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20 Best Goth Clothing Brands

With so many fashion styles, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. Some people stick with one main style – while others may dabble here and there – wearing a little bit of everything depending on the mood or occasion. Whether or not you’re already in the know – here are some of the best brands for goth clothing.

Many widely available brands are dedicated to making goth clothing. Some of the best brands to choose from include Banned Alternative, Killstar, and Foxblood. Some brands will focus specifically on clothing or shoes, while others may also include all types of accessory lines.

In this article, we will go over 20 of the best brands for goth clothing. We will also cover some of the best online shops that feature various brands all in one place. Finally – I’ll provide a list of some of the best sources for goth accessories.

Best Goth Clothing Brands

What is Gothic Fashion?

Traditional goth fashion is a look and lifestyle that can largely be credited to the early 1970s in the UK, and various bands and musicians helped popularize this now widely worn style.

The term goth itself goes back much further, a derivative of the word gothic – which encompasses several genres born in 18th century Europe. The term Gothic is often heard about literature, architecture, and language – in addition to fashion.

Generally speaking – goth also often refers to darkness, mystery, and horror. Something described as gothic can reference the underworld and the occult, romance and death, the bizarre and the macabre.

Goth clothing will often encompass some or all of these elements. The goth aesthetic has been built off these ideas from this time period and mixed with many modern touches. Goth clothing is usually dark in color, and can be extremely feminine but often has androgynous elements.

Goth bands are often referenced in goth fashion, and goth fashion can also be a nod to an anti-establishment lifestyle. Many people who want to separate themselves from the mainstream – for whatever reason – will choose gothic fashion to express their revolt against authority.

Many subcultures can fit into goth fashion and clothing these days – each about a specific substyle that can be mixed in with many types of goth clothes. Emo, punk, grunge, and burlesque are all terms you might find on your journey through the goth fashion world.

Goth fashion can encompass a wide range of styles. One of the great things about it is that there are no rules – the fewer rules, the better. Goth fashion is where one can let their individuality and creativity come through in any outfit they put together.

20 Best Goth Clothing Brands

If you’re new to goth fashion – it may be a lot to take in at first – this is a style that knows no bounds. Though goth clothes are based largely on ideas of darkness, the bizarre and other macabre themes – there are endless opportunities here to incorporate your own personality.

Whether you’re looking to update your already all-black wardrobe – or you’re just getting into the goth scene – there are many options. Below you will find some of the best and most popular goth clothing brands available in stores and online.

1. Banned Alternative

gothic fashion

Banned Alternative is a UK-based clothing brand – so you can be sure that they’re as authentic as it comes – that started in 2011. Banned Alternative boasts a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear – really playing into the whole lifestyle, not just the clothes.

Banned Alternative provides a wide range of styles from goth and grunge to urban street and many other alternative styles. Banned Alternative likes to incorporate music – rock and roll and metal, to be specific – into many of their styles.

They also have an appreciation for retro and pin-up looks. If you’re specifically into vintage fashion, you can also check out their sister site – Banned Retro – for an entire collection of vintage clothing looks and accessories.

2. Black Mast

gothic fasion

An LA-based company – Black Mast, is a great place to look for designs that embrace both the glamorous and the gothic. Black Mast sees itself as more than a clothing brand – with a team producing original artwork and other merchandise celebrating drag queens, ghosts, witches, and more.

The curators behind team Black Mast have taken inspiration from subcultures, nightlife, the spooky, and the macabre and woven them into their creations. Black Mast has a wide collection of unique fashion and accessories in a price range that will have something for everyone.

3. Burleska

designer gothic clothing

Burleska has been a leader in corsets and other alternative fashion since 2006. This UK-based company sells mainly wholesale. But their many styles of corsets, dresses, coats, separates and accessories can be found at brick-and-mortar retailers and in many online shops.

4. Cyberdog


Cyberdog is another UK company based out of London. Cyberdog was born out of a desire to create something more interesting than what was currently available in fashion. They boast a wide range of lines – women’s, men’s, kid’s, and accessories.

Cyberdog is known widely for selling rave clothes – though their styles can also encompass goth, emo, ravers, and cyber goths, all with a futuristic flare. Along with classic black – Cyberdog uses a lot of bright, neon colors, shiny materials, and colored lights.

5. Disturbia


Disturbia is another brand that encompasses a wide range of different alternative clothing styles. Their aim is “To make alternative fashion to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Disturbia has been a family-run business since 2003, bringing underground clothing to the mainstream market.

Disturbia is a lifestyle brand with a wide array of clothing and accessories for women and homewares that include bedding and other soft furnishings, ceramics, and other home accessories.

6. Faust


Dr. Faust has a wide range of alternative wear for women – with an especially nice collection of dresses. If you’re in the market for garments with vintage, gothic, rockabilly, or Nu gothic feels – check out the collection from Dr. Faust.

7. Foxblood


Foxblood is an LA-based brand created in 2017 by a former red carpet stylist and stagewear designer. Nowadays – the brand encompasses a full-scale modern noir online boutique.

Foxblood is proud to provide a minimalist, ready-to-wear line of high-quality pieces that come in inclusive sizes and are made from vegan and cruelty-free materials. In addition to their clothing, swim and footwear – Foxblood also offers earth-friendly homewares and body products.

Foxblood would love to be your one-stop shop for those “Dark of mind and kind of hear.”

8. Heavy Red

Heavy Red

Heavy Red has a long standing in the goth fashion world. Established in 1999 – Heavy Red has been a visionary and helped pave the way for Couture Noir fashion. Heavy Red prides itself in being a quality brand you can love and trust – its items being proudly made in the USA.

9. Jawbreaker Clothing

Jawbreaker Clothing

Jawbreaker is another Camden Town original – now based out of East London – that is available in online shops as well as select boutiques around the world.

Jawbreaker includes clothing in alternative styles, including Victorian Gothic, Nu Rave and Punk for women, men, or unisex. In addition to clothing – Jawbreaker offers all sorts of accessories and a small collection of rotating homeware items.

10. Killstar


Killstar is a company that touts itself as one of the first luxury alternative clothing brands on the market. Established in 2010, Killstar is a fashion and lifestyle brand with one of the largest gothic and alternative goods inventories.

Killstars online store could be your one-stop-shop for all things gothic and occult. You’ll be pleased to find lines for men, women, plus-sized shoes, accessories, home, and beauty. Along with a couple of additional special collections as well.

11. Lip Service

Lip Service is one of the oldest alternative brands on the market. Founded in 1985 by a Hollywood skate-punk with a vision. Drew Bernstein has been pouring his creative energy into Lip Service’s goods for over 35 years – ensuring that their clothing and accessories are always modern and relevant.

Within the Lip Service brand, you’ll be able to find men’s and women’s gear. For those looking for any specific alternative style – punk, rock, metal, glam, grunge, goth and more are all available in their shop.

12. LONG Clothing

Long Clothing was formed in the UK in 2008 and defined itself as having a dark, gothic streetwear style.

Long Clothing has unisex and women-specific lines, shoes, and accessories – they also enjoy doing designer collaborations. Long Clothing has developed a cult following all across the globe.

13. The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult began in 2015 as a creative outlet for its founder. But since has grown into a company with a desire to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion and what a clothing company can be. The Pretty Cult has become a lifestyle brand with a wide range of offerings from outerwear, swimwear and lingerie – to accessories and a curated collection of haus goods.

The Pretty Cult loves to celebrate their patron’s individuality and states that they cater to all – whether they be misfits, the dark of heart, or magickally inclined.

14. Punk Rave

Another alternative lifestyle brand – Punk Rave, offers a gothic design concept, punk, and lolita all in one place.

Punk Rave has abundant collections for women and men, a lifestyle collection and a large line of accessories.

15. Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness began in the 1990s but was officially founded in 2003 – with the simple motto that encourages you to “Live life through bold expression…” Queen of Darkness promotes individuality by expressing yourself creatively through fashion, music and travel.

Queen of Darkness wants everyone to enjoy their products – offering a wide selection of choices for men and women alike. The customer’s comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to the company.

16. Restyle

Restyle is an alternative clothing brand focusing on the dark and gothic – specifically for those who love everything black. Restyle was founded in 2009 and states they are the perfect brand for the modern witch and traditional goth.

17. Spiral

Spiral was established in 1990 and has been offering dark and cutting-edge alternative fashion ever since. They aim to provide unique and quality pieces for various subcultures, including gothic, tribal, horror, fantasy, and vintage.

On Spiral’s website, you can find clothing and accessories for men, women, and the home – and a full line of gothic baby onesies.

18. Toxico

Another long-standing UK original – Toxico, was established in 1988. This quality streetwear brand draws inspiration from tattoo and lowbrow art, hardcore punk and metal with their signature hard-hitting graphics.

19. Tripp NYC

Tripp NYC was founded in the early 1980s and has been pushing urban fashion boundaries ever since. Tripp NYC boasts a large line of men’s and women’s wear – including numerous punk and alternative styles. Tripp NYC is especially acclaimed today for its signature bondage pants – a staple in many goths and alternative fashion closets.

20. Void Clothing

Void began as a small alternative clothing brand in 1982 – but quickly blossomed into a much larger enterprise. Over the past 40 years – Void has built an empire that showcases nearly 50 different brands with items to satisfy your every goth need.

Although Void clothing boasts a large online shop filled with various brands – they love to get visits at their brick-and-mortar shop as well. They also still pride themselves in manufacturing their own line of clothing – which is still produced in their Nottingham-based workshop.

Best Brands for Goth Accessories

When it comes to a fashion lifestyle, you’ll need more than just the clothes to fit the part. If you’re looking to surround yourself with goth fashion, below you will find some of the best brands to outfit your body and all aspects of your life.

Black Craft Cult Clothing

Black Craft not only offers full lines of clothing and accessories for everyone in the family – including your pets – but they’ve thought of the times you’ll be without your clothing as well. If you want to carry the goth lifestyle onto the beach or the pool – and why wouldn’t you? Black Craft has you covered.

Black Craft offers an abundant selection of men’s and women’s swimwear in patterns and styles that suit all body and personality types. A bonus – it’s pretty affordable as far as a lot of mainstream swimwear can go.


Cyberdog has become a big name in the alternative fashion world and offers an incredibly extensive list of accessories. Any little thing you want to add to your goth or alternative wardrobe can be found in Cyberdog’s online shop.

From headwear to eyewear, makeup and beauty products, jewelry, bags, socks, shoes and more – Cyberdog has it all. In addition to their other more traditional accessories – Cyberdog offers yet another separate collection – an entire line of sex toys and fetish gear. For everything you need, want – and didn’t even know you want – Cyberdog is the accessory shop for you.


Demonia is the place to go for all styles of alternative shoes you might not be able to find at the mall. Their excessive line of shoes includes every style you can think up. All styles of boots, creepers, flats, sandals, sneakers, pumps, and more can be found on Demonia’s website.

They even have collections specifically for festivals or those looking for something that’s UV reactive. Shoes can complete a look – and Demonia has a shoe for everyone.


Dr. Faust is a great shop for goth gear – and not just when it comes to clothes. Dr. Faust has an amazing collection of fun, functional, and unique bags to pull any alternative look together. Studded black vegan leather, bright neon or metallics – They even have bags that look like corsets!

Dr. Faust is another site to visit if you’re looking for a good variety of jewelry. The pendants they offer are versatile and artful. Added bonus – they’re offered in an affordable price range.

New Rock

New Rock is a UK-based boot and shoe company with a to-die-for footwear collection. New Rock boasts a wide selection of boot and shoe types – from platforms and heels to sandals and sneakers.

Not only can you search the abundant footwear collection by the style of shoe you might be after – New Rock also has their shoes listed in categories of fashion genres. Biker, rockabilly, grunge, steampunk and beyond – it’s easy to search for the shoe you need to complete your desired look.

Rogue + Wolf

Rogue and Wolf offer a small line of goth clothing – but they really set themselves apart in their accessories. If you’re looking to outfit every aspect of your life in otherworldly darkness – Rogue and Wolf is a great place to start.

Rogue and Wolf currently offer an entire set of dinnerware to be sure you’ll be eating your meals in style. As well as jewelry, phone cases, stationary – and even a good selection of outfits and accessories for your pets. Rogue and Wolf can help get the entire family set up.


Spiral has accessories for all those little niches that aren’t always easy to fill in in the alternative world. Besides wearable accessories – like socks, hats, masks, and snoods – Spiral has a large collection of bags and collections to outfit your bedroom and glassware for your favorite beverages.

Spiral even offers a few select toys to help ensure the needs of even the family’s littlest members are met.

Best Online Shops for Goth Clothing and Accessories

If you already have a favorite shop or designer – it’s easy to hit up their website or find products in shops you already frequent. But if you’re looking for an even wider variety in one place – here’s a list of options to check out.

All the online shops below offer a selection of products from many different goth and alternative brands. These shops will help you find clothes, jewelry, footwear, accessories, homewares, and much more.

Attitude Clothing Co.

Attitude Clothing Co. has an extensive list of brand offerings. Here you will find an abundant variety of clothing and accessories for all.

If you happen to be looking for a specific brand to peruse – Attitude provides an easy-to-navigate alphabetical list. Almost all the favorites from this list – like Banned Apparel, Demonia, Foxblood, Jawbreaker, Long Clothing and Restyle – can be found here, along with dozens more.

Dark Fashion Clothing

Dark Fashion Clothing is another great source for shopping multiple goth and alternative brands altogether. Their curated list of clothing brands includes: Banned, Burleska, Dr. Faust, Spiral and Toxico – just to name a few.

Men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories can all be found among these brands. They even have an already-put-together selection of goth items ready for you to choose from.

Dark in Closet

What makes Dark in Closet a great place to shop is that they make it a breeze to search for items by style. They offer curated collections of Gothic, Medieval, Victorian, and Steampunk goods. And entire sections set aside for men, corsets, and accessories.


EMP has such a wide selection that it can be overwhelming to know where to start! That being said, this is the place for you if you want to peruse anything and everything. EMP began in 1986 as a source for alternative music fans to get all their merch in one spot – and has been building their collection ever since.

This one-stop shop is still one of the best spots to grab your favorite band merch, but it’s also much more. EMP has one of the biggest collections of gear for women, men, teens, and kids, as well as a large collection of home and leisure wares, movie and TV items and accessories, and gaming goods.

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful is an Australian-owned goth and alternative clothing hub. And they have a list just about as long as Attitude Clothing does when it comes to the brands that they offer.

You can search for clothes, shoes, accessories, witchcraft, beauty, home and gifts, and a list of the hottest brands will pop up for each category. Or – check out their long alphabetical list of supported brands and see what each offers.

Void Clothing

Void Clothing has its own namesake line – but its website also offers a long list of other brands to search from. For clothing – Void has offerings for men, women, kids and babies. They also have one of the best selections of cosmetics, tons of items for your every piercing need, all the accessories you can imagine, and band merch to boot.


Perhaps you’ve been building your goth wardrobe for years – or maybe you’re just beginning to dabble. Either way – there may be way more options for goth fashion than you ever knew. Every brand on this list helps acknowledge that goth clothes can be exceedingly versatile. If you haven’t looked into it much in the past – it should be clear now that goth fashion is much more than just black clothes. And if that doesn’t convince you to check it out – remember – everyone looks good in black…