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25 Best Quilting Blogs in 2023

When I first began quilting, I found myself looking for inspiration and trying to find other quilters to help teach me the best techniques. I soon fell in love with the world of quilting blogs, which gave me endless design ideas and advice.

Quilting blogs are online sites where talented quilters often share their own projects, offer step-by-step tutorials, and even provide patterns to their readers. They are places where the wider community of quilters gather online to share their ideas and experiences.

I’ve gathered a list of the best quilting blogs online in 2023, which should help you figure out where to begin navigating this online quilting world. I’ll walk you through my favorites and some great places to find free patterns online.

Best Quilting Blogs

What Are Quilters Blogging About?

Quilters blog about all sorts of things related to the craft. Most of the blogs we recommend will share their current quilting projects and inspirations and may offer how-to videos and tutorials to help you replicate their designs. Many will even offer quilt-along projects so you can work alongside an online community of quilters who are all completing similar projects.

But the content doesn’t stop there. Many quilters also create seasonal posts to give you ideas all year long. For example, many quilters lead up to the fall months by posting quilts using flannel fabrics or ones that feature fall leaves and other similar designs. This type of content is a great way to change your designs based on the time of year you are sewing.

Other quilters will use their blogs as a place to share new products that they like. They may also share information about their daily lives and what is happening in their world. The content of a quilting blog is entirely up to the creator and their own imagination.

Why Should You Follow a Quilting Blog?

Quilting blogs are a great resource for getting new design ideas, finding patterns and step-by-step tutorials, and all-around advice for completing your next project. But more than that, following quilting blogs is a great way to stay connected with a larger community of quilters who are happy to share their own ideas and experiences with you.

I recommend that you follow at least a few quilting blogs from this list to help you stay motivated and inspired.

The Best Quilting Blogs Online in 2023

1. Missouri Star Blog

Missouri Star Blog

The Missouri Star Blog is probably the most famous quilting blog online today. Created by the Missouri Star Quilt Co., this blog is a great place to go for quilting inspiration and to check out a variety of artist spotlights and interviews. The site brings together many of the biggest names in the quilting community to offer advice and inspiration to quilters of all levels.

This blog is one of the sites you’ll want to return to again and again. That makes it one of the staples and is why it tops the list of best blogs online.

2. The Jolly Jabber

The Jolly Jabber
The Jolly Jabber blog was created in 2003 by quilter Kimberly Jolly. Kimberly uses the site to share sew-along projects, free patterns, and video tutorials with her readers. She is particularly well known for creating quilting projects that use up any scrap fabrics you might have laying around.

This blog is a great place to go if you’re looking for a new project to help make the most out of every piece of fabric you buy!

3. Diary of a Quilter

Diary of a Quilter
Diary of a Quilter was created by Amy Smart as a way to share the years of quilting experience she had gained since her childhood. This blog makes the list because it is friendly to quilters at all sewing levels, offering detailed step-by-step instructions for completing projects. The site features everything from basic techniques to more complicated design elements that offer a challenge from start to finish.

Amy also offers new quilters lists of her favorite products, which many find useful for helping to narrow down many of the products on the market. This blog should be one of the first on your list to visit.

4. Cluck Cluck Sew

Cluck Cluck Sew

If the name alone isn’t a giveaway, Cluck Cluck Sew is a fun quilting blog that is a fantastic spot to find inspiration for your next quilting project. This blog was created in 2007 by Allison, a Washington-state-based quilter who wanted to use the site as a place to document her own projects. She quickly developed a fan base eager to use her extensive catalog of tutorials.

5. Keepsake Quilting Blog

Keepsake Quilting Blog

The Keepsake Quilting Blog is the online site for the Keepsake Quilt Shop and is a one-stop shop for patterns and tutorials. The site was created by mother-daughter pair Jean Davidson and Rebecca Nolletti to share their 25+ years of quilting experience together with sewers worldwide.

Keepsake Quilting Blog is one of my go-to destinations because it also features content from bloggers all across the internet. It’s an excellent place to keep up with the most recent content being shared across many blogs without spending much time hopping from site to site.

6. Red Pepper Quilts

Red Pepper Quilts was created in 2000 by Australia-based quilter Rita Hodge, a largely self-taught sewer. The blog is a joy to read since it offers an easygoing writing style that is beginner friendly and entertaining.

The quilt designs by Red Pepper Quilts are fresh and modern, often simple in their construction and design. Hodge offers many tutorials for free, but also sells both quilts and patterns on her Etsy page.

7. Freshly Pieced

Freshley Pieced is a blog from modern quilt and pattern maker Lee A. Heinrich, who focuses on graphic and colorful quilt designs. This site is a go-to favorite for both free patterns and paid patterns in their pattern shop. Block-by-block projects like their recent Summer Sampler draw visitors to the site again and again, as well as their many other weekly block pattern series.

8. AccuQuilt

AccuQuilt is a Nebraska-based blog that focuses on bringing new ideas to quilters looking for a bit of inspiration for their next project. The site features many different quilting how-to posts and thousands of free designs to suit modern and classic tastes.

I enjoy this site because of the many helpful tips it offers to both beginning and expert quilters. Ranging from organization tips to budget-friendly sewing advice, the site is designed to meet the needs of any quilter who visits it. It is definitely worth a visit before you start your next project!

9. AQS Blog

The AQS Blog is the official blog of the American Quilting Society, an organization founded in the 1980s to celebrate the love of the craft. Creators Meredith and Bill Schroeder began the organization as a way to bring together tens of thousands of quilters to share their love of the hobby, whether it was by the couple’s television program, sites like this blog, or their annual quilting shows.

Visit AQS Blog to find many different quilting designs and tips, ranging from quilt-along projects to seasonal patterns to offer something new all year. You’ll be able to find plenty of inspiration from the many award-winning quilts they feature on the blog.

10. Geta’s Quilting Studio

Geta’s Quilting Studio was created by Romanian quilter Geta Grama to offer free tutorials that showcase her modern and fun ideas. But Geta’s designs aren’t just limited to standard quilts. She offers advice and tutorials for other sewing projects, especially quilted bags.

Geta’s blog is a great destination if you’re looking for a quilter who isn’t afraid to use bold colors and patterns. While you’re there, check out her quilting ebooks for more inspiration.

11. Love Patchwork and Quilting

Love Patchwork and Quilting is a blog created and hosted by one of the United Kingdom’s most popular modern quilting magazines. It is particularly popular for its ‘block of the month’ projects, which many new quilters find helpful if they are intimidated by the idea of tackling a large quilt all at once. The blog is managed by a team of quilters, helping to guarantee it is full of fun and new content regularly.

This blog makes the list because it is very beginner-friendly. Its tutorials are guaranteed to fit any style, and there’s something for every skill level.

12. Film in the Fridge

Film in the Fridge (FITF) is a must-see site for modern, bold quilts that put a new spin on classic quilt-making techniques. This blog was created by Ashley, a quilter based out of Vermont who wanted to offer inspiration to quilters worldwide.

In particular, the FITF blog provides an endless library of quilt pictures and step-by-step photo instructions to make designing and creating new quilt projects a breeze. If I ever find myself needing inspiration, Film in the Fridge is one of the first blogs I turn to.

13. Generations Quilting Patterns

Generations Quilting Patterns is one of my go-to blogs for finding unique patterns to replicate in my homemade quilts. This blog features an extensive library of free quilt block patterns that you can browse for ages. The patterns are top-notch quality, reflecting the blog’s commitment to improving pattern techniques and quality to make them foolproof for any quilters.

This site is also useful for quilters who want more general advice on planning their quilt designs. Be sure to check out their helpful tips for choosing fabrics, mastering techniques, binding, and finishing your projects. It’s an all-in-one stop for all the advice you could need.

14. Piece N Quilt

Piece N Quilt is a quilting blog founded by the husband and wife duo of Natalia and Brad Bonner. This site features an array of free tutorials, quilting videos, sew-along projects, and many more fun projects geared towards beginner and expert quilters alike. Check out the block-by-block sewing posts, which can help you gradually build your own gorgeous quilts using the Bonners’ tutorials as inspiration.

Natalia Bonner also offers a wide array of beginner quilter books that she has authored to make learning to quilt easier for newbies to the craft. She also offers her own full-time long arm quilting services to her readers worldwide.

15. Jaybird Quilts

The Jaybird Quilts blog was created in 2009 by author, speaker, and quilt pattern designer Julie Herman. This site makes the list of top quilting blogs because of its many unique quilting designs, focusing on clear and simple geometric patterns. I enjoy browsing this site to see the creator’s own quilts as she keeps track of her quilting progress, giving readers a glimpse of what real-life quilting projects look like.

16. Stitched in Color

Stitched in Color is the quilting blog of Rachel Hauser, a quilter based out of the Netherlands. Hauser created this blog to share quilting inspiration and other content three times a week while offering her long arm quilting services to the public. You should check out the site’s quilt-along and fabric challenges for fun ways to use that spare fabric you have on hand!

Stitched in Color also provides online courses for quilters wanting to learn new skills. The projects on the site aren’t just restricted to traditional quilts – you’ll also find other sewing crafts ranging from home decor to clothing.

17. The Quilt Show

The Quilt Show is the online blog of the television show with the same name. This blog is very community-oriented, focusing a lot of attention on sharing the stories of quilters who are passionate about this craft. You can find inspiration for traditional quilts and other sewing crafts ranging from coin purses to superhero capes – from expert quilters worldwide.

18. Fresh Lemons Quilts

Fresh Lemon Quilts is the next blog on our list and it’s one of my favorites. While I love many of the classic, timeless quilting designs, I also love more modern styles. Fresh Lemon Quilts is a great source of new unique designs and modern quilting inspiration.

This blog was created by quilter “Faith” in 2009 and features an array of quilt-along projects and patterns for sale. It’s worth a visit if you’re looking for something new.

19. Seams and Scissors

Seams and Scissors is one of my go-to sites for finding patterns for quilts of all sizes. Whether I’m looking for a design for a new baby quilt or mini piece, or I’m looking for larger throws or bed quilts, Seams and Scissors has plenty of options to choose from. The site sources patterns from across the internet and brings them to a central location for quilters to browse.

Be sure to browse their detailed tutorials for advice and tips for your next quilting project. Don’t forget to sign up for one of their giveaways while you’re there, and see if you’re lucky enough to win some fun new quilting tools or patterns!

20. Quiltville’s Quips & Snips

Quiltville’s Quips & Snips is the brainchild of quilter Bonnie K. Hunter, known for the immersive quilting retreats she hosts annually at her own home. For quilters who aren’t able to attend a getaway retreat, this blog is home to a wide variety of free patterns and tutorials to help you create all sorts of new projects. If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your new piece, you’ll want to check out the “snips” she provides on this site.

21. Patchwork Posse

Patchwork Posse is a great blog for a beginner quilter looking for advice and tutorials to fit any skill level. In particular, I enjoy this site’s yearly tradition of hosting a mystery quilt-along project for followers to join. You can follow along and quilt the design a block at a time, with the final design only being revealed at the end of the project!

Patchwork Posse is also great because its creator is very active with readers on social media. Beginners can ask questions and get advice from quilters from all around the world, making the learning process a breeze!

22. The Free Motion Quilting Project

The Free Motion Quilting Project was created in 2009 as a site for beginner and expert quilters to find free motion quilting patterns to use in their quilting projects. The site’s creator, Leah Day, began the project by attempting to share 365 unique free motion patterns in the first year and hasn’t stopped there. Check out the site to see a wide variety of quilting designs, video tutorials, and even the creator’s new newsletter and podcast devoted to her love of this craft!

23. Wombat Quilts

Wombat Quilts is the blog of the Australian-born quilter “Cath,” who created the site to share her adventures in quilting. This site makes the top list of quilting blogs because of its many gorgeous quilts that feature unique color combinations and patterns. I always find something new and unexpected when I visit this blog.

Be sure to check out the site’s free quilt block tutorials. It also has an extensive collection of paper piecing patterns you’re sure to love.

24. Quilt Alliance

Quilt Alliance is a unique North Carolina-based blog that focuses on documenting and preserving quilting histories from all around the world. Founded in 1993, the goal of this organization is to save this heritage for the future while also inspiring new generations of quilters to fall in love with the hobby. This blog is a great place to browse and learn more about the broader world of quilting and to find other passionate quilters around the world.

25. In Color Order

In Color Order is a quilt blog started by pattern designer Jeni Baker in the early 2000s. Baker began blogging in high school, using the site as a personal journal and portfolio of her creations before expanding it to cover various topics. In Color Order makes the top list of quilting blogs because it is a fantastic place to find free sewing and quilting tutorials and general inspiration for new project ideas for any quilter.

Quilt Blogs With Free Patterns

The fun thing about most quilting blogs is that most tend to offer a variety of free patterns and tutorials on their sites. However, many will offer a few free options while sharing the rest for a small fee. This can make it hard to figure out which blogs to visit to get the best free patterns.

I recommend looking through the blogs listed above since most will share free patterns. In particular, be sure to check out:

  • Generations Quilting Patterns
  • Piece N Quilt
  • AQS Blog
  • The Jolly Jabber
  • Quiltville’s Quips & Snips
  • Love Patchwork and Quilting

While these sites may still offer some paid quilting patterns, they do tend to offer just as many free ones to give you many options.


The online world of quilting blogs is great for finding fellow quilters, new patterns, and plenty of design inspiration for your next project. This list includes our recommendations for the best blogs to visit, so keep it handy when you’re feeling crafty and looking for new ideas.