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Best Way to Store Jeans

There’s nothing like a nice, comfy pair of jeans. They can be worn with anything. So, most of us have multiple pairs. Unfortunately, storing multiple pairs of jeans can be challenging since they can take up a lot of space. We also want to ensure that we keep them in the best shape possible when they aren’t worn. So what’s the best way to store jeans?

There is no one true “best” way to store jeans. The most common ways people store jeans is by hanging them in the closet or folding them and storing them in drawers. But there are different ways to do this to maximize space, including rolling them up, stacking them, or using S hooks.

In this article, I’ll explain whether hanging or folding jeans is better or if it really matters. I’ll also explain different ways to fold jeans to keep them organized and save space in the process. And if you decide that folding your jeans is the way to go, I’ll also explain how to fold them properly. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Way to Store Jeans

Is It Better to Hang or Fold Jeans?

Let’s be honest; most people store their jeans in one of two ways. They either hang them up in the closet or fold them and store them in drawers or bins. But is one of these methods better than the other? And if so, which one and why?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you hang or fold jeans. Since they are made from thick fabric, jeans don’t tend to wrinkle or lose shape. They also won’t crease if folded or hung over a clothes hanger.

That being said, the best option just depends on what kind of space you have and how much. If your drawers are chock full of t-shirts, sportswear, and other clothes that aren’t typically hung, hanging them in the closet is probably the better option since jeans take up a lot of space when folded. But if your closet is full of dressy clothes and you have plenty of drawer space, folding them is probably the better choice.

Ways to Store Jeans

Storing Jeans

Regardless of whether you want to hang or fold your jeans, there are multiple ways to do so. If you have a lot of clothes, it’s understandable that you want to save as much space as possible, and there are ways to hang or fold jeans to save space.

If you have many different pairs of jeans, it also helps to organize them in a certain way to find them easier and tell which pair is which. You can organize them when you hang or fold them, although the organization is much more beneficial for folded clothes.

You may organize your jeans by style, such as jeggings, skinny jeans, boot cuts, and flares. Or, you may choose to organize them by light, medium, and dark wash. Or, you may not want to organize them because you just grab the first pair you see. Either way, here are the different ways you can store jeans.

1. Hang Them Up

Arguably, the most common way people store their jeans is by hanging them up. When hanging your jeans, there are two ways to do so. You can either fold them over a shirt hanger or use hangers specifically designed for hanging pants. Folding them over the hanger is better because it saves space and allows your jeans to keep their shape without being stretched.

Using pants hangers in which you clip the jeans to them can pull at the waistband and belt loops, which can cause them to weaken over time. This is especially true if you have some jeans that are heavier than others. And note that you shouldn’t hang jeans from the belt loops because it can cause them to pull away from the waistband over time.

2. Fold Them

The other common method for storing jeans is folding them and putting them in drawers. However, this method takes up more space, especially if you stack them in the drawer. Jeans can get bulky around the waistbands when folded, which takes up more space. So you want to be careful not to stack them too high in the drawer, which can damage the jeans when you open and close the drawer if it’s too full.

If you do fold your jeans, another option is to fold them and turn them sideways in the drawers if your drawers are deep enough. This can allow you to fit more pairs of jeans into one space. And if you alternate the orientation of the jeans in the drawers, you can save even more space.

3. Roll Them

A less common but very effective way to store jeans is to roll them up. This won’t cause wrinkles since jeans tend to hold their shape. Rolling them up also allows more storage options, as you can easily fit them into drawers, cubbies, or bins. If you’re short on space, you can even fit lots of rolled jeans into a long bin for under-the-bed storage.

However, this method tends to work best with jeggings or skinny jeans since the shape of the jeans tapers downward. You can fold the jeans in half lengthwise, then start rolling the jeans at the ankles so that the widest part, the waistband, is on the outside when the jeans are completely rolled. You don’t want to do this method with jeans in which the bottoms are wider than the waist when the jeans are folded in half because it will take up more space.

4. Stack Them

Stacking jeans still means folding them to store them. But, if you’re short on drawers or hanging racks in your closet but have plenty of shelves or cubbies, stacking provides a great storage option. Just be aware that some styles of jeans stack better than others, and you may have to alternate the direction in which you stack them so you can maximize space and the stack doesn’t tumble over.

Just organize them so you can access them easily and tell which jeans are which. Jeans stacked up can sort of blend together if you don’t have an organization system in place, and your stack could quickly become less tidy if you have to flip through quickly to find what you’re looking for.

5. Use S Hooks

Using S hooks is an easy way to store your jeans and display them. This method is similar to how many retail stores display their jeans. This allows you to easily see your jeans without having to fold them. If you’re short on closet space, it allows your jeans to hang in your closet or even from a curtain rod or rack mounted to the wall.

Although this can be a versatile and functional option, it is the least recommended since it involves hanging the pants from their belt loops. As previously mentioned, hanging pants from the belt loops can cause them to tear and stretch over time. Plus, some jean styles may not have belt loops, meaning you’ll have to find another way to store your jeans.

How to Fold Jeans to Save Space

Hanging jeans is the most beneficial for saving space. But if you don’t have a way to hang your jeans or you’ve decided that folding them is the best method for you, you may be wondering how to fold them to maximize or save space. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Lay them flat, and smooth them out so they are completely straight and wrinkle and crease free.
  2. Fold one pant leg over the other so the back pockets are on the outside. Smooth them out again and make sure that the legs line up evenly.
  3. Fold the bottom of the pants up toward the waistband, with the fold just above the knees.
  4. Fold them in half again from the last fold up toward the waistband.

When stacking or placing the jeans in drawers, you can lay them flat or turn them sideways to stand up instead of lying flat. Either way, alternate the direction they’re turned in, placing the waistband up for the first pair in the drawer, then the waistband facing down for the next pair, and so on. Turning all your jeans the same way can cause the stack to take up more space or be lopsided.

What’s the Best Way to Store Jeans?

So, now you know all the common ways to store jeans, but which is the best way? There is no true best way; it just depends on how many pairs of jeans you have and your storage options. Hanging and folding are the most common, but there are different ways to maximize space. Organizing your jeans by style and wash when storing them can also help keep them nice and neat. If you found this article helpful, please share it.