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Crochet Blanket Sizes [Complete Guide]

Crochet blankets have a lacey, delicate, and vintage appeal that has brought them back into the spotlight for modern decor! They also make amazing homemade gifts with lots of love and warmth in every loop and stitch of the yarn. But whether you want to make or buy a blanket, you will want to understand how crochet blanket sizes work!

Crochet blanket sizes determine how much yarn the blanket will contain. The diameter or weight of the yarn and the size of the crochet hook can make a blanket larger or smaller. Most crochet blankets use standardized sizing to fit cribs and varying mattress sizes.

In this article, you will find out how a crochet blanket is made. You will learn the standard sizes for crochet blankets and common mattress sizes. Finally, you will discover how to alter crochet blanket sizes to suit your needs.

Crochet Blanket Sizes

Crochet Blanket Sizes and How Much Yarn You Need

You can find standardized sizes for the shape of most crochet blankets, whether you plan to make one yourself or buy one ready-made. These sizes depend on the purpose of the blanket in some cases, such as a car seat cover or lap rug. They often follow the standardized sizing metrics used for mattresses and cribs.

The good news is that this makes figuring out the size of your crochet blanket quite easy! You just need to know what you want to use it for.

Do you plan to give it as a present at a baby shower? In that case, you will want to look at the baby blankets, car seat covers, and “lovey” sizes. Or perhaps you want to make a lap rug for a wheelchair-bound family member. Either way, you can quickly discover the typical size of blankets in the chart below!

If you plan to make the blanket, you also need to know how much yarn you need. This element of the process becomes a bit more of a guessing game. Your crochet pattern should tell you how many skeins of yarn to purchase.

This chart provides an estimate based on the blanket size, but the size of the crochet hook you use, and even the diameter or weight of the yarn, can impact how much you need for the finished project. If you plan to use multiple yarn colors, you will probably need to buy several extra skeins.

How Much Yarn You Need

Blanket TypeSize in InchesSize in CMYarn Needed
Baby Blanket36” X 36”91.5 X 91.5 CM5 skeins, between 700-1,500 yards
Lovey12” X 12”30.5 X 30.5 CM3-4 skeins, less than 500 yards
Carseat Cover27” X 33”68.5 X 84 CM7-8 skeins, about 2,000 yards
Lap Blanket36” X 48”91.5 X 122 CMAbout 7 skeins, or slightly less than 2,000 yards
Throw/Afghan54” X 68”137 X 173 CMAbout 30 skeins, or 9,000 yards. This depends on how many different colors the pattern requires, though. A single-colored afghan could use only half this amount of yarn!
Crib40” X 60”101.5 X 152.5 CMLess than 2,000 yards. The amount of skeins depends on how many colors go into the pattern.
Twin60” X 90”152.5 X 228.5 CMAt least 3,700 yards. The number of skeins depends on the weight of the yarn as well as the number of colors used.
Full84” X 90”213 X 228.5 CMEasily as much as 7,000 yards of yarn, though the skein number depends on the intricacy of the pattern.
Queen90” X 90”228.5 X 228.5 CMAround 10,000 yards of yarn, for a pattern with about 135 rows of stitches.
King108” X 90”274 X 228.5 CMAbout 14,000 yards of midweight yarn.
California King104” X 108”264 X 274 CMOver 15,000 yards of midweight yarn.

1. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Crochet baby blankets usually measure about 36” square. A baby blanket is often a small, decorative wrap meant to be used while holding or feeding a baby or placing on the floor for an older baby to enjoy tummy time and crawling.

You can find thousands of cute patterns to use if you plan to make your own baby blanket! One thing to remember is that your design should not include any bobbles or 3D elements that a baby could pull off and swallow, though. You may also consider using hypoallergenic yarn for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Most designs will need about 5 skeins of yarn or between 700 and 1500 yards of yarn. The significant variation depends on whether you pick a complex pattern r a simple pattern. A simple repeating stitch in one color will use much less yarn than a pattern with five colors and multiple stitches!

2. Lovey

A lovey has a small size of about 12” square, as this tiny blanket is meant for a baby’s small hands to hold onto. A lovey could look like a simple square of crochet, but it often includes a cute corner or center decoration. Rabbit heads with floppy ears, adorable sloths with long arms for giving a hug, or teddy bear heads with soft smiles make popular lovey designs.

This means that despite the small size, you may need to perform intricate crocheting to make a lovey! You can expect to use less than 500 yards of yarn for this small project.

3. Carseat Cover/Canopy

One of the most practical blankets you can crochet for a new baby is a car seat cover or canopy, usually about 27” X 33”, or a 30” square.

This kind of blanket includes loops with buttons to attach to the raised handle of a baby car seat, protecting a little one from the chilly air on the way in and out of the car. It makes a perfect gift for a newborn arriving in the winter months!

You can add decorative touches such as crochet flowers if you want, but a simple, practical crochet square drape over the top of the seat also works well. Because it needs a larger size, you will need to stock up on at least 5 skeins of yarn or about 2,000 yards of yarn if you plan to make this yourself.

Of course, if you want to buy a crocheted car seat canopy, you can find plenty of adorable styles for sale on places like Etsy.

4. Lap Blanket

Most crochet lap blankets measure around 36” X 48”, though they can also measure about 35” 40” or in a 36”, 38”, or 40” square.

Lap blankets, sometimes called “lapghans,” can range in size a fair amount. This is because they have a sort of in-between status. They don’t get quite as large as a throw or afghan, but they also need enough space to drape over a lap and keep your toes warm as you sit on the couch!

Generally speaking, a lap blanket will use less than 800 yards of yarn and have a smaller size than a throw or bed-size blanket.

5. Throw/Afghan

Most throws and afghans measure about 54” X 68”.

Afghans and throws steal the show as the star of the crochet world. This is where you will find elaborate patterns such as intricate fall leaves in shades of mustard and red, 3D flowers in springtime pastels, and all kinds of intricate granny squares, spirals, and scalloped edging! Afghans usually serve a more decorative purpose than any other types of crochet blankets, and you will often find them draped over a couch, armchair, or display rack because of this.

More complicated afghans require more yarn because you often have to purchase skeins in many different colors. Plus, decorative stitches often add to the amount of yarn needed. All this means that you could easily need as much as 9,000 yards of yarn for one afghan!

6. Crib

Most crib blankets measure in at 40” X 60”, though some artists recommend a smaller size of 36” X 48” that does not cover a whole crib mattress but will more easily tuck around a baby’s body. Crib blankets should use soft, allergy-free yarn and a simple, not-too-textured pattern. They should never have fancy details like 3D flowers or bunnies, as this could be a choking hazard.

The bottom line is that a crib blanket should provide warmth and security rather than flashy crochet skills! The good news is that most crib blankets require less than 2,000 yards of yarn, though the number of skeins will vary depending on how many colors you use in the design.

7. Twin

Twin-size crochet blankets should comfortably cover a standard-size twin mattress, meaning the blanket will measure about 60” X 90”. When you make or buy a twin-size crochet blanket, you will often look for softness and warmth rather than fancy bobbles and details, so don’t worry about choosing a simple pattern! You can use crochet patterns that require just a simple double stitch in about 90 rows to make the whole twin blanket.

Depending on the complexity of the pattern, you may need more or less yarn for a twin-size blanket. A simple blanket that uses one stitch in repeating rows will take around 3,5000–3,7000 yards of midweight yarn.

8. Full

A full-size crochet blanket should match the dimensions of a standard full-size mattress, meaning that it will measure around 84” X 90”, or in some cases, 90” X 66” for a more narrow blanket. Like a twin-size blanket, many crocheted bed blankets use a simpler pattern because the focus is on its size and comfort instead of its decorative purposes.

Despite that, the sheer size of a full-size blanket does start to inch up into significant amounts of yarn needed. Even if you make a simple pattern with repeating rows of a double stitch, you will need at least 7,000 yards of yarn!

9. Queen

Queen-size blankets typically measure 90” X 90”, without much variation from one brand or pattern to another. Once again, these blankets intended for comfortable sleep often feature a more simple design, such as repeating hexagons or granny squares or even simple repeating rows of stitches.

You will need quite a lot of yarn for a 90” square of crochet stitches, though! For many queen-size patterns, you will need at least 10,000 yards of midweight yarn.

10. King

King-size crochet blankets look impressive and elegant because they are expansive, often measuring at about 104” X 108”. The vast spread of these blankets gives you plenty of space to continuously repeat patterns or motifs, which also adds to the luxurious look of these blankets.

You do not find king-size crochet blankets for sale as often as smaller throws and afghans because of the huge amount of time required to crochet this many square inches! Plus, king-size blankets do take a vast amount of yarn to complete. You will likely need as much as 14,000 yards of yarn if you plan to make a king-size crochet blanket yourself!

11. California King

While finding patterns for crocheted California King-size blankets is not common, you can make one if you have the hours set aside to stitch a blanket measuring 104” X 108”! California King mattresses usually measure several inches longer than a regular king-size mattress, though sometimes they have a more narrow shape.

If you do go all-in to crochet a California Kin-size blanket, you will need well over 15,000 yards of yarn!

Crochet Blanket Size Calculator

If you find a blanket pattern that you love but does not come in the size you want, you can easily use a free online blanket size calculator like this to help you figure out how much yarn you will need.

You may not need the calculator if you can find a pattern that does come in the right size, though. Any decent crochet pattern will tell you what weight of yarn to use, what size of crochet hook to use, and how many yards of yarn you need to complete the blanket.

What is a Good Size Crochet Blanket?

Good Size Crochet Blanket

A good size crochet blanket depends on what you want to use the blanket, but in general, a generous size such as a throw or afghan with dimensions of about 54” X 68” will serve many purposes. This size of crochet blanket can comfortably cover your lap if you snuggle on the couch or serve as a blanket to cover a sleeping child.

That said, your best bet when choosing a crochet blanket size is to select it based on the purpose of the blanket. If you specifically want a blanket for a baby’s crib, get a crib-sized blanket!

What Size is a Crochet Pram Blanket?

A pram or stroller blanket for a baby typically measures 30” X 35”, a nicely sized rectangle to drape over the opening of the conveyance on a chilly day. Like car seat blankets, this specialized type of baby blanket often features straps, hooks, or buttons to help hold it in a tent-like shape over the top of the stroller.

How Long is the Average Crochet Blanket?

The average length of a crochet blanket depends on the kind of blanket, as a baby blanket has a much shorter average length than a crochet throw.

Baby blankets have an average length of about 36 to 40 inches, while afghans and throws have a typical length of around 56 to 60 inches.

If you want a blanket long enough to fit a particular mattress, such as a queen or king, you will need to add length for each increasing mattress size. Queen-size crochet blankets have a length of 90 inches, and king-size blankets have a length of at least 104 inches most of the time.

Crochet Blanket Dimensions and Prices

Check out this chart to get an idea of the average blanket dimensions and pricing for crochet blankets!

When you buy a pre-made blanket, the pricing usually depends on the dimensions of the blanket. When you make a crochet blanket, the cost depends on the dimensions, as the size determines how much yarn you need to purchase.

These estimates will give you a general idea of crochet blanket dimensions and prices. However, things like the complexity of the pattern and the quality of the yarn used can dramatically increase or decrease prices as well.

Blanket TypeSize in InchesSize in CMAverage Price
Baby Blanket36” X 36”91.5 X 91.5 CM$50-$100
Lovey12” X 12”30.5 X 30.5 CM$15-$20
Carseat Cover27” X 33”68.5 X 84 CM$50-$70
Lap Blanket36” X 48”91.5 X 122 CM$60-$100
Throw/Afghan54” X 68”137 X 173 CM$150-$550 (pricing often depends on how complex the pattern is).
Crib40” X 60”101.5 X 152.5 CM$45-$55
Twin60” X 90”152.5 X 228.5 CM$75-$150
Full84” X 90”213 X 228.5 CM$85-$200
Queen90” X 90”228.5 X 228.5 CM$200-$500
King108” X 90”274 X 228.5 CM$200+
California King104” X 108”264 X 274 CM$200+ (but hard to find)

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

If you intend to make your own crochet blanket, you can find a wealth of free crochet blanket patterns as a resource!

  • Easy Crochet offers many wonderful, simple blanket patterns perfect for the beginning crocheter.
  • Sarah Maker provides fun baby blanket patterns for free at various skill levels.
  • All Free Crochet has a little something for everyone, ranging from baby blankets to bed-size blankets!
  • Ravelry is probably the most famous forum for sharing free crochet and knitting patterns. You can check out its selection of free blanket designs as well!

If you want a specific design, such as a motif of maple leaves or a lovey with a Mario Cart shape, you may want to go to Etsy and look for that particular pattern. Most Etsy crochet patterns cost under $5, so while they are not technically free, they are certainly affordable!

How to Customize Crochet Blanket Size

You can customize crochet blanket size by altering the weight of the yarn you use, changing the size of the crochet hook you use, or adding more stitches to the pattern.

If you like a blanket pattern but want to make a blanket that is bigger or smaller than the size listed in the pattern, the easiest way to adjust the size is to use thicker or thinner yarn. Yarn is classified by weight, so check the weight listed in the pattern and use a finer, lighter yarn to make the blanket smaller or a larger, wider yarn to make it bigger.

Likewise, you can sometimes use a larger or smaller crochet hook. A smaller hook will force you to make tighter, smaller stitches. A large hook creates bigger loops and increases the size of the blanket.

Finally, you can also do the math and figure out how to add another row of the pattern onto a blanket to enlarge it or subtract several rows of stitching to make it smaller!


Crochet blankets come in fairly regular sizes such as baby blankets, crib blankets, and twin, full, queen, or king bed blankets sizes. Afghans throws and lap rugs have sizes that can vary a bit more depending on personal preferences. The best way to pick the right size of the blanket is to determine what you want to use it for and then find the standard size for that kind of blanket.

Another key reason to know standard crochet blanket sizes is that knowing the dimensions will help you determine how much yarn to purchase. Or, if you want to buy a blanket, it will help your find the average price for that size of a blanket.