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Best Brother Sewing Machines for 2023

Brother is one of the oldest and most reputable sewing machine companies in the world. Have you ever looked at Brother sewing machine prices and wondered, how much does it cost? One of the best things about these popular models is that they have affordable pricing!

Brother’s mechanical beginner-level sewing machines have economy pricing of $150 to $200. Computerized Brother sewing machines with advanced features cost around $500 to $700. The most expensive Brother sewing machines combine sewing and embroidery functions and can cost as much as $18,000.

In this article, you will learn about different Brother sewing machines. You will find out which Brother models is best for your needs. Finally, you will discover where you can buy a Brother sewing machine today!

Brother Sewing Machine Prices

What Are Brother Sewing Machines?

Brother Industries has a long history as the oldest sewing machine manufacturer in Japan. Founded in 1908, the company also holds the honor of being one of the oldest sewing machine producers in the world!

The company maintains a good reputation for delivering reliable, affordable sewing machines. It has maintained this reputation for more than a century!

Brother Industries made a name for itself with many sewing machine inventions that changed the way people sewed. In later years, the company diversified into office products and other craft equipment. But Brother continues to offer new sewing machines every year, too!

In general, Brother sewing machines are reliable, basic, and affordable. The brand promotes quite a few models perfect for beginners or anyone looking for economy pricing. You often see Brother-brand sewing machines for sale in Joann Fabric, Michaels, other crafting stores, and at Walmart!

But just like the elite sewing machine companies in the world today, Brother also offers several high-end models. These advanced computerized sewing machines can connect to an app and sew incredible designs.

This means that you can find what you need from Brother sewing machines whether you are just starting or an experienced sewist!

For comparison purposes, sewing enthusiasts often measure Brother and Singer against each other. Both brands offer a good selection of solid, useful economy machines.

Best Brother Sewing Machines

For Beginners

A few of Brother’s inexpensive models would work great for a beginning sewer, including the XR3774 and the XM1010 described here. Low cost and simple functions make a sewing machine ideal for a beginning sewer. It is also a good idea to start with a mechanical rather than a computerized model.

Starting with a simpler mechanical model allows a new sewer to grasp the basic concepts of how a sewing machine works. It also flattens the learning curve because a simple machine has fewer parts and pieces to learn!

These models already have a pretty low price tag, but you can often find them even cheaper. To do this, watch the sales at your favorite sewing store or on Amazon. Or you can wait until the model you like becomes last year’s model and drops in price.

Brother XR3774

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774, 37 Built-in Stitches, Wide Table, 8 Included Sewing FeetThe Brother XR3774 is a mechanical sewing and quilting machine with 37 stitching options. It comes with 8 feet, including a walking foot, which allows you to feed the fabric in a smooth, continuous manner as you sew a large item like a quilt or blanket.

This model is a rare non-computerized beginning quilting machine because it comes with a long extension table. This would also work great for anyone who likes to sew bulky clothing like costumes or coats!

Brother continues to sell this older model because it remains so popular. That said, the company does offer newer computerized quilting machines as well. With an affordable price tag you get a deal as a beginning sewer if you choose this model. You might also find this model perfect for an older sewer who prefers mechanical machines to computerized models.

Brother XM1010

Brother Sewing Machine, XM1010, 10 Built-in Stitches, 4 Included Sewing FeetFor a simplified sewing machine, you may want to consider the Brother XM1010. This basic model offers ten stitches and four sewing feet. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack away when not needed.

If you plan to sew every day, you will want to start with something more advanced than the XM1010 or any of Brother’s mini models. But, if you want a sewing machine in your home in case of clothing emergencies, or to hem the occasional skirt, then this model might work for you! This model would also serve as an excellent basic learning tool for a child.

The downside to the mini models is that their price does tend to fluctuate. You would expect a bare-bones sewing machine to cost less than a more functional model.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother sells a wide range of computerized sewing machines, including the popular CS 6000i and the HC1850.

These days, almost all intermediate and advanced sewists depend on computerized sewing machines. These models deliver advanced functions that were impossible a few decades earlier. They come with digital control panels and functions like monogram fonts. They also offer precise stitching speed control.

The most expensive computerized models may combine sewing and embroidery functions. Some of these models come with digital options that let you control the machine through a touchscreen or even through an app on your phone.

Brother HC1850

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, HC1850, 185 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 8 Included Sewing FeetThe HC1850 offers 185 built-in stitches and a removable free-arm extension table. It also has a cool monogramming stitching option.

This computerized model can run without a foot pedal by using a start/stop button on the machine itself! This very cool feature helps make this model a good choice for an intermediate sewer or beginning quilter.

This model uses an LCD display to indicate settings or display error codes if something goes wrong as you work. For easy sewing, it also comes with a drop-in bobbin and a smooth automatic needle threader. While most computerized models cost more than a basic mechanical sewing machine, the HC1850 has a reasonable price.

Brother SC5055PRW Project Runway Model

Brother Sewing Machine, CS5055PRW, Project Runway, 50 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 7 Included Sewing FeetBrother’s SC5055 model comes with 50 stitching options, 7 different kinds of feet, and a well-lit LCD display screen. It also features an automatic needle threader and a twin needle setting. Of course, this model’s big claim to fame is that contestants used it on the popular Project Runway TV show.

This model offers all the basics a home dressmaker would need. It does come with a higher-end price tag, partly because of the limited edition “Project Runway” branding.

Brother CS6000i

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-in Stitches, 2.0' LCD Display, Wide Table, 9 Included Sewing Feet, Beige/BlueThe Brother CS6000i launched a couple of years ago and remains one of Brother’s all-time most popular models. This computerized sewing machine is perfect for intermediate sewers. It comes with a wide extension table that makes it great for beginning quilters and more advanced home sewers.

It also features 60 stitching options and 7 different automatic buttonhole styles. Like most Brother’s computerized models, it has the cool opinion to sew without a foot pedal.

It also offers a smooth drop-in bobbin system and an automatic needle threader. Of course, it comes with a brightly lit LCD screen for computerized settings.

Popular Brother Sewing Machine Models

Some of the most popular Brother sewing machines include the CS6000i and more advanced machines like the SE-600 and the PQ1500SL. Brother also sells machines with specialized functions such as sergers or embroidery machines.

Popular Brother Sewing Machines

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 80 Designs, 103 Built-In Stitches, Computerized, 4' x 4' Hoop Area, 3.2' LCD Touchscreen Display, 7 Included FeetThese days, computerized sewing machines have become the norm for experienced sewers. Many popular brands offer sewing machine models that combine quilting and sewing or embroidery and sewing options.

This lets you buy one feature-rich machine to complete all your sewing tasks. The combined abilities of the SE-600 and PQ1500SL make them some of Brother’s most popular models for advanced sewers.

Brother’s SE-600 sewing and embroidery machine has 103 stitching options, 80 built-in embroidery designs, and a 4” hoop area. It has a handy LCD touchscreen to easily program the desired embroidery settings. It has a stitching speed of 710 stitches per minute. Brother’s PQ1500SL longarm quilting and sewing machine checks all the boxes for an advanced sewer who likes to quilt or sew a lot. This model features a wide table for quilting and can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute. It also has many advanced options like a knee lifter, a precision pin feeder system, and an automatic needle threader.


It probably does not surprise you that Brother also offers a line of well-respected sergers for the home sewer! Sergers work quite differently from regular domestic sewing machines. These machines use multiple spools of threads and a complex hooking system to wrap threads over the cut edge of a piece of fabric. This creates a neatly finished casing on the edge of a seam.

Brother 1034DX Serger

Brother’s 1034DX serger can sew at up to 1300 stitches per minute. It can use three or four spools at a time and offers multiple feet to allow you to complete blind hemming, sewing, and overlocking. This is a sturdy, reliable basic serger that has remained a bestseller for several years now.

The 1034DX includes a bright LED light to help you make out the many tiny stitches as it sews. It’s also set up to work most conveniently for a right-handed sewist. (Just so you know, Brother also offers a left-handed model similar in almost all other ways, called the 1034D).

Brother DZ1234

Brother Serger, DZ1234, Metal Frame Overlock Machine, 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Removeable Trim Trap, 3 Included Accessory Feet and 2 Sets of Starter ThreadBrother DZ1234 is probably the best Brother serger for a complete beginner. It comes with a starter set of thread spools and easy color-coding on the machine itself to explain the threading system.

This model can do multi-purpose overlocking, a blind hem stitch, and a piping/edging stitch. The DZ1234 sews at 1300 stitches per minute and can use 3-4 spools of thread.

This model offers extra accessories like piping/edging options. Otherwise, it closely resembles previous Brother serger models like the 1034D. It runs reliably and completes all the basics you need from a serger!

Embroidery Machines

Brother continues to offer more and more advanced embroidery machines. Every year, computerized sewing technology develops more!

Embroidery machines can use built-in designs programmed into the machine to stitch fancy images onto a piece of fabric. Some models can also connect to a computer to translate digital designs into stitches!

These advanced, computerized sewing machines always come with something called a “hoop area.” This is the special apparatus that keeps a piece of fabric taut so that the machine can apply the embroidered stitches smoothly.

Brother PE800

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5' x 7' Hoop Area, Large 3.2' LCD Touchscreen, USB Port, 11 Font StylesThe PE8000 features a 3.2” touchscreen for easy design selection. It also comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs and a USB port to connect to a computer or tablet to import your own embroidery designs. The 6built-in designs include a total of 11 different monogramming fonts to choose from!

This model also has a large hoop area measuring 5” X 7.” You can use this machine to easily edit your designs by mirroring or resizing elements on the touchscreen. First released in 2018, this model still has a pretty hefty price tag.

Brother INNOV-is NQ3600D

Sewing MachineThe INNOV line features several advanced computerized embroidery machines. The NQ3600D has all of those elements and the special inclusion of 35 Disney character designs!

This machine has a 6” X 10” hoop area, an extendable 8” workspace, and a 4.83 touchscreen control panel. It has 291 built-in stitches, including the previously mentioned Disney designs.

This model can sew at up to 850 stitches per minute and has special features like pivot ability and thread-snipping tools.

If you plan to start a home business offering custom embroidery work, you will love this model.

What is the Most Expensive Brother Sewing Machine?

The most expensive Brother sewing machine is the Luminaire Innov-is XP2 which costs about $18,000 depending on the dealer you buy it from.

Brother Industries has an Amazon store that features most of its sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines. But it does not list the extremely pricey Luminarie line on Amazon. Instead, you can go to the company’s US website to request pricing.

Or you can locate a certified Brother dealer near you. This representative can provide more detailed information about this professional-grade model.

So, what makes this sewing machine worth more than the average car? First, this futuristic machine combines sewing, quilting, and embroidery functions.

It is also highly technologically advanced. It comes with LAN connectivity to a PC and the My Stitch app. The app lets you set controls and edit designs on a tablet or smartphone.

The app will also give you notifications when you need to replace thread spools. It lets you wirelessly upload designs from your phone to the sewing machine!

Plus, the Luminaire models offer Brother’s StitchVision technology. This uses light projection to show you what your design will look like on the fabric before you start sewing.

Finally, the physical design of the machine is also impressive. You get a full 65” of workspace on this expansive machine and a 13.1” needle-to-arm span.

What Is a Reasonable Price for a Sewing Machine?

A reasonable price for a sewing machine depends on the functions you need for your sewing. You can find a good mechanical sewing machine with limited stitching options for around $100-$150. But most computerized models will cost at least $200 and up to many thousands of dollars depending on their functionality level.

If you need a machine with a specialty, such as a serger, quilting machine, or embroidery machine, the price will also go up. For example, if you want a quilting machine with a longarm extension table, you should expect to pay at least $500 in most cases. Advanced computerized quilting machines can easily range into thousands of dollars!

Embroidery machines can also cost a lot because they incorporate advanced technology.

That said, Brother famously offers economy pricing on many of its models. Most sewers consider this brand to offer reasonably priced sewing machines.

In contrast, brands like Janome and Bernina sell way more expensive machines that focus on extremely high-end models. Professional sewers or very dedicated hobby sewers may find these high-end brands more suited to their tastes.

Are Brother Sewing Machines Reliable?

Brother sewing machines have a reputation for being super reliable. They usually feature sturdy, solid bodies and parts and simple designs like the easy-to-use drop-in bobbin system. Plus, you get the guarantee of “Brother By You Side” support when you purchase a new brother machine!

This allows you to easily reach out to a Brother representative through an app, online, or by phone if you need assistance.

Brother sewing machines do not market themselves as the best or the fanciest models on the market, but they do provide great reliability!

Where to Buy Brother Sewing Machine

You can buy most brother sewing machines at Walmart, Amazon, or a local dealer near you. The easiest way to compare pricing on Brother models is to check out the company’s Amazon store. This is also a handy way to keep up with current models and new trends.

You can also visit brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Joann Fabric. Lots of sewing stores carry this popular sewing machine brand.

Is Brother a Good Sewing Machine?

Brother sewing machines are good, reliable models. They offer a wide range of different sewing, embroidery, and quilting features. No matter your sewing level, you can find a Brother model that will provide the tools you need to get the job done!

Brother also has a long, rich history of developing innovative sewing technology. They continue this trend with new options like StitchVision technology. The company has offered long-term competition to popular sewing machine brands like Singer.

Most sewers do not view Brother as a high-end sewing machine brand. In most cases, Brother offers affordable options rather than luxury options. Of course, you will find a few notable exceptions like the Luminaire line!

Brother Sewing Machine Near Me

The easiest way to find someone selling Brother sewing machines near you is to Google “Brother dealer near me.” This is a good option if you want to buy an expensive Brother model such as one from the Luminaire line. A certified dealer will offer you a warranty and a lot of support that is worth investing in if you plan to spend $18,000 on a sewing machine!

For economy-priced models, check out Brother’s Amazon store instead for easy browsing and price comparisons. Or visit your local sewing store and ask to see a Brother model in action!