the knee. The 513 has a slightly more narrow leg, it’s true, but neither style offers a super tight or tapered lower leg.


Both the 513 and 514 styles of jeans contain a type of denim called stretch denim, or what Levi calls “Flex denim.” Like all Levi’s jeans, these styles still contain a large percentage of pure cotton in a sturdy, flexible twill weave. But they also contain one to two percent of elastane fibers twisted into the denim threads within the weave.

Adding a tiny fraction of elastic into the denim does not make these jeans rubber-band stretchy or even as stretchy as the average pair of skinny jeans. But it does give them a bit more flexibility for everyday movements like bending over, squatting, or running!

You can buy all of Levi’s jeans in Flex denim if you choose that option, but the newer models mostly come just in stretch denim. This follows the modern trend for clothes to fit and feel more like athleisure wear, giving you a full range of movement and comfortable ease as you wear them.

Leg Opening

While the 513 and 514 styles have straight, non-tapered legs, the 513 has a much more narrow lower leg than the 514. The 513 style offers a leg opening of just 15.75”, and the 514 has a slightly wider leg opening of 16.5”, almost a full inch larger in diameter than the 513!

Of course, it’s not just about the fact that the 514 has a wider hole where your foot sticks out of the pant leg. This also means that the whole lower leg, from knee to ankle, contains a wider fabric circle, presenting a much looser, wider silhouette. The 513, in contrast, will have a closer-fitting lower leg that may even crumple up a bit around the top of your boot or shoe because of its narrow opening.


Levi’s 513 and 514 jeans both contain what Levi calls Flex Denim. This material contains both cotton fibers and elastic fibers. Levis makes a strong effort to manufacture environmentally friendly jeans, too, so the cotton used in these jeans comes from a growing process requiring less water than usual.

You can also buy a new line of Levi’s Flex jeans in many styles, including the 513 and 514, containing a small fraction of eco-friendly wood fibers within the denim!

Though the 513 and 54 jeans use the same stretch denim in their construction, you can purchase either style of jeans in multiple colors and washes, from the original blue jean to trendy white jeans or even khaki-colored jeans. Every pair of jeans can also have unique finishes, like laser finishes giving a camo or leopard design to the denim.

All that goes to say that the jeans may technically use the same kind of fabric, but you can get very different, unique looks depending on what color, wash, and finish you select.

Best For

Both the 513 and 514 styles work best for a modern, trendy style. The flexible stretch denim also makes these jeans comfortable for everyday wear. You would probably choose these jeans as a fashion piece rather than to wear in the saddle or on a construction site.

The other thing to keep in mind about these jeans is that the low waist does tend to fit best on people with slender or narrow body types. The extra space in the 514 straight-leg style makes it a bit more forgiving of various body types, though.

Are Levis 514 Slim Straight?

Levi’s 514 jeans do not have a slim-straight cut. They feature a regular straight fit with legs that form a straight line from the thigh to the ankle. This means that they do not fit tightly in the thighs and do not taper between the knee and the ankle.

Levi’s 513 jeans, in contrast, do have a slim-fit straight cut. They have a slim, close-fitting upper leg and a narrow lower leg, though the lower leg remains straight from knee to ankle.

That said, the 514 cut has changed a bit from its original fit, which did have more of a fitted style. The current 514 style has a regular straight cut, though.

Did Levi’s Discontinue the 513?

At the moment, Levi’s continues to sell the 513 style of jeans on its website. You can also find it for sale on Amazon or from various other sellers, like Kohls. However, you may find limited availability for some washes or colors in this style, indicating that Levis plans to phase out the 513.

At this point, no announcement about a replacement for the 513 has been made. But you can find other Levi’s styles with some similarities to the 513 by reading the section on “what Levi’s are similar to the 513” later on in this article!

Is Levi’s 514 Discontinued?

Levis 514

The current version of Levi’s regular straight 514 jeans still sells on Levi’s website and from lots of other third-party sellers. The confusion seems to stem from the older variation of the 514 was discontinued. This style has a more slim fit and looked like the 513 does today.

But don’t worry–you can still buy the 514 in its latest variation today!

Do Levi’s 514 Jeans Shrink?

Levi’s 514 jeans contain a large percentage of cotton, which can shrink a little during the normal laundering process. But the company sells their garments pre-shrunk so that they will fit true to size without extreme shrinkage in the washer.

The best way to keep your Levi’s 514 jeans at their original size is to follow the care instructions listed on the manufacturer’s tag inside the jeans. Generally, this will tell you to use cold water in your washing machine and hang up the jeans to air-dry instead of placing them in the dryer.

What Levis Are Similar to the 513?

What Are Levis 505 Jeans

If you like the 513 cut but want a higher waist or perhaps a slightly different leg, you can find several other kinds of Levi’s jeans that are similar to the 513.

513 vs 511

Levi’s 511 and 513 jeans feature a slim upper leg fit, but the 513 has wider straight legs while the 511 has tapered legs. This means that Levis 511 offers a more fitted style than the 513 overall.

Because of its tapered, narrow lower leg, the 511 style also has a much smaller leg opening of just 14.5.” The 513 leg opening, as you remember, has a diameter of 15.75 inches.

513 vs 527

The key difference between the 513 and 527 is that the 527 has bootcut legs. Despite this large stylistic discrepancy, the two types of jeans do have some similarities in the overall fit, They both have a low waist, for example, and both offer a slim but not too tight it through the thighs.

If you like the way the 513 fits your lower torso and upper leg, you will probably also like the way the 527 fits next time you need a pair of jeans to wear with boots!

513 vs 505

Levi’s 513 and 505 jeans have some pretty obvious stylistic differences but also share the similar feature of a straight leg below the knee. However, the 505 has a straighter, baggier cut down from the hip to the leg. The 513 offers a shape that hugs the body more closely in the upper leg.

You may want the 505 instead of the 513 if you like a looser-fitting jean that does not stretch across your legs when you move. If you’re looking for a roomier version of the 513, the 505 could fit your needs perfectly!

513 Vs 512

Levis 513 and 512 jeans offer a slim fit, but the 512 has a slim tapered leg that narrows much more toward the ankle than the 513, which has a straight lower leg.

If you like the fitted feel of the 513, you may want to try the 512 for an occasion where you want to present a very modern, trendy silhouette with a close-fitting, tapered lower leg to your jeans.

What Levis Are Similar to the 514?

What Are Levi 511 Jeans

If you love the 514 styles but want to branch out into a slightly different look, check out these similar Levi’s styles! One of the great things about Levi’s jeans is that the company sells so many different styles of jeans, each with slight stylistic differences. This lets you pick just the right cut for every occasion!

511 Vs 514

Levi’s 511 and 514 jeans have an overall stylistic difference because the 511 jeans have a slim fit and the 514 jeans have a straight, looser fit. You would not necessarily want to wear these styles interchangeably. But if you want something more fitted than the baggier outline of the 514, check out the 511 style!

The 511 and 514 jeans have a low waist and a comfortable seat. But the similarity pretty much ends there, as the 511 jeans have a narrow leg opening of just 14.5”, while the 514 jeans have a straight leg opening at a wider 16.5 inches.

505 Vs 514

Probably Levi’s style that most resembles the 514 cut is the 505. First released in the 1960s, the 505 has a loose, straight cut perfect for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. It has a more casual appearance best suited to outdoor occasions.

In many ways, the 514 style offers a modern update on the classic 505. It still has those straight legs but has a low waist that looks more trendy.

501 Vs 514

Another traditional style that shares many similarities with levis 514 is Levi’s original 501 cut, first sold in the 1800s! This old-fashioned style uses very sturdy denim, straight, loose legs, and has a button fly. You could also think of the 514 as super modern retention of this old classic!

The one thing to keep in mind with the 501 is that, though they remain Levi’s longest best seller, they have that “dad jean” vibe going because of the loose cut. But if you need straight-cut jeans for yard work, you will find that you like the sturdy 501 much better than the more modern, low-rise 514!

What is the Most Popular Style of Levi’s Jeans?

To this day, Levi’s most popular jeans remain the original 501 and the midcentury update of the 505. But the thing Levi’s does well is to consistently offset these classics with styles that match the current fashion trends of the year. This is why you can also buy Levi’s jeans with bootcut legs, a baggy boyfriend cut, or a super-tight skinny jean style!

Levis 513 and 514 styles remain popular today, as the slim-straight and straight cuts provide a more slender silhouette than the baggier classic styles.

How to Wear Levis 513 and 514 Jeans

You can mix and match quite a few different looks with Levi’s 513 and 514 jeans! Try one of these options:

  • Wear a square-cut Hawaiian shirt untucked. The bright color and square shape will contrast nicely with the slimmer lines of the jeans.
  • Go with the business casual vibe and pair your 513 or 514 jeans with a tuckered-in button-down and a blazer.
  • As with pretty much any style of jeans, you can also do the “around town” look by wearing a hoodie and sneakers with your jeans.
  • You may want to avoid chunky boots or a belt with these jean styles, though, as they could look clunky next to the jeans.


The biggest difference between Levi’s 513 and 514 jean styles is that the 513 has a slim straight fit and the 514 has a classic straight fit. This means that the 513 will hug the body more closely than the 514, especially in the upper leg; both styles have straight legs below the knee, but the 513 has a narrower leg opening than the 514.

Other jeans styles that might feel comfortable if you like the 513 and 514 include the 511, the 501, and the 505. Overall, both the 514 and 513 offer a modern and more fitted silhouette than the classic 505 and 501 styles.