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16 Hippie Clothing Brands

Hippie clothing has been a fashion trend since the 1960s. The hippie movement focused on easy living and being in harmony with the planet. That timeless appeal is still popular today. So much so that many brands offer a modern take on the hippie vibe. Let’s check out 17 of the best-known hippie clothing brands.

Several clothing brands specialize in the hippie style or boho look. These include Cleobella, Thought, Rebecca Taylor, and Urban Outfitters. Hippie clothing lines are sustainable, with many brands using recycled materials. The most popular brands are also vegan-friendly and some contain organic fibers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to develop your own hippie chic. You’ll discover 17 hippie clothing brands where you can buy hippie staples. As well as learn how to create your own hippie look using vintage products.

Hippie Clothing Brands

What Is Hippie Style?

Hippie style dates back to the flower power days of the 1960s and 70s. Originally, it was a movement associated with American college students rebelling against the excesses of mainstream America and the violence of the Vietnam war.

The term hippie stems from the hip and happening new musical beat of the 1950s and 60s. A beat that reflected a growing dissatisfaction with materialism and societal expectations. America’s younger generation was sick of war and fighting. They wanted a different world.

Also known as hippys, this yearning for change quickly spread. Teenagers and those in their early 20s embraced the movement across the US and other countries, including the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Rather than being a fashion statement, it was more of a lifestyle choice. Both men and women wore easy, relaxed outfits made from denim and cotton. Many items were adorned with flowery images. People would also wear jewelry depicting the hippie message of peace and understanding.

Long skirts, flared jeans, and gypsy tops became staples of the hippie look. Short skirts worn with high boots were another favorite,, as was long hair worn by all hippies regardless of gender.

Most of the clothing was loose-fitting, bright, and cheerful. A direct contrast to the more fitted and somber-colored apparel favored by the older generation. The clothing symbolized free-living, nature, love, and peace.

These days, the modern hippie style still embraces those sentiments. Although, it’s more of a boho or bohemian look rather than the hippie of the 60s. Floaty dresses with a dreamy, feminine feel have replaced some more outlandish looks.

Faded, ripped jeans with large flares, paired with tie-dye shirts, are still in vogue when it comes to hippy chic. So too, are suede tasseled vests and flowery tunic tops.

16 Hippie Clothing Brands

Hippie fashion is on-trend right now. From the timeless vintage charm of floral maxi skirts and the delicate romantic chic of a peasant top to flared jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts.

You’ll find there are several designers and outlets offering hippie-style clothing. Let’s take a look at 17 hippie clothing brands for you to choose from.

1. Amour Vert

bohemian style clothing

Based in San Francisco, California, Amour Vert is a fashion brand specializing in bohemian looks using recycled materials. Their range includes loungewear, outerwear, bags, and accessories.

Committed to sustainability and being eco-conscious, their clothing range is produced in limited quantities. This not only safeguards valuable resources but also keeps waste to a minimum.

They take their environmental footprint very seriously. Partnering with American Forest, Amour Vert plants trees to ensure a sustainable future and brand.

With prices ranging from $60 to $500, they offer items that are affordable, as well as exclusive garments for that extra wow factor.

2. Boden

boho hippie clothes

Boden is based in London, UK, selling high-quality clothing with an emphasis on embracing individuality.

Their hippie style range includes sportswear, outerwear, knitwear, bags, shoes, and accessories. To counteract climate change, they use recycled nylon and cotton.

Purchasing your hippie wardrobe through Boden not only helps the environment but also helps charitable organizations. With a price range of between $90 and $190, they offer an affordable way to embrace your inner hippie while supporting the planet and good causes at the same time.

3. Cleobella

hippie style clothing

Based in Huntington Beach, California, Cleobella offers unique and individual style with its one-off designs. Each item is made by hand by independent craftspeople using traditional methods.

Cleobella relies on natural and organic textiles to create exclusive gypsy-style garments. They only hold a small inventory to avoid excessive waste.

With a price range of $80 to $300 for a basic garment, they aren’t one of the cheaper brands on this list. However, their handmade clothing is designed to last. You can also keep checking their website for special offers and hard-to-miss deals.

4. Lovestitch


Lovestitch hippie and boho-style clothing is available globally through their website, and can also visit their brick-and-mortar branch in Los Angeles.

Offering pants, sweaters, maxi dresses, and beachwear, boho chic is available for women of all ages. They also have a range of accessories and bags to create a head-to-toe hippie wardrobe.

Lovestitch also prides itself on its image as a free-spirited and culturally diverse brand. They regularly donate to their favorite cause, Corazon De Vida. The more sales they make, the more they give to charity.

The company is a regular brand featured on, making it affordable and easily obtainable. Depending on the outlet you purchase your hippie ensemble from, you can spend as little as $8 or as much as $200.

5. Lucky Brand

Founded in 1990, Lucky Brand started as a jeans brand. They took the classic vintage style of denim and mixed it with some modern sass. It became a brand known for premium denim and free-thinking.

These days, Lucky Brand does more than just jeans. They have a whole hippie range of lifestyle wares. However, they term it eclectic Americana. Designed for the optimist who takes life as it comes, with an emphasis on fun-loving and fancy-free, Lucky Brand is the epitome of the hippie vibe.

Depending on the garment, their prices range from $40 to $250. But one thing you can be assured of, their website gives you access to tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Everything you need for your hippie-inspired wardrobe is right at your fingertips.

6. MinkPink


Based in Sydney, Australia, MinkPink has been around since 2005. They create sophisticated designs that embrace the modern hippie style. Their signature floral prints and feminine silhouettes are popular throughout the world.

Suitable for all seasons, MinkPink offers floaty summer dresses for warm sunny days and sweater dresses for when the temperature dips. With many patterns and solid colors available, there is sure to be a range of garments to match the aesthetic of your inner hippie.

With an average price of around $100 for a basic dress, MinkPink is among the more pricey Hippie clothing brands. However, you can get the look for less by checking out their sales page. You can also find MinkPink products on where they can be purchased gently used.

7. My Sleeping Gypsy

My Sleeping Gypsy

Using traditional crafts and hand-sewing skills, My Sleeping Gypsy creates visually stunning bohemian garments adorned with eye-catching embroidery. With a firm belief in sustainability, their goal is to be the go-to brand for fashion-conscious environmentalist.

Loose-fitting and stylish, My Sleeping Gypsy uses linen as the basis for all their garments. This is due to linen’s breathability, longevity, comfort, and durability. Production is limited to reduce the risk of waste. The brand also avoids sales so that garments are not oversold.

Fully embracing the ideals of the hippie movement, the brand considers mass-produced apparel blank and lacking individuality. By keeping their designs unique, their clothing can create an ambiance of love, peace, and identity.

With prices ranging from $80 to $800, My Sleeping Gypsy offers hippie clothing that is an investment. The quality of these garments will ensure they are a part of your hippie wardrobe for a long time.

8. People Tree

People Tree

Organic cotton and recycled fabrics are the key ingredients in sustainable clothing from the People Tree brand. Their ethical mission is to produce fashionable garments while supporting farmers and workers through fair trading practices.

This brand was the first fashion company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. They have also been awarded the Global Organic Textile Standard by the Soil Association. Both awards cement People Tree’s reputation for sustainability and being ecologically focused.

Their range of hippie chic clothing is inspired by the archives at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London. Allowing them to create modern, stylish, and affordable fashion with historical origins.

Prices for the People Tree hippie range are between $20 and $220, and all their garments are produced ethically using handcrafted detail.

9. Toad & Co

Toad & Co

Santa Barbara, California, is home to Toad & Co. A sustainable brand that produces affordable boho looks for men and women. With an emphasis on outdoor wear, the materials they use include natural organic fibers like cotton and hemp.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, they also utilize recycled fabrics. They aim to produce their clothing both ethically and by using eco-friendly materials. Even their packaging is geared toward protecting the environment.

You can opt to have your shipment of hippie clothes sent in a reusable shipper. If this isn’t available, the company will mail your garments in 100% recycled paper printed with water-based ink.

Prices start at around the $50 mark and can rise to $200 depending on the garment. As well as cool denim, you’ll also find floral dresses and wide-leg pants.

10. The Hippie Shake

The Hippie Shake

Based at Studio 34 in London, UK, The Hippie Shake is a hippie fashionista’s go-to location for vintage-style clothing with a touch of 70’s nostalgia. Focused on the love of music and fashion, The Hippie Shake is driven by sustainability and quality.

Offering an environment-friendly alternative to fast fashion, the brand creates garments that are true to the traditional hippie mantra. Fun-loving, easy-going, and full of individual originality.

Their brand was inspired by their travels through India and America. Capturing the essence of the hippie persona through the music and fashion of Woodstock.

Since its inception in 2015, The Hippie Shake has been an ethical producer of garments, keeping production to small amounts to encourage planet-conscious shopping.

Clothing will set you back between $60 and $200. But rest assured, the quality and attention to detail will take you back to the hippie-shaking days of the 70s.

11. Thought

This sustainable brand is also based in London, UK. They make stylish boho clothes from eco-friendly materials like cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

Avid supporters of TRAID, a charity that strives to improve the environmental effects of clothing manufacturing, Thought prides itself on its ecological credentials and commitment to responsible sourcing of materials.

Through their products, they fully embrace the hippie way of life by actively encouraging shoppers to follow a more sustainable way to dress, work, and play.

With a starting price of around $10, Thought offers an affordable solution to achieving your basic hippie-inspired wardrobe. For that special piece of clothing, expect to pay around $200.

12. Tularosa

You can sum Tularosa up in two words. Boho chic. You can wear Tularosa all year round for a full-on hippie style. Their range includes frilly and romantic peasant-style outfits and various vibrant prints and colors.

With an abundance of options, this is a mix-and-match brand. Combine garments with lace trims or tassels with cutouts or tiered items for a personal hippie-inspired look.

You can spend a little or a lot with Tularosa. They range from $80 for swimwear to $478 for a stylish hippie Belen coat.

13. Rebecca Taylor

With a focus on romance redefined for the modern age, the Rebecca Taylor brand provides womenswear inspired by feminine silhouettes of a bygone age. All their garments exude elegance, style, and sophistication.

Aimed at embracing the dreamy side of the hippie trend, Rebecca Taylor is full of ruffles, frills, and a floaty sensual drape. The garments are created from silk and chiffon and embellished with fine embroidery.

Rebecca Taylor’s clothing line has a heavy emphasis on recreating the couture designs of the 1950s combined with the passion of the Victorian era. Perfect for high-end occasions like weddings and special nights out. Or even less formal events like dinner with friends.

This brand is for the mature and practical hippie personality. One that loves fun clothing but still likes to look confident and professional. Because of that, this brand doesn’t come cheap. Prices average around the $200 mark. But you are paying for elegance and poise.

14. Reformation

Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2009, Reformation started as a vintage clothing outlet. Since then, it has grown into a sustainable creator of boho chic, offering summer dresses and skirts in sizes to suit a range of body shapes.

With a focus on sumptuous and sustainable fabrics, Reformation designs honor the female figure through effortless style and drape. All by ensuring the minimum environmental footprints possible.

Organic cotton, recycled cotton, and linen played a large part in the production of Reformation clothing. So to does Tencel lyocell. They also rely on deadstock fabrics and regenerated nylon to produce high-quality, sensual hippie-inspired garments.

Ranging from $10 to $200, there’s a price point to suit most pockets and budgets, making a sustainable hippie wardrobe affordable.

15. Urban Outfitters

Rather than a brand, Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer. Founded in 1970 in Pennsylvania, USA, they now have over 200 stores spanning the US, Canada, and Europe. They stock everything you need to create your perfect hippie-inspired wardrobe.

You can also decorate your home with some hippie chic as they also offer bedding, rugs, furniture, and even shower curtains. Get into the hippie mood with their selection of music on vinyl, tape, and CD. It truly is the one-stop-shop for all things hippie orientated.

Prices range from $25 to $500 and beyond, depending on the item you buy. As they have it all, you’re bound to find hippie products to suit your taste.

16. Wolven

With a focus on activewear, this Los Angeles-based brand creates boho chic using inspiration from nature. Their patterns use a color influenced by Indian art and the ancient practice of yoga.

Wolven is an ethical brand run by vegans who support and promote vegan fashion. To do so, the company makes its products from recycled materials, including plastic waste. Thus ensuring that plastic gets another chance to be useful rather than a potential hazard to the ecosystem.

With a range of sportswear suitable for men and women, you can embrace your active boho style from as low as $50.

Best Colors for the Hippie Style

Historically, the best colors for the hippie movement were bold, bright, and vibrant. In fact, any color that was miles away from the dark blue or black somber outfits of the older generation.

Hippie style was all about bucking the rigidity of society and embracing the individual spirit. To do that, hippie fashion was all about standing out from the crowd.

Anything eye-catching, multicolored, and psychedelic was considered the embodiment of the hippie lifestyle. It still is. When you are recreating your own hippie persona, you’ll find your choice of color is endless. However, you don’t have to wear bright orange or neon yellow all the time.

Hippies are in touch with their feelings. They are kind, peace-loving, and in tune with the environment. Color helps express those sentiments. So the colors you choose will emphasize the type of hippie you are.

Purple, indigo, violet, and lilac play a large part in the hippie movement. They are vibrant shades with a sense of spirituality attached. These colors show you are at peace with your higher self.

To embrace your imagination and stimulate ideas, try wearing faded denim blue or turquoise. Both shades are refreshing and will help you feel relaxed, making it easier for you to embrace your creative side through thinking and dreaming.

Green is a popular choice for hippies too. It has obvious connections with the earth, growth, and nature. It’s also a color associated with healing and luck. You’ll feel grounded when you wear green.

Red is passionate. It’s the symbol of love, luck, and confidence. Wear red when you want to give off a feeling of being in control.

Tan or other light shades of brown are a hippie staple. There is a lot of faux suede involved in the hippie style. Again, brown represents the earth and is a grounding color.

You can wear any combination of colors to create your hippie persona. In fact, it’s best to coordinate your outfit so it can embrace more than one.

That will give you the multicolored effect hippies are known for. But remember, the best colors for your inner hippie are the ones that look good on you.

How to Get the Vintage Hippie Look

The vintage hippie look is easy to recreate. You can embrace the hippie style from the 1960s and 70s by sourcing clothing from that era. Visit vintage or second-hand clothing outlets and find original garments that stem from those decades.

You can also make your own vintage hippie look using modern-day clothing. All you need to do is remember the key ingredient to 60s and 70s fashion. It needs to be bright and colorful.

Visit your local thrift store and rummage through the racks of jeans. You’re looking for flares. The bigger the better. Also, check the shirts and blouses for frilly, gypsy styles and floral patterns.

Don’t forget to look through your own closet too. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform your existing garments into the vintage hippie vibe.

That old t-shirt you no longer wear can be tie-dyed into a hippie-esque vibrant pattern. Or how about altering some worn-out jeans into cut-off shorts? That’s a staple image from the Woodstock days of the 60s.

You don’t even need to change your garments. Adding hippie-style accessories will transport you back in time. Fringed purses and large jewelry will add a hippie touch to your outfit. Especially if you use long chains and chunky necklaces with imagery of peace.

Even a friendship braid made from embroidery cotton in many colors will give you the hippie look. So too, will braids in your hair, colorful or flowery hairbands, and don’t forget the epitome of the vintage hippie look, wear your cut-offs or a short denim skirt with some flowery high boots.


Check out these 17 hippie clothing brands for a great selection of garments. With so much to choose from, you’re bound to find a style that suits your individual aesthetic. You can even make your own hippie style from vintage clothing or by repurposing your old clothes.

Has this article encouraged you to embrace your inner hippie? Which brand of clothing will you choose? Let me know in the comments.