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21 Best Affordable Streetwear Brands

Nothing says style and comfort like the perfect streetwear outfit. Maybe you love K-Pop and want to dress like BLACKPINK, or you want to rock a new trend at school this year. If you want to look hype without breaking the bank, you need to find the best affordable streetwear brands.

Streetwear fashion bases its style on celebrities, musicians, and influencers rather than fashion designers and has a casual style. Some of the most famous streetwear brands include Stũssy, Palace, and Kith. Streetwear brands offering trendy but sustainable clothing include Everlane and the Girlfriend Collective.

In this article, you will learn what makes an outfit streetwear. You will discover the 21 best affordable streetwear brands today. Finally, you will find out where to find cheap streetwear clothes online.

Affordable Streetwear Brands

21 Best Affordable Streetwear Brands

The best streetwear brands have recognizable labels made famous by celebrities or influencers. In the past, streetwear style came from the hip-hop culture and the earliest influencers were musicians like famous rappers. Today, hip-hop remains a strong influence, but newer music trends like KPOP also play a role in shaping the casual, trendy style.

As you shop the affordable, trending brands listed alphabetically here, keep in mind that most streetwear brands do not sell or market their clothes traditionally. In traditional fashion, a designer creates a new outfit, models wear it at big shows, and then a big-name brand sells the outfit online and at stores.

You will probably never find a true streetwear brand at a Walmart or JC Penny because one key element of streetwear is that it skips the whole designer/brand name process. Instead, viewers and fans make garments famous by liking an outfit worn by a favorite celebrity or musician. This grassroots process lets streetwear brands represent whatever style they want without worrying about oversight–which is a big reason why it remains so popular with young people and any marginalized or oppressed group of people!

On top of this, streetwear brands do not need the approval of a big-name brand or store to sell the garment to you. Instead, they cut out the middleman by selling directly from their own online stores.

To buy clothes from an authentic streetwear brand, you usually have to visit the brand’s website and purchase directly from them.

1. A-Cold Wall

cheap streetwear brands

This recent British brand launched by Samuel Ross has strong affiliations with the Black Lives Matter movement and a focus on sustainable fashion and climate change. The brand’s goal is to bring counterculture elements into the mainstream, which you can see through items like Doc Marten boots and baggy galaxy tie-dye cargo pants.

Like many other counterculture fashion movements in the past, A-Cold-Wall also uses practical, military-esque designs in what you might call a “warcore” style to take ownership of an oppressive cultural element.

While certainly more affordable than many luxury fashion brands, A-Cold-Wall does have an average price of about £200 or $250 per garment.

2. Boody

hype clothing brands

Boody celebrates a gentle, California style of streetwear with organic bamboo rayon fabrics and a focus on ethical, sustainable fashion. Right now, the brand offers several loungewear and activewear lines, as well as comfortable underwear for men and women. The underwear and athleisure garments tend toward neutral shades or solid black, with basic, roomy cuts for lots of comfort.

Booty falls on the cheaper end of the affordability scale, with sets of underwear for just $20 and hoodies, jackets, and athleisure pants priced below $100.

3. Cross Colors

Cross Colors

The tagline for this venerable streetwear brand is “clothing without prejudice,” a sentiment the brand has held onto since it launched in the late 1980s. Originally inspired by hip-hop, you can still see that influence in the streetwear looks designed by award-winning brand founders Carl Jones and Thomas TJ Walker.

Long-sleeved graphic tees, baggy sweats, and hoodies form the bulk of this hugely popular streetwear brand. The graphic tees celebrate powerful messages like “unity through diversity” and “black power” to give you an idea of what makes this iconic streetwear brand so popular today.

Plus, despite the huge success of the brand, it continues to offer clothes for an affordable price, with graphic tees at just $40 and pants and jackets under $100.

4. Denim Tears

Denim Tears

Founded in 2019 by Tremaine Emory, Denim Tears has a uniquely story-based approach to fashion. Each new collection draws inspiration from a real-life story or situation and usually presents a subversive message. Brands like Dior and Levi have partnered with Denim Tears to give the brand a broader audience.

Most of the clothes sold by the brand use 100% cotton as a way to reclaim the fabric that formed a huge part of the history of slavery. Many of the brand’s most popular garments also feature a cotton flower or branch as a motif.

Denim Tears has hit its stride as one of the most hype streetwear brands, but you can still buy a graphic tee for $70 or a hoodie or pair of puff-painted jeans for under $200.

5. Everlane


Everlane led the way in founding luxury-style fashion without the retail markup by cutting out the “middleman” of brands and physical stores. The company focuses on ethical production and quality products. Not all of its clothing lines have a streetwear vibe, but they offer plenty of high-quality tanks, tees, trendy jeans, and bodysuits.

Everlane uses some recycled fabrics and focuses on organic and sustainable materials. You can also find vegan and fair-trade items from this brand. Besides its comfortable and affordable streetwear clothing, the main thing that made this brand big is its focus on transparency and willingness to describe the origins of every clothing item it sells.

With many of its tees and tops priced at just $30 and jeans at around $100, Everlane keeps its promise to deliver affordable quality.

6. Girlfriend Collective


The Girlfriend Collective specializes in using recycled materials and offering comfortable loungewear and athleisure suitable for all body types. They also make a point of including people of all body types in their models for the brand.

The brand launched in 2016 as a super-comfortable, ethically produced leggings line and has since grown to offer underwear, dresses, and loungewear. The company has an excellent reputation as a fair trade partner and also lists its certifications for recycled materials.

Luxury leggings cost between $60 to $100, while athletic tops cost as little as $30.

7. The Hundreds

The Hundreds

Originally a skateboarding-inspired California-based streetwear brand, The Hundreds has grown into a powerful brand in its own right and has landed partnerships with Disney and Adidas, among others. It currently sports hoodies and tees promoting everything from Pokemon to Harry Potter.

Even though it has moved into the big leagues, The Hundreds continues to offer prices affordable for its young clientele, with tees priced between $30 and $40 and hoodies around $100.

8. Hype


Hype started as a t-shirt design competition but is now known for its ironic use of logos to decorate t-shirts. The rapidly growing company also sells various clothes for men, women, and children, plus accessories.

That said, Hype does not fall on the cheapest end of the scale, with tees priced between $80 and $120. But you may still find it affordable for brand recognition in the streetwear world, especially compared to typical prices for regular designer labels.

9. Kith


Originally a footwear brand, Kith parleyed distinguished partnerships with Nike and Coca-Cola, among others, into massive brand recognition and now has a popular streetwear clothing line. Kith clothing includes outwear like long coats and puffer coats, cool athleisure jogging suits and other trendy loungewear. Of course, its sneakers and shoes remain popular as well!

Kith shoes typically cost around $200, while heavy coats may cost up to $300.That said, the online store offers a handy “sale” section where you can find last year’s collections priced much more affordably at $30 and up.

10. Kotn


Kotn offers ethical, transparent clothing and home goods made from traceable Egyptian cotton. The “traceable” part provides information about every part of garment production, from planting to harvesting to fabric manufacturing. The company also specializes in supporting the Egyptian community and has contributed funds to 15 schools in the area so far.

The brand primarily focuses on cotton loungewear in many different styles, like leggings, knit tops, and trendy lounge suits. Prices range from $30 to over $100.

11. MadeTrade

Made Trade sells ethically sourced, sustainable fashion, largely focused on loungewear and streetwear. You can shop by garment type as you often do in online stores, or you can select to shop “by value,” selecting from several options like clothing produced by women-owned businesses, fairtrade clothing, or vegan or recycled clothing. The company described itself as “ethically elevated,” and its mission is about delivering a properly sourced and made garment–perhaps more than it is about style.

Tops in various styles ranging from knitwear to fancy blouses cost as little as $30 to as much as $100. The shoes cost around $100, quite affordable for a streetwear brand, and activewear items like leggings cost an average price of $50.

12. Obey

Obey gained fame (and remains controversial today) because of the political statements and social justice messages it promotes on its popular graphic tees. This makes sense as the brand emerged out of the work of artist/activist Shepherd Farley, who used the t-shirt medium as a platform to spread his message to an appreciative audience.

Today, the brand partners with many worthy causes through its Obey Awareness campaign, which issues t-shirts including messages on gun violence, gay rights, and protection for orphans.

Despite the artistry and popularity of the brand, you can buy most tees for a super affordable $37, and even hoodies only cost around $75!

13. Palace

Originally founded as a skateboard company in 2009, Palace has also earned its reputation as a trend-setting streetwear clothing line. With physical stores in LA, New York, Tokyo, and London, you can say that this brand hit it big time! Skater clothing like baggy pants, hoodies, and graphic tees remain among the brand’s best-selling items.

Prices for the brand have a huge range, though, starting as low as $20 for some tees to over $300 for some hoodies and jackets.

14. Patta

Patta has an interesting backstory as one of the few European streetwear brands that have gained popularity in the States. Two musicians in Amsterdam, DJ Edson Sabajo and MC Guillaume Schmidt started a streetwear clothing line together o celebrate their shared interests. They grew the popular brand to include several popular clothing lines, including shoes, athletic wear, and iconic streetwear like graphic tees, cargo pants, and trendy hoodies and jackets.

Patta clothes often have bright colors and bold designs besides the loose and comfortable cuts typical streetwear, and sell for about £50 for shirts to £180 for sneakers.

15. Post-Imperial

Artist Niyi Okuboyejo founded Post-Imperial to celebrate Nigerian culture and art through his gorgeous line of handmade and handprinted streetwear. The brand’s mission is to “mythmake,” or tell new stories by using ethical manufacturing and empathic design methods to craft clothing. On top of that, each clothing line tells a story as part of the mythmaking, like the Exploration of Harlem series focusing on collaboration and coming together.

Because of the unique manufacturing process used by this brand, every piece of clothing is essentially a work of art. As you might expect, the prices reflect that–the average clothing price falls at around $200.

16. Reformation

Reformation sells sustainably crafted, comfortable loungewear, streetwear, and office wear for women, as well as additional lines of clothing like swimsuits and underwear. The company makes the bold claim that “being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2.” Besides focusing on using sustainable materials, Reformation makes its clothes at an LA factory that promotes its fair labor conditions.

The clothing focuses on celebrating the female form and features a variety of sizes, including plus sizes. You can find everything from a baggy streetwear hoodie to a wedding dress, all designed from sustainable or recycled products!

Because of the wide range of clothing types offered, Reformation prices can vary greatly. Knit tank tops cost around $30, but blouses and dresses cost around $130.

17. Spaghetti Boys

Spaghetti Boys is a graphic tee clothing line launched by artists Kerwin Frost and Ray Martinez. The shirts famously style bold graphics and sometimes controversial sayings or graphics as well. While the brand briefly launched its own online store complete with an avatar to “try on” the tees, it now sells clothing through various online vendors like HBX and

Spaghetti Boys tees can sell for as little as $10, but some popular older designs sell for as much as $600.

18. Stũssy

In many ways, Stũssy can take credit for bringing surfer wear and streetwear into mainstream culture. The iconic “crazy S” logo that the founder originally scrawled on surfboards and baseball caps gained global popularity in the 1990s. In fact, Shawn Stũssy first launched a line of printed tees and ball caps as a way to market his custom surfboards, not as a fashion endeavor.

Then 90s hip-hop and punk rock culture embraced the laid-back, surfer style of Stũssy clothing, and the rest is history. Though the brand has a lot of street cred in the States, it sells even better in Japan.

Today, Stũssy has a “luxury streetwear” vibe due in part to the company’s high-demand, low-production model. You will often see items marked as sold out on the online store because of the carefully curated number of each item released yearly. That said, you will find very affordable pricing of just $45 for most tees and only a little over $100 for sweaters.

19. Undercover

Probably the most famous Japanese streetwear brand out there, Undercover earned its place in the fashion world in the 1990s as part of the Shibuya neighborhood in Tokyo, the birthplace of Japanese streetwear. Jun Takahashi, the brand designer and owner, was one of the founders of iconic streetwear stores in Ura-Hara, along with other big names like Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Undercover style today tends toward boxy lines and tops featuring cutouts. Unlike many other streetwear brands, Undercover has also edged over into high fashion, and you will find some couture items with a high price tag mixed in with street-style items like sweats and tops. Overall you should expect to pay at least $100 even for a t-shirt from this classic brand.

20. WalkerWear

April Walker paved the way as one of the first women to launch a successful streetwear line of clothing. Besides this, she uses her streetwear brand as a way to send anti-racist messages and promote ethical living. Best-selling items from this iconic brand include bucket hats, raw denim jackets, and graphic tees and hoodies.

While many items feature the “WW” logo, some tees, masks, and other garments also feature powerful feminist or anti-racist messages. Tees sell for between $50 to $75 and hoodies and other garments cost around $150.

21. Wolven

Wolven promotes itself as a brand that can “make sustainability sexy.” Trendy streetwear styles like crop tops, leggings, and puff jackets, all made from at least 80% of recycled fabric, seem to bear out this claim!

Wolven Founder Krian Jade draws on her Hindu background to craft uniquely patterned, gorgeous designs. Most clothing items marry a trendy urban cut with interesting patterns and colors. Active tops cost around $50 to $60, leggings price around $80, and one-shoulder tops cost $62.

Top Cheap Men’s Streetwear Brands

Besides the well-known streetwear brands mentioned above, you can piece together plenty of excellent, cheap men’s streetwear outfits from brands you might not think of at first. Brands like Carhartt, Diet Starts Monday, and Nike offer casual, trendy items perfect for streetwear.

If you know Carhartt, you probably think of the brand as painter’s pants and sturdy jackets. But this reliable clothing line also works well for a certain baggy, boxy style of streetwear, especially if you look for cargo pants, boots, or puffy jackets.

If you want hardcore streetwear with graphic tees, fleece jackets, and hoodies all promoting timely messages, you can’t go wrong with Diet Starts Monday. That said, some collections sell for $45 a shirt, and others price at over $100, so you will need to shop carefully.

Nike seems like a mainstream brand that should not get listed with authentic streetwear brands. But the fact of the matter is that this huge brand has pivoted and adapted to the times, and many Nike items form the basis of popular streetwear around the world!

For bargain-basement affordable streetwear, consider shopping thrift stores or eBay and Etsy for vintage streetwear. This way, you can get the cred of wearing recognizable brand names without paying today’s prices for popular items.

Who Buys the Most Streetwear?

People under the age of 25 with limited income make over 60% of all streetwear clothing purchases. That said, the traditionally counter-cultural appeal of streetwear has shifted into mainstream culture today, and luxury-style brands with high-end pricing also sell plenty of streetwear-style garments now.

Today, people wear streetwear for many different reasons, like embracing a sense of community, supporting a cause, or just looking trendy. In the past, streetwear had more of an identity tied into it and often meant orienting yourself as part of a hip-hop or urban culture.

Is Streetwear Clothing a Luxury?

Streetwear has its roots in the poor and disenfranchised communities outside the traditional fashion and designer world, but its popularity today has led to the development of luxury streetwear brands. So, not all streetwear is a luxury by any means, but some streetwear brands do have luxury-level price tags!

In particular, Stussy, Undercover, and A-Cold-Wall classify themselves as luxury streetwear. Several popular brands not listed earlier in the article, due to their high pricing, include Palm Angel, Maison Kitsune, and Golden Goose.

Cheap Underground Streetwear Brands

Underground or lesser-known streetwear brands today may well take over as the stars of tomorrow, so it can’t hurt to learn about the best cheap underground streetwear brands as well!

  • Wacko Maria is a Japanse-based streetwear brand offering all kinds of fun prints, including animal prints and fun graphics. You can buy fun items like a leopard velvet kung fu jacket for just over $50 or glitter-striped trousers for $30.
  • Meltdown Lab specializes in post-modern, futuristic styles on graphic tees. As you shop, you will notice lots of neon colors and the crazy backdrop to the website with its blacklight vibe. Tees cost just $30, making this underground brand quite a steal!
  • Royal Surge has a funky website to go along with its unique graphic tees and hoodies. Some of their tees sell for as little as $10, though hoodies usually cost $70.

Affordable Streetwear Websites

When shopping on a budget, you may want to track down the best affordable streetwear websites rather than searching for a specific brand.

  • Karmaloop features brands like Adidas, Kappa, Vans, Pink Dolphin, and Embellish. You can shop by brand or product, like all kicks or all hoodies. You can also keep up with trends by shopping for the latest releases from each brand.
  • It doesn’t have the same sleek website as Karmaloop, but Axcidapparel offers something that might help you even more–streetwear items under $25. You can also find slightly pricier name-brand items like patchwork cargo pants for as little as $40.
  • ASOS features many clothing styles besides streetwear, but you can certainly use this sleek online shopping tool to track down affordable streetwear from the brands you love. Or you can type “streetwear” into the main search bar and get over 500 results!
  • CultureKings offers an online shop of strictly streetwear styles for men, including hoodies, tee, and hats.
  • FashionTIY focuses on a young clientele, offering streetwear and other styles popular among teens. You can find streetwear items prices super affordably here, though the online store does sell other styles as well.

What is the Most Popular Streetwear Brand?

The most popular streetwear brands based on brand recognition and recent sales include Nike, Stũssy, and Supreme. Other streetwear brands that are hype right now include Palace, Primitive, and Billionaire Boys Club, among others.

Many of the most popular and best-known streetwear brands have gained enough influence to earn the label of “luxury streetwear,” and they often cost a lot more.

Streetwear is not all about the logo like traditional fashion, though. You can easily build your own streetwear aesthetic, whether you prefer to style yourself after your favorite KPOP star or after your favorite rapper.


Streetwear style draws inspiration from surfer, hip-hop, and punk rock cultures of the 1990s. It often celebrates minority or disenfranchised groups left out by traditional fashion. It also sidesteps the production process of traditional fashion by selling through online stores.

Some of the most popular brands of streetwear today include Stũssy, Undercover, and Kith. Most streetwear brands have lower price tags than traditional couture fashion labels. A few of the most affordable streetwear brands include Spaghetti Boys and Reformation.