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How to Wash Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton is considered by many to be one of the best wool blanket suppliers in the world. If you own a Pendleton wool blanket, you know how durable, high-quality, and warm they are. But when it comes to wash and care for your wool blanket, how do you do so properly to keep it in the best condition?

You should only wash Pendleton blankets that specify that they are machine washable. When washing a Pendleton wool blanket, wash them on a gentle cycle using cool or cold water and wool detergent. Tumble dry the blanket on low. If the blanket does not say it is machine washable, dry cleaning is recommended.

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about washing a Pendleton wool blanket. I’ll explain what these blankets are made of and why you have to be careful when washing them. Finally, I’ll explain how to wash a Pendleton blanket properly and care for it when it is not used.

How to Wash Pendleton Blanket

What Are Pendleton Blankets Made Of?

The Pendleton blankets that are most well-known are made from virgin wool fibers, some of which may have cotton woven into the blanket. So, all blankets may not be made from 100% wool fibers. But, they still contain enough wool that you have to be careful with how you wash and dry the blankets.

The reason for this is that wool is considered to be a delicate fabric. If it isn’t washed properly, especially using the wrong water temperature, detergent type, and washing cycle, it could cause the blanket to shrink and become damaged.

That’s why it is essential that you know how to wash a Pendleton blanket properly. Some Pendleton blankets may not be able to be washed at all, particularly those made from 100% wool.

Can I Wash a Pendleton Wool Blanket at Home?

Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Throw Blanket, Green Heather Mix, One SizeSome Pendleton blankets can be washed at home. But it just depends on the type of blanket. Note that Pendleton does make some blankets, such as quilts and throws, from 100% cotton. In that case, these blankets can be washed at home with no issues by following the instructions on the care tag.

But for the intents and purposes of this article, we’ll be discussing mostly Pendleton blankets made from wool or mostly wool and whether you can wash them at home. The best answer is that some Pendleton wool blankets can be machine washed at home without issue if you follow the instructions carefully. Mostly, these will be the blankets made from a combination of wool and cotton.

It is recommended that other Pendleton wool blankets be dry-cleaned only, especially if they are made from 100% wool. This is mostly due to the blanket’s size and the characteristics of wool that cause it to shrink and become damaged easily. It’s best to check the care tag on the blanket before washing it to see which method is recommended for your particular blanket.

Can I Wash a Pendleton Wool Blanket in the Washing Machine?

You can wash some Pendelton wool blankets in the washing machine, depending on the blanket. Pendleton does sell machine-washable wool blankets, but you’ll want to check the care tag first to make sure that your blanket is safe to machine-wash. Follow the instructions carefully when washing the blanket in the washing machine to avoid damage.

If you are looking at purchasing a Pendleton blanket but want one that can be machine-washed, make sure to read the description and details of the blanket before purchasing, especially when ordering online. Due to the nature and price of these blankets, you want to make sure you buy one that you can reasonably care for so that it lasts a long time.

And, Pendleton blankets that are made from 100% cotton should be safe to wash in the washing machine. But as always, you want to make sure that you check the care tag first to make sure and learn how to wash it correctly.

How to Wash Pendleton Blanket

If you’re going to wash your Pendleton blanket, you first want to make sure that it is safe for the blanket to be washed. Remember that dry cleaning is recommended for Pendleton blankets unless the tag states that the blanket is machine-washable. Check the care tag to make sure, and if it’s safe to wash the blanket, proceed with the steps below.

1. Brush the Blanket

The first thing you’ll want to do before washing brushes the blanket. Use a wool brush to remove any excess dust and dirt, especially if the blanket has been in storage. Brush along the grain of the wool and use light, gentle strokes. Don’t brush too hard or too much or you risk pulling and damaging the fibers. In some cases, simply brushing the blanket is enough to clean it.

2. Remove Stains

After brushing, you’ll want to remove any stains before washing. Use a mixture of vinegar and water instead of stain removal products. The chemicals in these products can be too harsh for wool.

Add ¼ cup of white vinegar to a spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Make sure the vinegar and water are mixed well. Spray the solution onto the stained areas of the blanket. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes.

3. Wash the Blanket

Next, you’ll want to wash the blanket in the washing machine, provided the care tag says it is safe. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the blanket.

Make sure that you set the water temperature to cool or cold. Cold is the safest option to prevent shrinking. You’ll want to use the delicate or gentle cycle as these cycles use less agitation to prevent damaging the delicate fibers.

Use a detergent that is specially formulated for wool garments. Avoid using chlorine bleach, as it is too harsh and can damage the fibers. If you need to use bleach for whatever reason, use oxygen bleach only.

4. Dry the Blanket

Drying the blanket is when the most shrinking is likely to occur. If the Pendleton blanket can be washed, you can also dry it in the dryer. But you’ll want to ensure that you only tumble dry it using low heat to prevent the most shrinking.

You can let the blanket air dry as long as you lay it flat. You don’t want to hang the blanket because it can cause the fibers to stretch. Wool dries fairly quickly, so whether you dry it in the dryer or tumble dry it, it shouldn’t take too long to dry.

5. Other Things to Know

A couple of other things worth mentioning about washing a Pendleton wool blanket. First, washing a Pendleton wool blanket is not recommended too often. The more you wash it, the more likely damage will occur or the wool will lose its qualities.

Pendleton also warns that the wool blankets can shrink 3 to 6 inches when washed, even when using the methods above. They also say that their blankets may shrink with each additional wash. Even if the blanket says it is safe to machine-wash, you may wish to have it dry cleaned instead to prevent shrinking and damage.

How to Care for Pendleton Blanket

How you care for a Pendleton blanket after washing it is just as important as washing it if you want to keep it in the best shape. Wool is naturally odor and stain-resistant, which means that it shouldn’t need to be washed too often.

Instead of regular washing, you can brush it, spray it with vinegar and water solution to remove stains (if necessary), and then allow it to air out outside. This will help to freshen up the blanket without causing damage.

When storing the blanket for a long time, make sure to clean it beforehand, either by dry-cleaning it or washing it. For storage, keep the blanket in a sealed, airtight container. This will keep moisture and moths away from the blanket.


I hope this article helped teach you how to wash your Pendleton blanket. Only some Pendleton blankets can be washed, so it’s important to check the care tag before doing so. Others have to be dry-cleaned only. If your blanket can be washed, make sure to use cool or cold water, the gentle cycle, and wool detergent to prevent damage. If you enjoyed this article, share it with others.