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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Sewing Machine [Sale – Deals]

A sewing machine is a big investment. Whether you’re a beginner at sewing or have more experience, you may not want nor have the budget to pay full price for a sewing machine. If purchasing a sewing machine is something you’re looking into, you may be wondering when the best time of year is to buy one.

The best time of year to buy a sewing machine is when there are sales or special promotions. Sometimes you can find a good deal on a sewing machine around the holiday season. You can also look for sales or promotions from individual brands or dealers.

Getting a good deal on a sewing machine may require patience and research. Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer to purchase one to save money. In this article, we’ll discuss the best times throughout the year to buy a sewing machine, as well as tips to help you get the best one for your money. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Time to Buy a Sewing Machine

Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale?

As is the case with most machinery and electronics, sewing machines don’t go on sale often. You can usually find larger sales on sewing machines only once or twice a year. However, if you want to purchase a specific sewing machine brand or model, many brands offer promotions on certain machines throughout the year. Keeping an eye on specific brands can keep you from having to wait until the twice-yearly sales to get a good deal on a sewing machine.

When Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale?

Most sales happen either due to a major holiday or dealers clearing out room for new inventory. When either of these occur, you are most likely to find a sewing machine on sale during the time of year.

The most common time to find sewing machines on sale is in November and December around Black Friday and Christmas. Many people ask for sewing machines for Christmas, so many dealers and companies put their machines on sale so that consumers can buy a machine for a lower price.

Some retailers have sales twice a year, so they may also put their machines on sale towards the end of summer. With the end of summer sales, dealers usually lower the price of older machines to clear the way for new machines that are coming in for the holidays.

Individual sewing machine brands may also have special sales and promotions throughout the year. Usually, these sales and promotions happen to clear out old inventory because a newer model machine is coming out. Sometimes, even newer machines will have promotions to increase sales of that particular model. However, with so many brands of sewing machines, the time of year that each goes on sale will vary.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Sewing Machine?

Sewing machine sale

Ultimately, the best time to buy a sewing machine depends on the brand and model. If you’re unsure or aren’t particular about a certain brand, compare prices throughout the year from various dealers. Many dealers or retailers will try to compete with each other and lower their prices to provide the best deal.

If you do have a specific brand or model in mind, you may not have to wait as long to purchase it if you look for deals that are specific to that brand. If you purchase a brand directly from the brand’s website, you will likely find a sewing machine on sale sooner than you would if you waited until Black Friday or Christmas.

However, you should still compare the price that the brand offers to the price on other websites to get the best deal. Let’s take a closer look at specific times of the year and the types of sales you will find happening during that time.

Black Friday Sale

If you’re keeping your options open as far as which brand or model you want, Black Friday is a great time to catch a sewing machine on sale. However, if you’re looking for a specific model, you may or may not find it on sale.

Retailers such as Amazon carry a lot of popular brands like Singer, Janome, and Brother. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they offer great prices on popular models from each brand. In the past, Amazon has offered deals on sewing machines ranging from 5% to 30% off.

Some retailers such as Walmart and Michael’s offer Black Friday deals on either a particular brand (such as Singer) or a particular model. While some places may not have specific sewing machines on sale, sometimes they offer coupons that can be used on all merchandise, including sewing machines.

If you’re looking into purchasing a sewing machine during a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, do plenty of research ahead of time on what retailers are offering the best deals or coupons. Doing so will help you get the best price.


Many brands and retailers have big sales on sewing machines during and after Christmas. Sales that happen before Christmas give consumers the chance to get a low price on a sewing machine for a Christmas gift. After Christmas, sales usually happen for cleaning out any remaining inventory before the new year.

These sales don’t happen as widely as Black Friday sales and are usually limited to individual retailers. Again, if you don’t have a particular model in mind, after-Christmas sales are a great way to browse a range of models. Hopefully, you can find a great deal on a model that will suit your needs.

End of Summer

End of summer sales on sewing machines are similar to after Christmas sales. Their purpose is to get rid of older models to make way for new ones for the upcoming holiday season. You aren’t likely to find as wide of a selection as you would with Black Friday sales.

But if you’re willing to keep your options open and shop around, end-of-summer sales offer opportunities to find low prices on models that are still fairly new. Signing up for notifications of sales from multiple companies is a quick way to see all of the options you have and compare prices.

How To Save Money When Buying A Sewing Machine

Sewing machine on sale

If you’re ready to purchase a sewing machine, you don’t necessarily have to wait until one of the big sales to save money. There are many tools and tricks that you can use to help you get a great deal without having to wait for a big sale. Here are some of the best ways to save money when buying a sewing machine.


Even if you think you know what kind of sewing machine you want, it is so important to do thorough research to be sure. There are so many brands and models out there, and each of them comes with different features and accessories. The last thing you want is to spend money on features and accessories that you won’t end up using.

Sewing machines range from basic models to computerized ones. Some come with more stitches than others, while others have more functions. Keep your purpose in mind when researching, and only look for models that fit your purpose. It is also a good idea to research specific brands and models and their reputation so that you know you are getting a quality machine for your money.

Exhibits and Shows

Crafts shows, festivals, and exhibits are a great way to look at various sewing machine models in person before you buy. Many sewing machine brands and dealers set up booths at these shows where they showcase some of their popular models and even offer special deals and promotions on sewing machines and other products.

As an example, there are many traveling exhibits and festivals dedicated to quilting and other crafts. If you’re unsure when or if there’s an exhibit coming to a city near you, online directories can help you locate festivals and shows as well as give you more information about each one.


Whether you know what kind of sewing machine you want or you are still unsure, looking for promotions by websites and dealers can help you save money. If you have several brands that you’re deciding between, join their mailing list so that you receive information about any sales or deals that they may have.

Companies like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, and others that sell sewing machines may also have special promotions or offer coupons throughout the year. Join their mailing list as well so that you don’t miss out on any money-saving opportunities on sewing machines.

Scratch and Dent Sales

Scratch and dent sales are a great way to get a sewing machine for a low price, especially if you aren’t particular about a specific brand. The term “scratch and dent” means that a sewing machine may have minor cosmetic damage that doesn’t interfere with the machine’s functionality.

Sometimes, the machines can get damaged during the shipping process or while on display, but the machine itself is still new and works perfectly fine. However, due to the cosmetic damage, it isn’t sold for the full price. If you’re okay with your sewing machine being in perfect working condition but not being in perfect condition cosmetically, this is a great way to get a good deal on one.

Amazon Price Trackers

Amazon has so many sewing machines available and it can be overwhelming to compare prices for various models if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even if you do know what you’re looking for, you don’t want to spend time checking for a lower price.

To make the process less stressful, all you have to do is save sewing machines that you’re interested into your Amazon Wishlist. Then, you can import your wishlist to Amazon price trackers such as CamelCamelCamel. The price tracker will alert you when there’s a lower price on a sewing machine from your wishlist so that you can grab it when it goes on sale.


Another way to save money on a sewing machine is by looking on eBay. You can find both new and used sewing machines at great prices, as well as get alerts when the prices for machines you’re looking at the drop. In some cases, you can bid on or make offers on certain listings. If the seller accepts your offer, you can get a great sewing machine for a low price.

Buy Used

If you’re a beginner or don’t know exactly what you want, you have an option to buy a used sewing machine. Used sewing machines are cheaper and can work just as well as a new one. The best place to buy a new sewing machine is from a dealer. Many dealers sell both new and used sewing machines, so you can check out the sewing machine before you buy it to make sure that it works.

Be Patient

If you don’t need to buy a sewing machine immediately, be patient! Waiting until a Black Friday sale or Amazon price drop is ultimately one of the best ways to save you the most amount of money. Being patient also gives you plenty of time to research different models and compare prices so that you can get exactly what you want.

What Are The Best Sewing Machine Brands?

Here are just a few of the best and most popular sewing machine brands:

  • Singer
  • Janome
  • Brother
  • Juki

While there are many more excellent brands available, these are some of the most well-known for being reliable, high-quality, and worth the price.


buying sewing machine onlineSinger sewing machines have been around since 1850. A Singer sewing machine won the first prize for sewing machines at the World’s Fair in 1856, and the company has been going strong ever since.

They have both mechanical and computerized versions. A couple of the most popular models include the Singer 9960 and Singer 4423.


janome sewing machines for saleJanome sewing machines were created in Japan, with the first one being made in 1921. In the 1960s, the company expanded to America to increase its popularity worldwide.

The first Janome sewing machine had a round bobbin, which was unique. Ever since, the company has been known for creating innovative sewing machine models, including the first computerized one. Popular models include the Janome 2212 and Janome 3160QDC.


discount sewing machineMany people recognize Brother for their printers and other business machines, but the company originally began in 1908 by repairing and eventually creating their own sewing machines.

Today, the company has a large focus on advancing technology in all its products, including sewing machines.

Their top-seller is the Brother CS6000i.


sewing machine dealJuki first began manufacturing sewing machines in 1947 in Japan.

Today, they are one of the top sellers for both home and industrial sewing machines due to innovativeness and keeping up with the latest technologies.

One popular Juki quilting and sewing machine is the HZL-DX7.

Tips For Buying A Sewing Machine

If you’ve never purchased a sewing machine before, the many different options, features, and accessories can be overwhelming. Here are some tips that will hopefully make the decision easier.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying a sewing machine is your budget. Knowing your budget and sticking to it can help narrow down your options because you will only be looking at models that you can reasonably afford.

Basic Features

All newer sewing machines come with a few basic features that are necessary no matter what project you are working on or the skills you possess. Especially if you’re a beginner, you want to look for sewing machines that have basic features such as built-in stitches, a drop-in bobbin, and an automatic needle threader, among others.

Manual vs Computerized

There are two main types of sewing machines: manual and computerized. Computerized machines are more advanced and therefore more expensive. They often aren’t ideal for beginners. So if you are a beginner or are only going to do projects for personal use, save money by choosing a manual model.

Accessories/Advanced Features

The more accessories and advanced features a sewing machine comes with, the more expensive it will be. For example, a large selection of built-in stitches is usually only needed for people who intend to sew as more than just a hobby. Save money by avoiding machines with advanced features if you don’t truly need them.


Other things to consider when buying a sewing machine is the size of it and the purpose that you’ll be using it for. For example, if you don’t have a lot of space to store it, or you intend to take it on the go with you, look for a sewing machine that is smaller so that you can store it easier. Also, keep your purpose in mind and don’t spend money on a quilting machine if you don’t plan on quilting with it.


The last important thing to look for when purchasing a sewing machine is the warranty. The last thing you want is for your sewing machine to break. But just in case it does, you will want to be able to have it repaired without spending a lot of money. Warranties will vary depending on the brand and where it was purchased from, so do plenty of research on the warranty before you buy.


We hope this article was helpful in providing you all the information about buying and saving money on a sewing machine. Remember that some of the biggest sales happen around the holidays, but you will also have access to promotions by frequently checking brand websites and comparing prices. If you enjoyed the article, share it with others and leave a comment. Thanks for reading!