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Where to Buy Harley Davidson Fabric by the Yard

The Harley Davidson company has been around since 1903. Ever since the logo has been iconic for motorcycle enthusiasts and fans. If you’re a Harley Davidson fan and want to incorporate the logo into some of your sewing projects, you may be wondering where you can buy Harley Davidson fabric.

Unfortunately, Harley Davidson fabric is hard to find in stores and even online. This is due to the logo being trademarked. Websites such as Etsy and eBay have a small selection of Harley Davidson fabric by the yard. But, your options are still going to be very limited.

In this article, I’ll explain where to buy Harley Davidson fabric by the yard and what options you have. I’ll also explain why Harley Davidson fabric is so hard to find and why you have to be careful with using it for your sewing projects. Lastly, I’ll provide some options for where you can find alternatives to Harley Davidson fabric.

Harley Davidson Fabric

Where to Buy Harley Davidson Fabric By the Yard

Fabric with the Harley Davidson logo and motif is hard to find in fabric stores. You’re going to be much more likely to find it online. But even then, the selection is going to be slim. Only two websites sell Harley Davidson fabric, but even then, you are limited as to the type of fabric you can buy and what you’ll have to pay for it. Let’s explore what each site has to offer.


Etsy has the largest selection of Harley Davidson branded fabric sold by the yard. A variety of different logo options and styles are available by the yard. However, the Harley Davidson fabrics available are custom-printed by the sellers that sell them and aren’t affiliated with Harley Davidson.

While there are fabrics available by the yard, the prices vary depending on the seller. With that being said, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for Harley Davidson fabric from a site such as Etsy than what you would pay if the fabric was sold in stores.

Plus, all fabrics are made with cotton with the Harley Davidson logo printed on it. Cotton fabric is great for most sewing projects. But you won’t have many options if cotton fabric is not what you’re looking for.

If you want a larger selection to choose from and don’t necessarily have to have the Harley Davidson logo on your fabric, Etsy also has a lot of motorcycle-themed fabric to choose from. You’ll have more fabric options to choose from and potentially lower prices.


When comparing the general Harley Davidson fabric collection of Etsy and eBay, eBay has more of a variety. However, eBay has very few options for Harley Davidson fabric sold by the yard. But like Etsy. Most of the fabric is custom and not affiliated with or sponsored by Harley Davidson.

Some sellers on eBay sell Harley Davidson fabric in ¼-yard increments. But, most of the fabric on eBay is fabric remnants in different sizes or fat quarters. If you have a small sewing project or are looking for quilting fabric, you may easily find what you’re looking for.

But if you need a lot of Harley Davidson fabric for a larger project, you may not be able to find anything since your options will be limited. And again, everything on eBay is sold by independent sellers, so you’re likely to have to pay more than what you may want.

Why Is Harley Davidson Fabric Hard to Find?

Your options for buying Harley Davidson fabric by the yard are slim. But why is this the case? It’s all due to the company’s trademarks and laws surrounding them. Trademark laws govern how a company’s logo can be used, especially by others.

For larger fabric manufacturers that mass-produce fabric, such as those that make fabric for stores such as Hobby Lobby, Joann, and Walmart, they have to be permitted by Harley Davidson to use the logo.

Companies can choose whether or not they want to grant permission to use their logo, especially if other companies are making money off of it. In some cases, the company of the logo used may even ask for a portion of proceeds earned from the purchase of branded merchandise.

Harley Davidson is very protective of its logo trademark and the brand and does not allow other people to use it very often. Anyone that uses the Harley Davidson logo without the company’s permission may be subject to legal action. The company has filed several lawsuits for using its logo without permission.

Why You Have to Be Careful About Using Harley Davidson Fabric

In most cases, people selling Harley Davidson fabric on sites such as Etsy and eBay are doing so without the company’s permission. Harley Davidson could take legal action against any seller who is creating custom fabric and using their logo without their permission.

It’s generally okay for you to buy the fabric from one of those sellers. You won’t be subjected to legal action just for buying it. However, you have to make sure that any Harley Davidson fabric you use for your projects is for personal use.

If you create projects using fabric with the Harley Davidson logo and sell those projects, you could be subject to legal action. You would be making a profit from their logo that you didn’t have permission to use.

Alternative Options to Harley Davidson Fabric

There are tons of options for motorcycle-themed fabric that don’t involve the use of the Harley Davidson logo. You’ll have a wider selection to choose from and save a little money. Some of the fabrics will still be mass-produced, but there are some custom options out there. You can even find fabrics with motorcycle prints on them or the Harley Davidson black and orange color scheme.

If you’re okay with not having Harley Davidson logo fabric, you can find fabric with a motorcycle motif at larger retailers. Retailers such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Joann may have a few options in-store. But, you’ll likely find a larger selection online from these retailers, and you’ll be able to buy the fabric by the yard.

Other companies such as Amazon, Spoonflower, and online companies that specialize in the fabric will often have motorcycle patterns and prints. You can also get various fabric materials and have a greater selection if you go with one of these options.

By going with a general motorcycle-printed fabric, you can also buy and use as much as you want. If you have a small business, you can also sell any projects made with this fabric without worrying about any legal or trademark issues.


Due to the company’s trademark protections, Harley Davidson fabric is hard to find. You may be able to find Harley Davidson fabric by the yard from online seller websites like Etsy and eBay, but you’ll be limited on options. If you’re okay with not having the Harley Davidson logo, you can find a wider selection of motorcycle-themed fabric from many in-store and online retailers. If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with others. Thanks for reading!